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Chapter 28 The Dragon on the Hill

TL: Yuki



「Pi~ku~nick~♪ It’s~a~pi~ku~nick~on~a~hill♪



While listening to one of Arena’s concert, we passed by several villages that was along the way before our destination. It seems that were are about to see our destination according to the villagers. We also found places where adventurers might have camped along the way.


「Ohh!!, Aidle, the hill, the hill」

「nn? Oh, you’re right, still, that’s one big creature staying there」


The Hill of Lizarl. My tension rose and I quickly moved out of the forest road into a flatland. That is what they call that hill. And it seems that I can also find towns beyond this hill. I guess the probability of adventurers from that town winning was high, is what they were told it seems.


Well then, There was one huge Red Dragon on top of the hill. The size in length is around 30m. On its forehead is something like a big jewel. Looking at that, it gives off a feeling of a complete being and is really beautiful.

The scenery around it is the other way around though. There burnt places on the hill, deep grooves and craters can also be found. There are also traces of blood here and there and that must be the place where a fierce battle happened. Did you really want to stay that much on that hill?


「Arena, I think this will be a much tougher fight than everything that we have faced before, but what would you like to do? Still want to do this together? 」

「Will do!!」

「You sure are spirited」


Well then, let’s check it’s status first.


La Veil (1653) Lvl. 1024

Inherent Race: Red Dragon (Ancient Dragon)


HP: 38,543/38,543

MP: 19,666/19,666

ATK: 50,427

DEF: 82,934

MATK: 127,640

MDEF: 130,004

INT: 2000

SPD: 255,444


【Inherent Skill】Dragon Scales, Flame Prison


Skills: Draconic Magic (S) Fire Attribute Magic (S+) Body Difference Correction (A+)


Title: Descendant of Ancient Dragons


Uwaaaaaah!! A Rank would be trash if compared to this. Even a group of normal S Ranks would die more than once if faced with this. No wonder why the troops were reduced to that state. If it seriously attacked, forget getting burned, they would end up as ash. Even without its Inherent Skill, its normal skills are really strong.


Still, this is a female, this dragon. I wonder why the gender was displayed…

-Dragon Scales

『Increase Resistance to Attacks, It is more effective in resisting magic attacks』


-Flame Prison

『Skill unique to Red Dragons. Gives great amount of correction to fire skills and magic』


-Dragon Magic

『Magic that allows the use of breath attacks, flight magic, etc. The higher the Rank the more precision and power is increased 』


-Body Difference Correction

『The smaller the enemy the smaller the damage, Correction is Added to Defense』


「I wonder… If I can win?」

If it’s status alone, then I can win. If it’s about skill thought then I might actually lose. What’s certain is that I can’t fight this using my human form.


…It can’t be helped. Let’s fight in fairy mode this time. And so I cancelled my humanization on the spot.


「I’m sorry Arena, I can’t take you along this fight after all」

「Can you win if I’m don’t join?」


「If so, then Good Luck!!」


Alright!! I got cheers from my angel so let’s start. I don’t know if I would be understood, but first let’s try having a conversation. I flew closer to the point that it’s right before my eyes. It is really beautiful to see it up close. The scales look like mirrors though my face looks distorted in them.



「… … …」

「Can you hear me, are you asleep?」

「… … …」

An answer didn’t return. Is it judging me as something harmless? Let’s wake it up for the time being. I moved to the area around its stomach. While putting all my strength on my fist, I strike it.


「Take this!!」


『Nuhaaah!?!?!?!? 』


It is a punch fully utilizing Fairy Magic towards its belly. The Humungous Red Dragon was blown away from the hill and rolled down on the ground.


「…Did I put too much power?」


After a while it groggily got up and was showing a really angry face. It was giving off an atmosphere as if it found the target it wants to kill immediately.


『You… how can a fairy deliver a blow that strong? That was dangerous, I almost lost my consciousness』

Oh, it talked directly to my mind. This is good, it seems like I will be able to communicate. Then time to start the negotiations.


