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Chapter 30 Demonic Contract

TL: Yuki



After being blown off by the impact on the head the jewel fell to the ground, and then it began to shine. The Jewel takes the form of a Person which looked like a woman around her 20’s.


「… … …」


The woman was wearing a red themed dress, and has long scarlet hair walked towards the head of the dragon where she came from.


「…nu, you did it well」



When she found the fairy of interest, she found another fairy near it. The fairy was standing in front spreading both arms before the fairy that defeated her. Then the woman kneeled over and lowered her gaze as she gently stroked the head of that fairy.


「Don’t worry, I’m here to cure that fairy’s wounds, regarding this battle, it was my complete defeat and there will be no more fighting, you can stay with her after this till she regains consciousness」



The woman’s words were filled with kindness, the little fairy nodded and moved back. When the woman picked up the body of the fairy that fought her bravely, she bit her finger and made it bleed for a bit. She sprinkled her blood on the damaged limbs of the fairy and started her draconic magic, and then the blood got slowly absorbed into the fairy’s body.


「If I do it this way it will be cured in a few minutes. I can’t do anything about the burden made by fairy’s magic, but her recovery will probably complete in after a few hours.」

After saying that, she carefully put down the fairy on the ground. The light blue fairy then came over and gave it a lap pillow. While looking at how pleasant that looks, the woman speaks to the light blue fairy.


「Are you perhaps a good friend of this one?」

「Unn, I’m Arena」

「I see… I am La Veil, I’ll be in your care from now on 」


In their last moment she didn’t avoid La Veil’s breath, La Veil also noticed late that Arena was in line of fire. Because of this reason in that last moment she got upset, and was in filled with rage.


(But well this fairy, I she really just a fairy?…)




I felt a familiar soft feel as I regain consciousness. When I opened my eyes, I see Arena sleeping while giving me a Lap Pillow. Ohh, she is getting quite skilled being able to this now.


「Are you finally up now?」



From the place I looked at, there was a fascinatingly beautiful woman that was looking at me. She has eyes that would make you think of rubies, what’s going on? Is what I thought as I look at her smooth flowing hair. There would only be one person I can think of.


「Errr… is okay to assume that you are probably La Veil?」


「…What about the challenge?」

「It is your win milord」


「Wha, wha, what is it?」


No way, I sighed and weep a bit too. It was a first for me to have a battle like that. I don’t want to do something like that again.


「Aidle, I swear my loyalty to you as my lord until you or this body of mine dies in accordance to our bet. And because of that shall we proceed with this. I made to have cured your so can you should be able to move by now right? 」

「Eh? Ah, my body feels light now」

I slowly got up making sure not to suddenly wake up Arena. The pain from my body has already disappeared and the overheating feeling I had have already subsided. I was saved that I didn’t have to suffer from severe pain the moment I woke up.


「Then, we shall now proceed in making a Demonic Contract」

「Demonic Contract?」

「…weren’t you the one who said you want me as a companion?」

「Ah… About that you see, what I wanted was for you to become our friend, and travel along with us as a friend」

「Fu, Friends?」

Ah, her stupefied face also looks beautiful. Looking closely, her glamorous figure surely fits her looks. I want to be hugged by that form by all means while I’m in human form.


「Friends… Friends… such people never existed for me who is an ancient dragon…」

「Is it a No?」

「That’s not it, but you see, if you form a Demonic Contract with me there will be more useful benefits, there will be no disadvantages, if your saying you want to be in equal terms then that is also fine, I can also listen to other requests you would like」

「I see, then can you explain to what a Demonic Contract is for now?」


And so, I listened to the information about Demonic Contracts from La Veil. Because we are near a dragon’s corpse which seems awkward, I stored it for now, then take out chairs and a table seating ourselves. I listened to La Veil while stroking Arena that was sleeping on a small table with her head on my lap.


「Since the procedure for the Contract itself is quite easy, let’s not prioritize it, instead of that, explaining the merits would much better. The merit for the contract is mainly two, one is being able to summon and second is synchronization 」

「I could understand about summoning but, synchronization?」

「Right, in synchronization you will be able to communicate with me via thoughts, It will be very useful because it will be usable even if were remotely separated.」

「That certainly will be useful… But is it done?」

「That would be easier to understand once the Contract is established and we try it out.」

「Then… how do we proceed with making a Contract?」


「That is… a Kiss is how it is established」


…Did I hear that wrong?


「…What is it again?」

「Like I said, A Kiss」


Do you mean that Kiss right? Kissing right? The one where Lips are connected? Seriously!?


「I don’t really know what you are thinking about, but you see, in order to establish the contract saliva exchange is a proof. Although it really feels strange for me too doing this for the first time and with a woman, I don’t really feel bad about it」

「Eh, do you mean that deep one?」

「Why are giving me that weird look now… a little is fine. You don’t have to do it so passionately」


La Veil was informing me while turning a bit red. She said that if I humanize it won’t activate properly the contact not unless I’m in my original form. Will those irresistible looking lips going be in contact with my whole body? Good!!


