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Chapter 29 Fairy VS Red Dragon

TL: Yuki



『Let us begin!!』

A sudden breath attack was released. Aidle tries to evacuate to the skies immediately, but the speed of the breath was faster than expected. A beam like a laser was fired was fired from La Veil’s mouth. At that point she realized that avoiding was impossible so she turned around and intercepted it.


「Blaze, Penetrating Flame!!」


I intercepted it with a powerful magic. I shot it with a spear clad in in blue flames. When the high speed projectiles collide with each other, the blue flame pierced through and proceeds towards La Veil. The scattered breath rained down the hill burning everything in the surroundings.


『Something like that is no enough to stop me!!』


La Veil increase the breaths power making it thicker. The flame spear was immediately swallowed, but that gave enough time for Aidle to flee to the skies. What was left at the place it hits was an empty spot.


(It would be bad if we continue this fight on the ground… Arena might get involved in the offshoots)


Aidle was relieved that the angle of the breath was going downhill and straight to the ground, and if the angle was off even a little and flew straight to a nearby village the result would definitely be a huge mushroom cloud, the thought of what would happen would not even be funny at all. And if in some way Arena got caught on that she would definitely be dead.


『Air combat is it? Certainly, if we continue this on ground even if it’s not my intension to do so, the terrain around here would definitely change.』


La Veil jump and flew to the skies. This is now the beginning of a fight for Aerial Domination of Fairy and Dragon. Aidle takes out weapons from her space storage while letting it float on the air. She then manipulates it using Fairy magic to surround La Veil. La Veil grins while looking at the sigh.


『Do you think something like this would even hurt my scales and my strong defense?』

「I don’t think they, but it will be painful if they your soft spots right like your eyes or softer scales?」

『Nuu, you are just annoying me!!』

The weapons floating moved towards La Veil aiming various weak points. They aimed her eyes, inside her mouth, wing membranes, back of elbows and knees, but all of them were just shattered.


「Well I did expect that, you probably won’t even be scratched by normal weapons.」

『Don’t even bother with that. Still, the way you use your magic is interesting, but something of that level won’t work against me! Next is my turn!』


From where La Veil was floating, she swings down her claws sending air slashes towards Aidle.

「Oi, what the hell is with that attack!」

As Aidle was avoiding the storm of air slashes, La Veil takes a stance. Then several flame bullets surrounding her wings formed.


『Breath and Flame Magic, inproved by Dragon Magic and Flame Prison’s correction, let’s see if dust will even remain after you take this!!』


An array of attacks was unleashed. Along with a super-fast Breath were countless fireballs went towards Aidle. Although she flew higher to avoid it, 「You must be kidding right, homing? 」


The attacks that were supposed to be linear all bent and chased after Aidle. Then all the attacks hit the small fairy.


It created a huge explosion in the sky. The color of smoke was like that of an erupting volcano. La Veil looked at the collision point and thought that with such power there is no way that a small creature like that could endure.


(Was that a little too much for a fairy? No, but that one was releasing a different atmosphere from the usual fairies)

To La Veil, a fairy like that which could actually hurt her has never been seen before. With just that small impact made her feel horror. That’s why she continued to convince herself, I am part of the strongest race, Our attack power is way too different.

『Now th…』

The moment she tried to land to the ground while feeling disappointed of the battle which she thought would have been nice if it continued, that’s when her thoughts ended.


『…What is that? Wind…』


The cloud from the explosion suddenly begins to twirl, and became something like a tornado. And then, she could not believe what came out from its center.


「Where do you think you are going? You dragon」


An Intact Aidle was standing there. No, to be exact, the clothes she was wearing were half carbonized. La Veil show a really surprised face.


『Ridiculous.. How were you able to withstand that!? 』


For her, what she used was her current maximum power. It sure humiliated her to see that her target was still intact with an attack that could even melt metals with its heat alone.


「Something like that is quite simple you know… I only converted all my status into MDEF, my MDEF is and MATK is around 20 million totaling over 40 million, even if you include the x1000 extra damage from corrections it affect me, in any case, that body difference, that body difference correction is really troublesome by the way」

『I see… You posses 『Fairy Eyes』. Moreover, using 『Fairy Magic』 in such a way, I have never seen a fairy using it that way. That concept itself is also out of commonsense… Don’t you think that it’s a much worse skill than mine? 』

「I don’t really think about that though, but still..」


From the point of view of Aidle, the strength of La Veil that considerably goes beyond what a normal creature can acquire though. If the previous attack was also aimed at the ground, the collateral damage would have created a crater and blow away everything in the surroundings with a powerful shockwave, erasing everything.

「At any rate, I will be using all of my abilities this time. After all it would be useless if I didn’t give you my all」

After saying so, Aidle gripped her fist. La Veil was fighting seriously without holding back. The fact that I can freely manipulate my status is the reason my fist damaged her. She can feel that she La Veil wants her to give her all.


「Then again, I’ll be going first-」

『Wha, she disappeared! Where did she?… Guhaaa!!』



The moment she thought Aidle disappeared in an instant, the next moment she was punch in her belly. But she was able to withstand it and was able to return her stance and didn’t decrease altitude.  Being hit by something so small really hurts La Veil. It’s as if a very strong needle is piercing her. Because she was not holding back anymore unlike before, the severity of the attack cannot even be compared from the one before.


「…by the way, I have to add something for my self-introduction.」

『Gah, fuu… wha, what!?』

「I am the Dimension Fairy Aidle, the only fairy in this world that can manipulate space」


After describing herself once more to La Veil, Aidle disappears from that spot again, and in the next instant was at the back of La Veil sending a kick hitting her and she lets out a loud roar.