「Because you were ignoring me, you are in the wrong here, anyway, why are you taking over this place?」

『What? Don’t be stupid. This place is originally mine. It seems that the humans around here pioneered the area and occupied it. I’m just taking back my spot. 』


Your spot is it… this empty hill without anything around it?

「And so, why did you return just now? First of all, that would be a story from many of years from before」

『It’s only been 200 years you know. There are several places too the same as this one here. 』

200 years. That would be more than 10 times of my current life… then it couldn’t be helped if human occupied the area. The scale of life is just too different.


「But you know. Even humans would courageously annoy you with this. You have a lot of place the same as this so, can’t you just give up on this one? 」

『Why do I have to concede to humans!? Also a group of people came just a while ago trying to defeat me, they didn’t even say anything and attacked!! …but because I’m benevolent, I spared their lives. That should have been enough to communicate the horrors of facing me, no one else have come since then after all. 』


Driving them off through force is it? This one here is probably the type the thinks power is everything and negotiation would probably be impossible if done normally.

「In that case, you probably won’t go away no matter what right? Because I’m currently an adventurer and is taking over this request, I have to defeat you.」

『What did you just say? Why did you use 『Humanization』 and joined the human world? 』

「My hometown is in a tough situation right now, that’s why I would need the cooperation of human kings, so that’s why I’m currently an adventurer raising my rank which would make it easier for me to meet them.」

『I see, but I will not yield. That reason is only meant for yourself. You have to defeat me if you want me to yield. That is my way of life』


It won’t yield as expected. The other side is already firm with its decision… Haaaaaaah… is there anything else I can do?


Then let’s try that other solution.

「Then, would you like to make a bet?」

『A bet?』

「Won’t it be boring if are just going to fight, I will give some World Tree’s Honey if I lose by the way」

『What, are you serious!?』

Oh, she’s in a slight panic. So what Testania-san said was true after all. She started swinging her tail while drooling…

To show her that what I’m saying is true, I take out an almost empty bottle and showed it to her. La Veil sniffed it after she approached close to me. Ah, it’s you a dog.


『Oooohhh, this color and this smell, it’s definitely Honey from a World Tree! Okay, I will accept it! So what do you want? 』

「If I win the battle then can you form a pact with me?」



I feel tension in the and it became hot. Red light seems to be glowing on her two large eyes that were locked into me. Nails gripped the ground and fangs were also exposed. It’s definitely a combatant’s atmosphere. Even I would dislike it if I’m made to submit after all. However, it would also be a problem if you won’t go along with the provocation.


『There were many who have tried to bring me down to submission and form a contract with me. However, not one of them has the strength I desired, all of them ended as charcoal. Only those who are stronger than me shall become my contractor. Still challenging?  』

「Let’s do this Quickly then?」

『kukuku, Kuhahaha, Hahahahaha. That’s good, that arrogance. It’s worth taking you out. Let’s see how long you would last, Fairy!!』


While expanding her wings, she released a dignified roar peculiar to dragon and is making the air around vibrate. She is splendidly showing her power. If it’s a normal human that takes this on, the roar alone would probably make them insane. I guess she would like to forget being smashed earlier, She’s will probably use all her power from the start, and because of that I guess I also have to use my all.


In terms of numbers, the status difference between me and La Veil is really high. However, those body correction skills and Inherent skills would balance this out. It is a really tough opponent this time. I’d like to test out a lot of things, but I don’t know if it will be effective.


『My Name is La Veil!! One Pillar of the Four Great Dragons and child of the founder Ancient Dragon!! Come at me Fairy!! 』

「Oh, yeah… no I mean I’m Aidle, from now please take care of me?」

『You Messed it up!?』

I don’t really like speaking in formalities so speaking normally is fine for me.




Aidle’s current status


Aidle (3) Lv.495

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakening)


HP 6720/6720

MP 953,564/ 953,564

ATK 3532

DEF 3009

MAK 21,258,855

MDF 20,682,300

INT 7100

SPD 60,004


【Inherent Skill】 Fairy Magic, Fairy’s Eye, Space Magic, Manifestation Dependency


Skill: Singing (A) Sword Arts (B +) humanization (S) Four Attribute Magic (SS) Adjustment (A +) Concealment (S)