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Chapter 38 Arriving at the Capital of the Kingdom

TL: Yuki



I asked a merchant we met at a village before arriving at the capital.

「The Capital? They say that they will be holding a martial arts tournament that is held once every year. Everyone seems to be getting excited about it. I’m also planning to go there as well.」


I asked an adventurer in a certain Inn we stayed in.

「The forest near the capital? There are a lot of demons living that you can only find on that place, the flow of materials being sold are at a stable price. The Inn prices are on the high side though…」


I asked a certain noble’s daughter living on a town near the capital.

「The landscape of the place is wonderful, it’s even not an exaggeration if you say that the castle where his majesty live is an architectural beauty」


This is roughly the information we collected, even if they are separated stories. It’s still information that is commonly known by everyone if you asked or listened to people. When I asked regarding the beastmen, they closed their mouths and diverted their gazes. A hush order must have probably been applied regarding that.


「The adventuring~ hero is~

「The Red~ and the Blue~


Arena and La Veil were humming a children’s song that I’ve taught. Beginning with Haval, we passed through many towns and villages, and now we are about to arrive at the capital. Since that time, La Veil has been singing nursery songs… I want to call her mom…


For some reason, the face she makes when looking at Arena seems to be filled with motherly feel. Since that time when they were shopping, it seems that she began giving more attention in taking care of Arena, and even when Arena is training or fighting monsters, she just won’t leave her side. She even took the role of cleaning her mouth after eating. It seems like their having a lot of fun together now. And as to what I wanted to retort, I jealous so count me in too Muuu!!


「My companion turned into a mother!!」

「Master, I didn’t have any memory of me raising anyone nor turning into one!!」


You can do it now though. From this day forward, you will be known as our mother. Even at this moment she was grabbing leaves and branches that were about to block Arena’s path. I also want the care of a Red Dragon!!


「I guess it can’t be helped. For some reason, when you’re looking at Arena, there’s this feeling that you just want to protect her」

「I’m going to say this though it may sound like a joke. I am like that too. But before you talk more about that, aren’t you getting too overprotective? Living doesn’t seem to be worth it for those who possess great power.」

「That’s not it. It’s because I have lived for a long time without really interacting with anyone. I also disliked those of the same Race as me. And if you look on a different perspective, I’m already way too old to even conceive a child. It’s just, when I look at Arena, don’t you think that you want to spoil such a lovely little one? 」


In other words, it’s not like you wanted to have a warm family of marriageable age, but a fake mother who adopted a cute child to spoil because of your motherly instincts.


That is also fine as it is. So you didn’t become mother. Is it because you have lived for more than a thousand years after all?


「I am a Dragon and Arena is a Fairy. It’s possible for me to do so because I have because have plenty of time to do so. In addition, to fairies, they also don’t have those they would call their related family. I am also good with Arena just considering me as a friend.」

「Is what she is saying Arena, but what do you think about it?」

「La Veil Okaa-san~?」



Oh, La Veil got a critical hit and was turning red even up to her ears. If you show something like that with La Veils beauty and proportions, just stop or else all the people who would see would bend forward.


「Yosh!!, Arena, you can call La Veil Mama from now on」

「Got it~」

「Don’t just decide it on your own, also Arena don’t just agree with it easily!!」

「Okaa-san, no good~?」

「My daughter, it’s fine for you to call me mother」


Yosh, convincing her was a success. While having such playful feelings, we continued on while listening to the sound of flowing water. There is a river nearby. It will be connected to the lake where we are going to arrive soon.


The capital of Galania Kingdom. The castle can be seen at the far side of the gate that was floating on the lake and was taller than any other structures because it was built by remodeling a mountain. Just beyond the road connected to the lake is a huge stadium which stands as the symbol of the capital and is showcased every day.


The capital’s area is divided into the commoner’s area, the merchant’s district, the adventurer’s and Inn’s district and the novel’s district where a gate was also blocking traffic and those allowed passing are either nobles or people related to the castle.

The forest is in adjacent to the capital city and is a place for adventurers to test their strength, there are also demons that come down from the mountains from time to time and are being regularly subjugated all year long.


Just before we enter the city, I am currently listening to a grandma who is lining up along with us.

「Are you people adventurers? It is a good alternative, so why not try out the fighting tournament? 」

「Eh, it’s starting already?」

「You didn’t know about it? It will be starting 3 days from now you know? Today might probably the last day to join. They say that they will be giving away amazing prices, but I suggest you team up together to prevent bullying or just enjoy it by betting on who will win.」


After saying that, the old lady went inside the gate. Now that’s something interesting. I am also interested on what prices would be given out.


「Are you interested in joining La Veil?」

La Veil doesn’t seem to be interested. As I tell her about it she continues stroking Arena’s head.


「If there would be someone interesting, like a human who have been trained a lot, then maybe I might join. But it won’t probably be on the level of master. Also if master will be joining, then I might think positively about it.」


Well, if that happens then Arena would be alone. It seems that things might turn out to be really troublesome if I ended up first place. Even I did enter and win it by mistake it is not allowed…


「Well, right, if a problem arises arena can just turn into a fairy and escape. Even if problems regarding humans arise, it probably won’t become a really dangerous situation for us」

「Won’t that make things more difficult later?」

「We can make as much excuses as we can and there’s also 『Concealment』」


When I was discussing things with La Veil, Arena was tugging on my clothes in a hurry. I wonder what’s up, what’s up.