『Gaaaah just what in the world are.. Aaaaaaahhhhh!! 」


La Veil tries to calm down her breath while confused and was trying to get used to the unfamiliar pain, but for her it was not about getting hit by Aidle. The true aim was to bring fear and dominate La Veil through pain and confusion.


The means of attack of Aidle were simple. Repeated short-range transfers, and just pounding her with sheer ATK power. Dragon Scales are thick and hard and is quite resistant to magic, but it possible for damage to penetrate using strong blows. It is a basic strategy that was also same as before and was verified by many dragon battles, but there was a big difference from the last time.


(The attack do penetrate, but how long will I have to do this)


Aidle’s hands could not bear the continuous pounding of solid dragon scales and blood was starting to flow out of it. Her bones are probably starting to crack by now. Her head was also beginning to overheat from continuous use of 『Fairy Magic』.

La Veil was tougher than expected. She judged her to be an idiot when the battle started. Ignoring pain from her fists, she continued hitting her. She will try to continue this way until she wins.


「Well then… Shall I keep this up, you can enjoy being a sandbag as much as you want」


From that point on, it will a battle between La Veils endurance and Aidle’s continuous attack. Because of Aidle’s continuous fast attacks, La Veil gave up trying to avoid and just devoted her all defending. She further tried to hinder the attacks enclosing her wings arms and legs.


But that ended up not that helpful because the Fairy is way too small, and can still hit the gaps in her body. La Veil was already on the verge of crying. You might be able to call this a fight but…


The exchange continued for several minutes, and eventually the situation changed.


『Guuu, Gyaaaaaah!!!』


La Veil fell to the ground without properly landing. Did it finally end with this, she was spinning while falling down, she wasn’t able to break her fall as she hits the ground. Even Aidle was in a state that she couldn’t use her hands as she descended while observing the situation.


「Ahhh, it hurts… I broke my hands and legs…」


Healing it with 『Fairy Magic』 didn’t work. She cannot concentrate well due to the fever as if she was suffering from influenza. There was no headache but discomfort was circulating throughout her body that it was hard just to breathe.

She activated 『Fairy Eyes』 to confirm La Veil’s Status, and confirmed that her HP is now below 10%. She was already at her last breath, but Aidle didn’t try to do anything rash and wait for a bit.


『Guuu… This is unexpected, for you to damage me this much』

La Veil rose up groggily showing her full form. Her wings were tattered and the damage can be seen throughout her body.  


「Will you accept.. defeat now… I hurt myself too you know, I want to end this soon」

『… … …』

She’s puzzled as how to respond. La Veil was certainly driven to this point and accepted the strength of her adversary. She was shown power that could have driven her into submission. She knew that she would only be finished off if they continue any more of this.

However, her heart was not broken yet. Even if she sheds tears and screams in pain. That’s why she responded in a different way.


『If you can kill this body, then I don’t mind forming a contract with you』

「…What do you mean by that?」

She pushed the jewel with her finger on her forehead.

『For us Ancient Dragons, this jewel is our real body. This Dragon Body is only something we made… You could say that it’s something like outer skin』

「…What do you mean by that?」

『You want to be my contractor right? Then I want you to completely defeat me. It would also settle everything with this』


Slowly, La Veil accumulated breath on her mouth. It was as if saying that this is that last strike, and she continued talking to Aidle focusing her eyes on her.


『Perhaps, this body will die if one more punch like that is delivered. Because this body will die, I can create a new humanoid body that will make travelling with you easier… Well, that is the story if you can finish me off and beat this body』



La Veil knew, that in this exchange of blows, she will definitely loose. Even if this is her last breath, the power she is about to release is not as strong as her first. Still she thought that it would be enough and choose this method.


But she didn’t know, something outside expectations will join in the aboard.





Aidle’s PoV


(Finally, it’s ending…)

This is the first time I’ve fought with all my strength. I couldn’t believe that I would hurt myself this much because of not having a weapon. I feel like crying so much with the heat overflowing my head and the pain from my hands and feet. But if I connect a blow here, it will end this and it will be my win.


『Here I goooo!!!』


La Veils last breath was about to be released. I must avoid this and hit her on the head. That’s what I thought I should do using space magic. But then I noticed something.


(This direction is…)

In this direction where La Veil’s attack would pass through, I turn around to what’s behind…


I met eyes with my most important person. Even though it’s quite a distance away, I know I’m looking at her eyes.



Please, I want you to give me a smile. At the same time I could barely hear her cheering and it made me feel better. Even if I risk my life, I will not move a step from this place where I plan to escape though it’s a bit worrying. I was very happy though.


Thanks to this, the option of dodging disappeared. I just have to endure this and pierce through. If I use normal magic then it will be too late. And so, I take off all my status and dropped it all to INT and activated『Fairy Magic』.


「Stoooopppppp it!!!!!!!!!!!!!」


Ignoring all the heat that was frying my head as if it was going to explode, I imagined a shield. A huge shield that that was composed of unknown material appears and blocked the breath. After contact, a few seconds passed and the breath’s pressure was weakening, and then eventually disappeared.


I flew straight to the head of the Red Dragon and delivered my finishing blow. And then,


「You Dragon… To my best friend… with this attack… I’ll end thiiiiiissss!!!」



I strike the Red Dragon’s head and made a hole from the head down to the chin finishing her off.


「Haaaaah… Haaaaah…」

When I confirmed its status, HP now shows 0. After confirming that I have won, I fall on the spot. I could not keep my consciousness with the high fever attacking me. My whole body is also in pain making me unable to move.



The last thing I heard was a call from my best friend.



With confidence that I protected her properly, I let go of my consciousness…




Specific Pain that La Veil Tasted…


It is a feeling of having long needles penetrating your body and the impacts feels like it’s bursting inside the body.