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Chapter 32 Subjugation Report

TL: Yuki



「Hou, so this is the town called Haval where master stays. It’s already been a hundred years, but it seems that humans haven’t changed their ways as they live」

「I won’t know something like that since its only been 3 years since I was born, is there really no changes?」

「Well, there those that were rebuilt. But houses that have aged shows their own history as long as calamities or misfortune befalls them」


I see, so that means that the way of living of this world is moderate and almost unchanged. As expected, the standard of origin is different if compared to Japan which rapidly improves in just a matter of decades.


「Now then, let’s go the Adventurer’s Guild first as we have to submit a report on the result of subjugation and delivery of La Veil’s husk to complete the request」

「Cast-off Skin~」

「It’s an interesting thing with humans where they make use of my husk as tools」

「Because the one I’m with in town now is the living La veil, I can’t really comment on that」


The moment I stepped inside the Adventurer’s Guild, it was filled with liveliness unlike anything I’ve seen before. It gives off the same vive when I entered on Canaria’s. Thinking that this is probably how it is normally as a standard of guilds, I can somehow see the similarities to all of them.

But well, we needed to join that long line connected to the reception corner. It sure is long. Both old men and youngsters some confused some frightened. Sweat glistening and scattering about, but it is not a beautiful sight at all. I don’t want to enter that by all means.


「Master, I don’t want to enter that long line of agonizing men」

「I also don’t want to, so Arena please don’t go over there」


Arena isn’t nervous at all. Even if I have collapsed I still tried my best to stand in front of La Veil at that time to protect her, well, at that time I was overflowing with protective feelings for her though.


Nn~… I guess we will just have to wait until the number of people decreases.


「Nn, Oooohhhh Aidle you are already back, wait, you’re number increased!!!!!」

(Do you seriously have to call out to me like that Guild Master…)


The moment when I was leading the two to the bar area, Drew-san came down from the second floor then raised a shout as he noticed me. Well, since the others are also wearing identical white robes, they do look a little suspicious, but are you some kind of idiot shouting at an adventurer who just returned?


「「「… … …」」」


Look, because of you everyone’s attention is aimed here. Stop, seriously just stop. I should have just come right after noon. And I can tell that everyone is also staring at La Veil’s assets without blinking. Because everyone would definitely be charred if this goes on, should we escape for now? And regarding Arena, I won’t let anyone ogle her. I will blow them away.


「Oi, what happened Aidle, please report about it now!! Come over in my office!!」


Drew-san came over and grabbed my robe then tried to drag me away. What do you want with me dragging me along without permission?





Sexual Harassment is not permitted so panted a punch on his stomach. Following him while ignoring his suffering I went inside his office without his permission. Both La Veil and Arena also followed me along. Before I noticed, Rena-san was already behind us with a flushed look. Just how pitiful is this guild master going to be.


「Uhhhhh… What’s up with that, why did you hit me?」

「It is much worse that shouting at people in a crowd like that. Rena-san, the verdict 」

「Guilty. You can punish him as you like

「Sorry, please forgive me, and as for that person standing behind her. It feels like I’ll be killed over and over again so please stop with the killing intent.」


I hold La Veil’s shoulder to stop sending her killing intent and urged them to sit down. Then Drew-san breathes out a sigh of relief and also seated himself.


「So, let’s hear the results. Were you able to repel it? 」

「… I’ve put it down it down and brought in the materials」

「Huh… you were seriously able to subjugate it huh. Right, the case that Rena reported regarding the events in the training area was a set as different case… There was priestess that occasionally drops by from city to city making miracles. I made false news that it was such a miracle.」


Well then, one problem solved. It seems that they have made one good story.


「But the case about the Red Dragon is different. It is something that the city will celebrate with, so you will definitely stand out, so just give it up. The option of removing your hood is up to you though」

「Really… I guess that can’t be helped. 」

「So anyway, who exactly are those behind you?」


So you have finally touched on that topic. Rena-san looked worried since quite a while ago and she was sneaking a look over here while sipping tea.


「This tall one here is someone who studied with from a long time ago, while this one over here is my little sister. Because the three of us decided to form a party, I would like you to register them too as adventurers. Is that ok? 」


「It’s fine. I know that a certain percentage of that was a lie. Anyway, how strong are they? 」


「My Instructor La Veil is as strong as me, while my little sister Arena can win against you with ease」

「Okay, then I’ll exempt the both of them from exams. Rena please process it」

「Then, the both of you, please come over here」

I saw them off as they left Drew’s office. Finally the serious talks will now begin. Drew also shows his seriousness, and emotions disappeared from his face.


