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Chapter 27 Extension of Request Continuation of Expectations

TL: Yuki



A Rank party 『Unbreakable Iron Wall』 is one of the parties that have stayed in Haval for a long time. There are five of them in that party all of them are men in their 30’s. Three of these people have the role of a wall, and the two are magic users. The wall is really tough and their magic attacks are also considerably strong.

They have a role in this dragon subjugation as the leader. And when they see the gates of Haval, they finally have a face of relief, but at the same time everyone is enveloped with a dark atmosphere.


The reason is the adventurers that that they are leading from behind who arrived along with them.


Half of the adventurers were severely injured that they can’t walk on their own and is borrowing the shoulders of others. In their minds, it is only filled with a way to escape and despair as to what they will do from now on.

Most of them are still in their teens. The payment for their parent’s, the loans for the equipment they borrowed, at this moment the means to pay for that have vanished, they even lost sight of their purpose in life.


But for the people that was waiting for them, did not even care for such things.


「They have returned!」


There were many relatives of the adventurer’s that were waiting in the town square. The beginner adventurers were aware of the state of the city when they left it for subjugation, but their relatives were still doing their best without showing their dissatisfaction.

When the adventurers closed in to the guild Drew immediately ordered for them to be treated in the training are of the guild. 『Unbreakable Iron Wall』Approached drew to carry on their report, but it was Drew who approached them.


「Oh, you came along too, Rena, that, I leave it up to you」

「Understood, Then everyone, please carry the seriously injured here first」


Then they were instructed to enter the Guild and proceed to his office. Upon entering, there was someone inside covered in white robe that was seated.


「Drew-san, who’s this」

「Before that, have a seat first」

When seated, they were facing the robed person, then Drew placed two paper notices in front of 『Unbreakable Iron Wall』. One of it was their request, but the other one was unknown.


「You are still probably fatigued from the subjugation. I have heard about it from the messenger, so I have a proposal for you here. I also want to say to everyone who survived that they have done well. However, it is a different story if it’s about penalties and achievements. This is part of being adventurers. You do know that I can’t just bend that right? 」

「Ah… It’s top priority definitely, I feel sorry for the newbies… but…」


High ranking adventurers have plenty of money. Nevertheless, they rarely fail on requests, so most high paying requests can be taken. But beginner and Intermediate ranks are different. They are only living with request that would be enough for them to go by in their daily life. Well if they put in their best effort they would earn more differently.


And the reason they accept reasonable quest, is because they can’t afford to pay penalties if they fail.


「From this point on, it is a matter of accepting this afterwards, you have to accept this as your penalty for this time」

「… What do you mean by that?」

「Please accept this change of request, you and every adventurer that has taken that request」

「Are you serious about that?」


And then Drew took the request paper for the subjugation.


「This is the one that you have received. There will be no obligations for this and of course it will be processed as unachieved.」


After heaving a sigh, crumpled it and threw it in a trash can. 『Unbreakable Iron Wall』were all stunned leaving their jaws hanging as if they would fall off.


「It was decided that the request didn’t even exist」

「What, it will be treated as not existing!!」

「Is that really going to received that way!!」

「Just to be sure, from this point on, it is still in effect, your punishment from before is also included. Then it’s about this one here」


Drew-san picked up the other document. When he presented it to them, they pointed at the person in white robe and drew showed a grin on his face.


「Hey Drew, this is a Dedicated Emergency Request Right…」

「That’s right, and the one taking it is this young lady over here, she will be going alone to subjugate the dragon」



「Is this person Insane?」is what everyone in the group is thinking right now. Even though they have barely escaped that situation, they were now in this meeting and was looking at Drew with terrible glares, what is this person thinking letting only this young lady challenge that?


「Hey Drew-san, I know that because of you taking over the Guild as its master, the troublesome bunch from the town have settled down, and though you definite are quite the schemer I still trusted you, but the proposal this time, is that really fine?」


The other members of the party also nod in agreement, but Drew still continues without changing his expression.


「How many people can you guard alone?」

「Why the sudden question?」

「Just answer it, so how many?」


While still puzzled by the question, their leader answered.


