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Chapter 34 Festival: Participation before the Show and The Party’s Name

TL: Yuki



「And because of that, you need to go the plaza now!!」


The day has not started yet… Rena-san, so early… I’m still sleepy. Just look at the Inn Lady’s daughter’s face that I can see from outside the room. She looks so pitiful making a big yawn with droopy eyes.

Besides, right now I’m in fairy form. It was good that I woke up immediately after hearing them knocking on the door. I quickly humanized and put on my robe then placed Arena inside it. Because La Veil was also covered in futon they probably won’t notice the difference.


「Then, is it fine if I prepare after waking up those two and go」

「Yes, I’ll be counting on you for that ok? 」


Ah… I’m still so sleepy. After looking at Rena-san san that hurriedly left, the Inn Lady’s daughter also bows down and closes the door. Now then, I wonder what’s happening so early in the morning.


「Are~na~ can you humanize now, you can continue sleeping after that」

「…Nn~… Hui~」

While saying that, I was poking Arena’s stomach from inside my hood. She then went out and humanize and her state after that is where she was still showing her stomach while looking drowsy. She was extremely cute as it is, then I heard a groan saying 「Master~」 that was also really cute… Woops… dangerous, really dangerous…

I seated Arena on the side of the bed then covered her in a robe. Next is La Veil. It’s much easier to wake her up, is what I think.


I peel off her futon until I can see her face. I then came close and whisper on her ears.


「La Veil~ Get up… If you don’t, I’ll beat you up thoroughly」

「What did I do!! … … Ah, I was having a good dream you know? 」


La Veil got up in an instant and seated in a defensive position. But when she realized that she was still in bed, she relaxes and released a deep sigh. I gave my morning greetings as if nothing happened.



「Good morning La Veil」

「Muu… Umu… Good morning」

「I know it’s bad waking you up this early, but I need to go to the plaza, can you come with me while carrying Arena on your back?」

「An appointment is it. Fine, here Arena, you can sleep while grabbing on my back. A child grows much bigger if they get more sleep.」

「Wafuuu~… Umu~~」


I want to enjoy more of this wonderful sight, but I have to hurry. Drew-san is probably waiting.




When I arrived at the plaza, I found Drew-san of the adventurer’s guild, the merchant’s guild’s Hilte-san, The Lord Dabble-san and his son Sigurd. Behind them are each of their staff and soldiers. At the center of the plaza was a giant Iron platform with a really wide base. Grooves were dug out from several intervals spreading out to hold onto the entire frame. There were hundreds of containers and tables that were fitted in the grooves.


「Sorry, for calling you out so early in the morning」

「It’s fine, so should I place that in the platform you set up?」

「Yes, can I ask you of that?」

「Aye aye」


Because they want to make this grand, they asked me to place the Red Dragon for them. After confirming that everything along with the cloth for covering is in place, all the staff evacuated from the platform. It is scheduled that it will be put in display by noon. Well, if I suddenly put this out in a crowd, it would probably result in a panic.


「Then, here I go~ Hois」




I pulled out the Red Dragon(Husk) and place it on the stage making sure it doesn’t extend towards the end. Voices of shock and surprise going 「「「「Ooooohhh!!」」」」 were leaked out and the steel stage was able to carry it but it was dented. Drew-san also show a cramped face. Those who survived from this Red Dragon, I was wonder if they will join the dismantling?


「… … …amazing」

「Did you really kill this thing on your own?」

「An enemy like this would certainly be too much for that subjugation team…」


Each representative while in shocked expressed their reactions. Drew-san was in awe. Hilte-san was in a state as if he was dreaming. Dabble-san san was in a state as if he cannot believe it. Everyone can see that Red Dragon is in the state that was almost in perfect condition. The only damage that is visible is the head part which was gouged out down to its chin.


「Ah, right, it was mentioned that there was supposed to be a red jewel on its head. What happened to that? 」

Should I tell them? Well, there are people here who witnessed that so I’ll just tell them a close lie to add to about that information.


「By giving a surprise attack I hit that jewel and it shattered and magically dispersed, and thanks to that it has considerably weakened the Dragon and that gave the opportunity to win against that」

「I see, I wonder if it was something like a source of power」

「After you crushed that and disappeared. It didn’t come back even after being defeated. Ah you don’t have to worry about it Aidle」

Hilte-san followed it up and Dabble-san also agreed to it. An old man’s wisdom will always have weight after all. Sigurd was switching stares with me and the dragon shocked since a while ago.


「The peak of my goal is… … … … … just how high should I…」


Oi, don’t murmur something like that. Wait, isn’t your goal supposed to be Dabble-san? Please stop already trying to be an adventurer, just forget about it.