「Well, I got the gist of it, let’s do this!!」

「Yes yes, then please proceed… Uu~」

La Veil Closed her eyes and stuck out a little bit of her tongue. Ah right, what’s needed was to exchange saliva. That means I only have to kiss that tongue is it… still, it’s super embarrassing!!? Wa, wait a minute even she’s embarrassed. Look, even her face is bright red, and she also opened her eyes a little and was watching consciously!? If you let a woman wait like this, it would really be shameful!! The number one Aidle, here I go!!


「Unfair, I’m joining too!!」




The moment my Lips connected with La Veil’s tongue, Arena who woke up interrupted and came in between my lips and La Veil’s tongue!? So quick!?


Then the contract triggered, the Magic Circle expanded enclosing the three of us, then disappeared.


「…What happened?」


I timidly asked La Veil, and she answered with a distorted look. It seems that she was too embarrassed that she can’t make eye contact.


「…It seems that Arena and Milord made a contract with me at the same time…」


「Aidle, More chu~」

Arena-san!? Running wild as you pleased!? What happened a while ago why the overflowing affection now!?


A few minutes later, the two of us were finally settled down and seated on the chair. La Veil was also seated and was preaching us how to be a proper lady.


「Good grief, you are both women so at least show some modesty!」

「Sorry… th, then shall we continue on the topic?」

「Fuunn… Fine. Arena, straighten your feet」



My wish was ignored…


「Then, first is summoning, Milord please imagine the previous existence as myself in thy head, the state where I was a Red Dragon」

In my mind, I imagine the appearance of the Red Dragon that I’ve fought. I have burned that image in my eyes when I was looking at it, a detailed image then came up.

「If done, then call out my name as you put magical power at the back of your hand」

「… La Veil!!」


La Veil then disappears from where she was standing, and then a large magic formation formed on the ground near us. After that, a Red Dragon same as the one I’ve fought came out of it.


『Umu, It’s this sensation that you get from this. If you understand, then let us proceed with synchronization this time. Milord, please come aboard me and you have to concentrate. Arena too is fine to come along.』



When the two fairies rode on her head, La Veil jumps up and begins ascending to the sky.

『Please place your hand on my head, then imagine having out consciousness combine』


「Yes, yes」


I placed my hand on the Red Dragon’s head then imagine our consciousness combining for a bit. Yup, this is really fun and I’m enjoying it. I’m glad that you’re helping me with imaging too.

I keep my position and concentrated for a few minutes.


「Oh, Ooohhh, somehow it giving of a strange feel to it」

『Relax a bit, we are in the same state』

One view from myself and then there was another view which is probably from La Veil’s. It seems like this is the primary state of synchronization.

『This time try using magic in this state. Use my skills that is Fire Magic and Flame Prison. 』

「Got it, then Flame Spear!!」


When I initiated ordinary Flame Magic, the flame spear that was launched was many times bigger than the one I imagined. This is amazing. After verifying various effects, I realized that there are many interesting things that I could do.

『It seems like you have realized of various ways of using this. For now this is the basics. Let’s go down.』


After returning down to the ground, we noticed a bit of a problem. It is in regard to summoning and synchronization, but can Arena use it as she has a double contract with her. La Veil has acknowledged me as her master but it’s different with Arena. And because of that I tried suggesting for the contract with Arena to be cancelled. However…



「You didn’t defeat her you know!?」

「That’s just how Arena is」

「B, But regarding Arena, It was fine with Milord because she has shown me her strength but, if you want me to be under her then she has to show me some form of strength.」

「It is OK with anything, like something along Itelligence of something?」

「Yes, well if that can somehow convince me that is」


Alright, after calling Arena, the two of us started a secretive talk. I the case of winning matches, there’s only that which I can think of.


「Okay, now Arena GO!!」

「And so, what will the challenge be?」

「Ten Games, Shogi!!」



I handed over a Rulebook for La Veil to read. The basics isn’t really that difficult so La Veil remembered it really fast.


「So it is something like a strategy battle that uses ones head to conquer the other right? Well, it something that this fairy is challenging me so it will be a battle of cunning the she is strong with… How about betting something then like Milord did? 」


At this time La Veil looked at me with glittering eyes. Ah I see, you want me to bet honey from the World Tree right? You like that much huh. And so I took out a bottle of it then placed it on the table. I hope you would be satisfied with that. The eyes of La Veil then changed as if she was aiming at prey.


「Oooohh! Ok then, Arena, if you win what would like for myself to offer thee?」

「Become Friends~」

「That has already been fulfilled, anything else?」

「Ummm… Unnn… On Hold!!」

「Okay It’s fine!! Don’t make it something unreasonable」



「The Leading is La Veil」


Then the decisive battle began… in Shogi. La Veil… I pity you.




First Game… Winner Arena!!

「Muu… I lost?」

「Well, I’m just a beginner so maybe…」


Third Game… Winner Arena!!

「Alright, I got the gist of it, I will take you down next round!」

「Come at me~」


Fifth Game… Winner Arena!!

「… … …Wha?」