「…3 people would be my limit, even if my magic can be used in all terrains. If I’m attacked from all directions I will have to focus in one area and have to clear it fast. If attacked by thieves, it depends but it would be impossible for me. Even if I cover it up with difference in status.」


The four people nod at his explanation. Then Drew shows them the certificates that the girl in white has completed so far.


「What is this bundle of certificates?」

「It’s this Lady over here’s track record for this month where everyone of you were absent.」

「You must be joking right!? 」

「It’s the truth, especially this one over here, please see it’s contents」


「… … …this is just absurd」


The content of that request was about escorting a group of over 300 merchants. One person and it was properly completed.


「Even before that, there was also this, an escort request with about 80 merchants in it, you may understand that it was lower compared to before, but at that time they were attacked by a group of more than 100 monsters, among those were 3 rock lizards included. Yet this lady here protected them properly and every one of them were intact, the lady included.」


It is a job that is unimaginable with their common sense. Everything that Drew showed to them were close to insanely impossible to complete. Only a hero or a demon king would probably have enough power to do something like this.


To 『Unbreakable Iron Wall』 they can only show a confused look, and then Drew made his suggestion.


「And that’s why, the one taking over this request is this one here, I issued this request by designating it as 「Extension of Request」 and in the case that she fails, all penalties would go to her instead.」


「Hey, wait a second Drew-san, I haven’t heard anything about that」


Suddenly the person in white robe spoke. That was the first time that the five them were able to actually hear her voice, and they were surprised that it was a really a young girl’s voice.


「Oi, that time that you told us about those request, don’t tell me…」

「That’s right, It will be this young lady who will subjugate that Red Dragon alone」



「well, that’s how it is, and the reward will also go to this young lady, the dragon materials will be donated to the city, though it looks like there will be more losses, but it isn’t that much」

「What about our rewards?」


Them not be receiving compensations would be fine. However, for those who were forced to go out of business due to heavy injuries, their misunderstanding would probably be bad, it’s money for their future that is involved here. But Drew already have predicted that and countermeasures have been arranged even if they knew of it or not.


「From mid-tier to lower tier ones, 20% of the reward will be distributed for them from the lady, it have already been arranged so be relieved. It’s something like saying 「Find a new way to live」 so do you agree?」

「Can that be trusted?」

「You can leave that to me.」

「… alright, we understand, we will help with the explanation regarding the 「Extension of Request」 to other adventurer’s later」


And in this way, the subjugation of the Red Dragon was entrusted to a single girl.




「Ah, right, Drew-san, the injured people are in the training area right?」

「That surprised me… Yes, everyone  that was injured is sent over there and are being treated」

「… …Ok, I will check it out for a bit」


After leaving the room, I quickly headed towards the training grounds. I hope that I’m not too late and someone might have already died.



「Aidle, Sorry?」

「It’s fine. There’s no way I would refuse something that Arena asked for. Besides, that gentle wish of yours, I will definitely fulfill it.」


Ah yes, after Arena saw all those injured people, she asked me this favor. I can fulfill that wish, but this would definitely make me stand out. Well, I have already accepted that Dragon subjugation request, so it’s not like I would not stand out because of that anyway, that’s why so I decided to do this.


The smile of Arena that time I agreed will be saved in the files of Arena’s smiles album in my brain.





When I arrived at the training area, I found Rena-san who was instructing the medical staff.


「Is that? Aidle-san, have you finished your meeting with everyone? Why are you here?」

「Ah, it’s done, I’m here to do a little something」


Then, first of is to check the magical power of everyone that is injured through detection. The magical power of people that were only slightly injured was taken out of the selection and it’s easy to understand why. I grasped everyone after a bit. While Rena-san is directing everyone, she seems to be thinking that I’m up to something, but doesn’t really know what it is.




「Imagining full recovery including restoration of missing parts…」


Fairy magic does not consume magic power, but in exchange it makes the users head heat up as if it was being boiled. The greater the image, the stronger the heating up gets.


(Ah, this is harsh, it feels like my consciousness would fly out)


Although it feels like I’m burning up instantly, I will still invoke the image without giving up.




