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Chapter 37 A Quiet Morning Didn’t Arrive

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What to say with the result, everything went hazy after that. As a result, the concert didn’t end until midnight, everyone ended up drunk, because everyone was merrymaking and binge drinking.


The Red Dragon that was dismantled by the staff during the concert was sold like hotcakes to merchants and disappeared after a few hours. Not even a trace of blood was left behind. At that time Drew-san attempted to stop me but I knocked him out and continued the concert. Nobody tried stopping me after that.


There was no need to conceal it anymore. There is no reason to hold back anymore. No one will even sell a fight with me in Haval. Probably even in other towns or even royal cities, showing my guild card will silence them if they did try.


「I’m back」

「Oh, you were really late」

「We~hom~back~」[TL:Sleepy Okaeri By Arena]

「Eh? Why are you still awake? 」

Even though it was already midnight, I was surprised that the two of them are still up. Next to the door was a mountain of stuff that I’ve asked for. It’s good that they were able to go shopping without troubles.


「I already told her that she can just do this tomorrow but Arena just won’t listen and insisted that it should be today, that’s why we have been waiting」

「Don’t mind it, it’s fine. So what’s wrong Arena?」



With groggy speech and sleepy eyes, Arena presented to me a small white palm sized box. I wonder what this is? I accept it for the time being.

「It was something that Arena found today while shopping, one was given to each of us」


I open the box according to the sleepy Arena’s instruction that is already at her limits,


「…Is this a brooch?」

「Par~ty~… shimbol~… for ush~…」


She silently fell on her bed. Then quietly snoozed… The Brooch had a fairy symbol and a pink jewel was embedded on it. La Veil then shows two other brooches. They also have fairy symbols with a blue and a red jewel each.


(… …Why is it that that shopkeeper in that store know about fairies)

Although it should have been known to royalties… Well, there might be legends that were somehow transmitted to the public…?


「It seems that she really wanted to make this a symbol for 『Fairy’s Banquet』 and got a matching pair for everyone, you can probably imagine how she looked like at that time, right master?」

「Oooh… It was definitely a dazzling smile」

La Veil affirms it while giving off a bitter smile. She put arena firmly inside her futon. You have a really happy face… Well…


「Seriously, you two have become really close」

「It’s not as much that you have to jealous of though, for the time being, I found this for you, catch」

「Oh, Oops」

La Veil throws a sword to me. It’s really heavy!! Ah I almost dropped it. If this fell on the floor, I wonder if this would penetrate and sink until it reaches the ground below.


「That one seemed like a really sturdy magic sword, and even if its anyone on my level that would your opponent it wouldn’t probably break that easily」

「I, I understand. Thanks」

For now I need to store this entire luggage. It would be quite difficult to walk carrying all of this.


「So, will we be leaving tomorrow as planned?」

「I am fine with that. Ah, you won’t need to wear the hood from now on. I have decided not to conceal ourselves anymore」

「I understand, I have also witnessed the situation」

Err… Where you in sync with me that time? Did you also see me surrounded by drunkards and others? This person also has various witnessed problems in regards humans, and I don’t really want you to remember such unpleasant sight.


「Well then, we need to move early tomorrow. Good night」

「Understood. Good night」

「O, Hau…weee…」

「「… … …Kukukuku」」

I gently stroked the head of my sweet friend who responded even though she’s asleep. We also entered our futon and went to sleep.


「…Ku~… …」

Good morning. The estimated time is 4:00 AM. I need to escape from this town today as soon as possible. Yesterday I did a really out of place concert after all. I don’t know if how many people will chase me off if they knew.


「La Veil, it’s morning already, wake up」

I was rocking La Veil who was curling like a dog. She stretches like a dog again and gets up. That pose is bad you know. It makes me want to bury my face in various places.


「… …Nnu …Uum, good morning Master. You have already awaken」

「It has already become a habit. Come on, Arena you have to get up too」

「Muee~… Aidle. Mornin~」

「Good morning. Come and wash your face now. I’ll prepare the water」

Using four attribute magic, I poured water into a tub that was provided for washing ourselves and washed our faces. Meanwhile, La Veil used her fire attribute magic to light up the room brightly. I said my thanks and readied ourselves in our usual outfits.


「Aidle~, Aidle~」


「Hue, Ehee~」

「What, what……… Ah, it’s that right?」

I put the brooches that were presented yesterday on our robes, and then Arena pointed at the brooch then to me then smiled. Soooo happy hueee. Arena, ahh my cheeks feel like they would fall off.

「From this moment, this will be our official uniform for 『Fairy’s Banquet』 let’s take pride in it!!」


「Now then. Let’s escape!!」


Leaving the Inn silently, we headed straight to the gates. Although it is normally not yet open around this time, I already have permission from Dabble-san so it’s fine to request to open it for us.