「Well then, so, how strong was that Red Dragon?」

「Do I really have to report that?」

「Half is out of duty, because I have to report it to the country, if that is okay with you then I will write an appropriate report about it at a later time」


Now what should I do. Honestly if I tell him just about how strong she was, all the hair would probably fall off Drew’s head. But if I report that it was rather week, then it would be questioned why all those who attempted before failed. Hmmmm, where should I side with this?


「… … … …hmmmm」

「So, are you done calculating yet?」

「Just a bit, I’m trying to find something that would be proper to assess the strength」

「Don’t just blurt that out in front of me, since I will write a more appropriate report you can at least be honest with me」

Even if you say that, I am not really used to such things and I don’t really know how to compare… I guess I’ll just give my honest opinion.


「Well… first of all, that subjugation team that was sent felt no more than just tickling it, is what I think. It would need at least around 10 level 400 people to at least be able to compete with that. Also the scales of that dragon are almost immune to magic and added to that is it’s high resistance to slashing」


I didn’t tell a lie. There is a possibility of them driving her away if it was that much with a perfect team of level 400’s along with a complete set of armor that is fire resistant. They would have a 10% of driving her away with that.

「…Well, half of it is with difference in status, the other half is fighting spirit, guts and love」

「The last few once are too questionable that I don’t get it」


Well now, why can’t you understand about that part? Is Drew the type of pathetic person that doesn’t understand love? But that is the truth, it just can’t be helped. I choose what words I properly use though.


「Alright, fine, next is regarding the materials. Where is it? 」

「I have it with me now」

「Oh, is it that rumored storage bag?」

Even if it sounds convincing to you, it is kind of troublesome for me though. You have thoroughly found out about it.


「You may go over to the Lord’s house to get the completion certificate while I go visit Hilte and let him know of the news. That way, I can call adventurers and merchants to gather at the plaza along with all the people on the city to announce about the Red Dragon. Is it fine for you? 」

「It’s fine… must I go today?」

「No, you may do it tomorrow afternoon. We will need to get ready first. Ah, and before I forgot, you will be updated to S Rank and a new Guild Card will be issued to you after this」


I nod and moved to leave the room. I thanked Drew-san before I went out, but I didn’t comment on that. I probably would be bothered by a lot of troubles from now on. I also finished negotiating with a lot of things and confirmed it. I also had a hard time after all, so something like that should preferably match it. So I decided to accept that.


「Are you guys done? I also would like to update my guild card」

「Yes, what about Arena?」



I was hugged from behind. Hey, calm down for now. I am going to announce the completion of in a while.


But before that…


「Rena-san, can you register as a party?」

「Hmm? Yes, I’ll take care of it」

I turned towards Rena-san who was about to greet us. She quickly turned around and return to her counter. Sorry for asking something so troublesome. After getting the documents from Rena-san who came back, I gave it to Arena.


「La Veil, you can stay with us to the place we are staying in. You can ask Rena-san of the location. I will be meeting with the Lord for now so I can get the completion of the request, you guys don’t have to worry about it.」

「Umu~ I’ll do that」

「Arena, please write our name here and then decide a party name for us. I want Arena to be the one to decide it」

「Leave to me~」


When I was about to leave the guild…


「Hey, the 3 of you over there」



There were young adventurers on standby. The number is 12 people. 4 people per group and enclose us in three groups. I can’t remember that well but some of the people were among those who lost their limbs after the subjugation. What is common among them is that they don’t have an agreeable look. Is it because they heard about the continuation of the request from those A Rank people?


「You, what is your Rank?」

「It’s S」



The moment I show my Guild Card everyone trembled in fright. If you got involved with someone above you it is normal that you would panic. But well, since we don’t really want to be bothered, I will use my position without any hesitation. It sure showed its usefulness as soon as I receive it.


「Is it okay if I take my leave now?」

「Ah… un…」


A man who spoke first was blamed when I walked away, then I went to the Lord’s house without turning back.




「Arena-san, please show your status」


「… … …Hnnnnng?!?」


「La Veil-san, please show your status」


「… … …」(This is a Dream This is a Dream This is a Dream)


Since Arena and La Veil’s status were not hidden other than their race, it would normally show up.