「… I have certainly confirmed it… Aidle, I present to you this Certificate of Completion」

「Un, Here Drew」

「Ah, can I leave it to you Rena」

「Yes yes, I’ll process it now」


The certificate immediately disappeared and was now in Rena’s hand, she then went to the Adventurer’s Guild. Sorry for letting you process this at the very last minute.


「How long will it be until the festival begins?」

「It was supposed to be early this morning when the gate opens but was postponed to later at noon」

「How long should I stay behind?」

「If possible, until the end of the dismantling, because processing and selling will require your presence, I will also be giving you the rewards after 」


If that is so, then I won’t be able to join shopping with Arena. It is really disappointing.

「La Veil, as you can see, I won’t be able to go shopping with you and Arena. Can you take her around the city in my stead? 」

「That is fine, as long as funds are provided. If it’s with me then wherever we end up in the city, Arena should be safe」

With her around I won’t need to worry about anything even if other adventurers got involved. If it’s La Veil, she can take them down without killing them.


「Alright, thanks」


When they finished covering the Red Dragon, we returned to the inn to kill time until lunch. The day has not started yet after all. I want to sleep some more…




The three old people that were left behind show a worried face. It was for a girl who’s strong enough to subjugate a monster of this level.


「I have always been thinking that even though she is this strong she is not one of the Heroes. She would also always mentioned that she doesn’t want to stand out. Yet, right now she didn’t hide it at all and acted as if she was a Hero 」

To Drew, acting like that isn’t really something that uncommon even for adventurers. There were ones that would normally hide their status, origin or tribe. All adventurers were given that privilege.

「But after raising her Rank, she didn’t mind exposure to a certain extent and I felt bad about that」

Dabble also supplements his point. He have also heard a part of her purpose to a certain extent after all.


「She said she was raising her rank in order to meet with the king, and that she needed to talk about something with the top authorities… I don’t know what it is though…」

「Using the time of just one month, she made sure to raise her credibility and trust with the country. In a story from a merchant that I have heard, she was asking for information regarding the culprits that are responsible for the enslavement of beastmen」

Hilte also supplemented information he heard from Pad and Alba. Because she was a benefactor who saved their lives, he gathered information about her in advanced.


「She was talking about coming from the countryside, and wanted to ask the king about information in regards to the enslavement of beastmen」

「There were also other things to note but… just what is her goal?」

「Could it be possible that she’s a beastman?」

「「… … …」」

Aidle have been hiding her status since the start. If her concealment skill is high, it would also be possible to hide ears and tail. The ability of defeating the Red Dragon would also match if it was a beastman that was trained to the limit. At first, that idea seemed to click with the three people that gathered.


「If she is supposedly exposed to the kingdom as a beastman, even if she is young she would be deemed as a sinner… 」

「Should I prepare a place for her to hide in the kingdom’s capital?」

「You should, if it’s for that person」


Their discussions continued on for the benefit of their town’s benefactor Aidle. The staff and officials around just pretended that they didn’t hear anything.






「You can’t go~?」

「Sorry Arena」

I am now sitting in bed hugging Arena trying to calm her down. Arena is currently screeching while clattering her feet. Recently she have been displaying more of her emotions so I’m really happy but this sure is troublesome.


「Muuu!… Then I’ll be friendlier with La Veil」

「La Veil… Won’t forgive…」

「Master, I’m not at fault here!?」

Ahh that’s right, Arena. Have you decided on a Party name that I’ve asked of you yesterday? I have completely forgotten about it.

「Nn~, this」

After saying that, she handed the papers from yesterday. Let’s see…




「『Fairy’s Banquet』… This is good, it’s definitely perfect for us」

「It seems just right. Master I like it. It gives a feeling of camaraderie 」




With this it’s decided. Come to think of it, I didn’t really check what’s included in the document. Let’s see, If people of different ranks gathers up into a party, the rank will match the the highest ranking member? In other words, this will become an S Rank party and we will be called 『Fairy’s Banquet』

I’m still a little worried about Arena. But I’ll be going along with her to hunt monsters if we have time in order to improve her ability. I also have to raise the Ranks of those two quickly.


「Oh, this is just a good time. Shall we our breakfast? 」

The current time is 8 AM. Eating at the Inn’s cafeteria should be good. Wolf cuisine at this Inn is delicious. It is a flaw that this wants you to eat Rice yet there is no Rice. I have to look for it if I have the time.


「By the way Master」

「What is it?」


「Arena dove back on her futon and stopped moving」

「Hai, hai, let’s get up now」

「Iya… … …」

Isn’t that enough sleep already Arena… … …




The Profit of Selling the materials from a Red Dragon … … … 50,000 Gold Coins


The Profit of Selling the materials from a Red Dragon (Ancient) … … … 500,000 Gold Coins


「If Master continues supplying me with magic power and generate husk, Master will be really rich in no time」

「Shall we do it then?」

「… … …sorry」


If you don’t kill her body then the jewel won’t be removed and won’t be turned into materials so I gave up on it.