When we reached the gate, there were already soldiers preparing to open it. Of course, it was the usual gatekeeper-san that I’ve known.


「I’ve heard about the event, popular people sure has it hard」

「It’s fine, You sure are working hard though. Well I probably won’t return for a couple of years, but when I come back I’ll bring souvenirs for you」

「Ou… Then please be careful」


We said our farewell to the gate guard and he opened the gate for us. After a few seconds as the gate creates a gap. The guard was somehow showing a grin on his face. Did something good happen? Well, there might be lingering thoughts about that festival. He probably enjoyed it too somehow.


「Master, somehow… I can feel a lot of presence outside the gate?」

「If they are monsters and such, lets clean it up fast」

「Alright, everyone ready」

As the guard goes on with his work, the grin on his face doesn’t disappear. What? Is this supposed to be an ambush? I take out my sword ready to at any moment. La Veil also prepared her halberd from behind me.


Then what greeted us first was a big arc. There was something written on it in big text which was 『Aidle Fan’s Club』. Next are the people surrounding it. Everyone looked familiar to me. As matter of fact, most of them were people that were present during my concert.


(Such a… Why?)

I was sure that there were only three people who would have known that I would be moving out at this time. They were together with them, those ossan… They leaked it…

The moment the people present noticed us, they raised a big applause. And the three representatives came out of the group.


「Hey, where did all that confidentiality for adventurers go?」

「Isn’t that good though? Don’t you think its such a wonderful doodle? 」

「Deja Vu!!」

「Where did you learn that word…」


Some of the men stand in front of me. I understood that even though most of them got knocked out yesterday from being drunk, they were still planning for this surprise.


「Sorry, It’s just that we really wanted to show our thanks towards the benefactor of our town」


Drew-san scratches his head and shows a refreshed look. This guy, I’ll bear not punching you for today. If I did, I’m afraid I might splatter him up if I hit him. I will have him prepare the next time we meet.


「Jou-chan. We merchants were also in debt to you. Thank you」

「Don’t mind it Hilte-san. I was also taken care of. I knew that it was because of you that the merchants believed in me」

「Muu… It’s fine」

Hilte-san… Somehow, he has now become quite amicable. He was also the one who added more to the achievements and rewards that I got from the escort requests.


「Sorry about this Aidle, I wasn’t able to stop drew-san」


Dabble-san sure has it hard. I know that you were just a victim here and probably the most troubled one regarding this. I know it is hard being the one on the one who is on the managing side. I’m cheering for you.


「And, about the arc… What’s that?」

It was Drew-san who answered.


「There was this one guy who became your fan along with 90% of the people that participated. I guess they were attracted by your unusual beauty and strength and I think they are probably joining the merchants that would be spreading your fame to other town. Isn’t that hilarious, right? 」

「Why aren’t you stopping those idiots then!!!」


Woooh~ I have certainly forgotten. Even on my previous life, the influence of Idols was quite high… I have totally forgotten because I got used to it when I was in Fairy Town.


「You don’t really have to feel bad about it, with this it will be engraved in everyone’s memories.」


After saying that, the three of them opened the way for us to pass by. We passed through the arc they created as we walk. There was no trace of malice from all gazes that were being aimed at us.

Somehow it reminds me of the when everything began after Pad-san introduced me. I have really got involved with a lot of things. Even though what I actually aimed for was only to raise my rank, everything just went along with it. But that is certainly not everything yet and there’s more to come. I have also deepened my bonds with Arena and have added a new comrade which is La Veil.


After passing through the Arc I looked back.


「Thanks to everyone in town, and to those who became my fans. Till the day we meet again!!!」

「「「「Good Luck and Take Care~~~~!!!!」」」」


The people were crying out loud in undignified ways, my first fans is it…


「Until the end she took care of our troubles, that jou-chan… She really is a mysterious one. 」

「After this, I wonder what will happen when she encounters the king」

「As long as she lives free isn’t it fine…」


Everyone has turned into idiots for Aidle.


Later that time after Aidle’s group left the town. A carriage arrived from the other side of the town. A single girl was sitting inside a white carriage being pulled by white horses.

Her noticeable traits would be her crystal blue eyes and long silver hair, adorned with a white robe must head to Haval by all means. It was to meet a certain girl that was shown by her prophecy.

「I don’t have that much time… I need to see her soon… I must hurry」


Right now the girl was shivering and restless and was suffering from frustrations as if she was being chased by something.

「I need to see you soon.」




This is the end of 3rd Arc

Though it should be character list and stuff after this, I’ll skip it for now and move to the next Arc. I’ll make a small glossary of all character details and stuff sometime soon.