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Legend 2 La Veil’s End of Boredom

TL: Yuki



『Free Time~』


One Ancient Dragon flying on the sky shows itself. The Red Dragon La Veil has reached her peak of boredom.


『Boring~ Isn’t~ it~』


La Veil was considerably aggressive if compared to other ancient dragons. All the other ancient dragons are always held up by their territory and would not even come out for several hundreds of years.


And due to that, she wasn’t able to find any opponent that would be on her level making her bored of daily life. It’s to the extent that she would challenge any ancient dragons the she would encounter in the skies and end up in a battle that would almost be close to madness.


To begin with, most ancient dragons spend their time in their human form and would rarely be in their dragon form. Most of them just bide their prowess and usually avoids disputes. The reason is that even if they try to pleasure themselves in battle, it was pretty obvious that no normal creature be it human or monster that could defeat them.

But well they are not foolish enough to bout it out with someone in the same race as their own.


『Still I wonder if I could find someone~ somewhere that is」



Still, she persists on looking for it. Someone or something who can amuse her. Someone who can satisfy her. She continued searching. It was already 700 years. She was thinking that maybe a Hero would appear, but in those cases they would end up too broken and she wouldn’t be able to win. So her mind which is looking for the strong is still half-baked.


On another note, there are no demons that would raise her level anymore, and her status has been stagnant. Even if she uses all of her power at the moment, she will only be killed by a hero possessing a holy sword.


『Haaah… I wonder if there are any race that would have more guts out there in this world?』




In her comment, 90% of the time she is still looking for a strong opponent today.






『Nn?… Oh, isn’t that one of my territories? Why is there a road created in there? 』


One day, the passing by La Veil landed down on Lizarl Hill. It was used as a good viewing platform and she also cleared up all the demons in the surroundings a long time ago. Nevertheless, there is now a paved road the goes over the middle of it, and was extending straight ahead.




One day, while sleeping on that hill, she was awakened by an awfully loud noise. When she opened her eyes, she found humans attacking her with magic. It is not really painful or anything and was only comparable to an itch.


(I see… You tried attacking in troops, but you guys who took away my territory without permission are the bad ones.)


La Veil adjusted her breath purposely missing her targets those in battle she aims the invaders and released it at them. Looking at the collapsed figures of the humans, she sighed while murmuring 『Ahhh… so brittle… 』 and closed her eyes once more. Noticing the presence of people disappearing, she went back into her deep sleep.


『… What is this?』


It was different from the usual. This amount of magical power is different from humans. When she confirms the presence she found it unusual, that’s because they were fairies. La Veil also got curious.


(If it’s here, the closest world tree…  It would be that cave quite a bit of distance away from this place. Well, I guess they got curious because I am close and they find it interesting… … …)


Is what she thought as she tried return back to sleep.



「Take This!!」



『Nuhaaah!?!?!?!? 』


I was blown away suffering severe pain that I have never felt from any of the attacks that was inflicted on me. The one who hit me was just a fairy who’s only supposed to be good at flying around.


(I, it hurts… it really hurts… uu!!)


La Veil felt the pain of being alive for the first time in her long years of living and she was about to tear up from it. If it was her real feeling, she have already rolled on the ground in pain, but to show the dignity of an ancient dragon she stood up not showing her emotions and faced the fairy.










「but you know, you were really strong enough that I had to seriously fight…」


Regarding the results, it was my complete loss. Although it was quite an amusing exchange of attacks halfway of the battle, but the moment when my opponent began barraging pure physical attacks coupled with space and spirit magic and more, it was really unpleasant.


「And also about Arena, I was late noticing at that time, so I’m sorry that I wasn’t careful at that time…」

「Worry~not bout it」


The actual cause of my complete defeat was actually this blue Fairy. La Veil did not know the reason why she did not dodge that attack at that time and tried to know why, but when she tried to confirm it, she found this blue fairy with arms spread in front of the unconscious fairy with her teary eyes.


「What I would like to know is that, are you fairies born from that great cave?」


「Ah right… you see… what I mean is, are the two of you born from a world tree?」

「Me is sho~」

「You were different huh… I see, I see」


(A Rare Fairy, It’s a Rare Fairy… What is it? What is it that makes you strong, what in the world is that power…)


I feel like running a fever. Even if there are such things as skills and even if it’s high to a certain degree, a fairies attack should only feel more like an insect bite if we think about status corrections and differences. That power delivered by such a small body pierces inside me and as if exploding behind my dragon scales. The heart of La Veil was completely broken by that final blow.


「Yosh, Arena, I am also curious about you, I might be someone who you have fought earlier, but I’m now a friend who will be counting on you from now on」




(But what do I do? Looking at these fairy tribe members… Am I a that kind of person)


And she was already poisoned by them…