「AH, what’s this? My Arms! My Arms are back! 」

「I’m feeling better now!」

「I legs… I have legs!!… Uuoooohhh!!」


Alright, it’s a big success. The arms and legs of people that were missing were returned one after another. Even heavy burns and terrible scars were also cured. It’s becoming noisy once more but this time for a different reason, people crying joyful tears and were really pleased that because of this miracle.



「Thank you very much, Aidle-san」

「It’s fine, with this, Haval will probably be fine now」


I felt really dizzy and was wobling, so I tried to leave that place, but Rena-san came over to me.


「Ah, that… that is…  Ap–」

I pressed my fingers on Rena-san’s lips and stopped her next words. I can’t let that be known yet.


「Just speak with the guild master for now, I will be leaving Haval after I finish this request and will be heading to the capital, I don’t really want to stand out that much at the moment. So you can just pass it as some supernatural phenomenon. 」

「Such selfine—」

「You do know that it would be troublesome if I’m exposed right? I only did this because I might get acquainted with some of them when I’m out in town and that would really be troublesome」


I don’t really want to say it in that way, like silencing Rena-san. With that, I’m sorry, but I really want for this to be fulfilled for now.


「It is certain that the adventurer right here at this moment are saved, I have no words to say other than thanks, but please come back safely, that is fine right?」

「Of course, well then」


It is a request of Rena-san whom I have been in debt the most since I came to this town. I must not break that promise. Well then, time to go on the next mission.


「I came before heading to the battlefield Viscount-sama」

「For you to come here so suddenly, what do you plan on doing, did you come here to assault us aristocrats?」


Nah, because if you about the original request then you are the only one that can be linked to that right? I think that it’s fine to forgive him if he would let me hit him just once.


「It’s about the Dragon Subjugation right? I did not want issue such a request, and it was a miscalculation that a huge amount of beginners joined that quest.」

「But you didn’t specify a rank for that request, you know, anyone would jump to that request if gold coins are the rewards.」

「I know, I only realized that later and regretted it badly…」

「So why did you pay Hilte-san and Drew-san?」

「…That’s because it couldn’t be helped」


When I asked for details, it seems that this request should have been done with the cooperation of various cities around the area originally. However, they waited for the capital’s approval, but it was rejected, and for some reason it was announced by a royal decree that only Haval adventurers should be requested. So that means, originally, it was a quest that was issued for high ranking adventurers.


「I was also thinking why they issued such a thing, but I don’t have ears all around the regions, I can’t go against the royal family and I don’t really have an idea how strong dragons are.」

「So you made a bet that it might just be a weak one?」

「…that’s how it is」


I sigh because of this. Some people were on the brink of death you know. That would have at least been prevented if you asked for assistance to the country or just send high ranking adventurers to test it out.


「Pride of  Nobles?」

「It’s only 10% of that. Nobody wants their people to go and just die out there. It is after all a reliable workforce for the town. Still they asked for that unreasonable request, If refused then I’ll probably incur hate from all sides, the rank from the King might even be revoked, because this decree is seemingly impossible… but this is something I don’t want this situation to be revealed Sigurd, I will probably deemed as incompetent」


「Well you are probably lucky because this is a chance for you to announce it」



Well comparing this to the reaction of people from the adventurer’s guild, his expression right now is similar to that of 『Unbreakable Iron Wall』. At the same time Sigur who was quietly listening from the outside of the room yelled out

「Stupid!!」 and a sound of him running away followed.


「When I finish this request I plan to head to the kingdom, the is the original purpose of my journey after all, so do you think you would like to invest for this?」

「No, but… what if you die?」

「I promised to return and will definitely not die」


I will also know the truth as to why that decree was announced if I go to the kingdom. As for me, it will be really easy if the bad guys are the ones sitting in the throne though.  



「Let’s go!, we will be going on a picnic once we reach Lizald’s Hill a few days from now」

「Will go~!」



「How do you want the Red Dragon to be cooked?」

「Yakiniku, Steak, Shabu-shabu, Hambagu!!」