「Um, you see, I want some spending money~」




Now that I think about it, I have never really given money nor let Arena do shopping on her own. I guess this would also be a good experience for her. I need to teach her how to properly use her money.


Thinking about it, Arena should be just on the right age where they would start learning how to spend their money.


「Got it. By the way Arena, La Veil and I will be participating in the tournament, what do you want to do at the time? 」


「「Let’s do this!!」」


About 30 minutes later, it was finally our turn. Soldiers seem to be working like machines not even showing any emotions. Well, is it probably because they have been doing this since morning and was interacting with hundreds of people a day right?

「Proof of Identity?」

We showed each of our guild cards. He glanced at my face then look again at my guild card.


「… … S-rank adventurer-sama… Welcome to Galania, is your purpose of visit the martial arts tournament?」


Oh, he rebooted back to life and changed his attitude. As expected of S-Rank, it is definitely a symbol of worship. He blushes a little when he took a glance of my face too.

「Well, it’s something like that. Fighting monsters in the area of the forest is also included in what we plan to do」

「Ah, yes… then you may proceed」


As we pass through the gate, the kingdom’s capital finally reveals its full appearance. We can’t help but get excited with the new scenery, and our voices got caught up with our excitement.



「This… Hmmm, so humans are capable of such feats」


The streets of Galania surrounding the stadium at the center of the city are arranged neatly and then in line of sight behind it are the towering walls and the beautiful castle beyond the mountain range is really a wonderful sight to behold. It makes me want to tour the whole place for an entire week if I have a handheld camera with me. The buildings are arranged like an arc and connecting them are small canals flowing in from the lake which is being distributed throughout the city. There are even small gondolas travelling on the canals.


「Let’s quickly register and then go sight seeing」

Arena and La Veil nodded at my suggestion. At this point, going to the forest to hunt would be a last priority. I want to visit the castle and add it to our sightseeing course if possible after the tournament.


I was surprised at the size of the stadium as we went near it. If I calculate it, it would probably be around the size of Tokyo Dome, probably? They probably reinforced it with magic and stuff as they were building it, and also, and a considerable amount of years might have already passed since this was built because of the healthy grass surrounding it.


As we entered, a reception desk was immediately found so we approached it. There was a box of documents placed on the desk. The receptionist was an older brother type man giving out a handsome smile. It’s not attracting any of us though.


「Welcome to Galania’s Coliseum, are you participant applying for the tournament?」

「We’d like to participate, me and this one over here」

After looking at me and La Veil, he nodded and handed 2 document sheets to us.

「Please read and fill out this form」


We receive a piece each and fill up the information at a desk nearby. La Veil properly put human in the Race Name section.


(Now then, what would be good to place on the special skill section, I don’t really have to hide it anyway)


I filled it with my common skills then put it the box for applicants. La Veil also finished filling it up and placed it in the box after me. After that, an explanation about the tournament was given to us by the onii-san.


「At the day of the tournament, we will be receiving a paper with a number from this reception desk and will enter the room indicating the number on it were we will be grouped. The starting rounds will be a battle royal for each group because the number of participants is quite high which increases every year. The participants that were included in best 8 of last year would be exempted. The final selection will first be a battle between last year’s best 8 and the 8 winners of the battle royal. There are also times when the number of participants changes depending on the amount of applicants that year. So is there any question regarding the explanation?

「Got it. Thanks Onii-san」

「It’s good then, by the way are you free at the moment?」

「You sure like to joke around Onii-san, bye」


It was turned down immediately and we quickly moved away. Sorry, Ikemen smiles won’t work on fairies.


「That man sure is pitiful. Even if you tried charming a fairy, it would only end up worthless 」

「Oh, I guess he was using that? Charm Skills」

I didn’t check his status using fairy eyes. But well, he might have skills similar to Canaria’s Guild Master, Vannua-san. Many women adventurers around us have been caught by it.


「It isn’t effective against you La Veil? Because I’m a fairy, it is something that won’t work on me」

「If that person is stronger than me then it may take effect」

There’s just no way it would work if it’s humans… Well it is good that you won’t be easily deceived by a bad man.


「It’s because Arena is loving me, right?」


「My friend, I will also LoveLove you!!」



When my eyes and La Veil’s connected, sparks were starting to form as the three of us continued walking. We then arrive in front of a sightseeing gondola. An uncle wearing an umbrella hat greeted us.


「Sightseeing? It will be 2 silver coins. If you want more explanation about the sightseeing spots, it will be an additional silver coin」

「Yes please, here’s 7 silver coins」

「Thanks for the business, young ladies」


Our gondola ride started. The uncles tourism explanation begin immediately.

「First, to begin with is that huh. I don’t probably have to explain it but it will be the stadium」

「Ah, we are applicants who finished applying just a while ago」

「Hou! It seems that he will be participating again. Did you hear anything about it? A hero will be joining the competition. It can even be said that he would be representing the kingdom. The name’s Vandalva. An SS Rank adventurer and probably the strongest and most prestigious person who have joined the coliseum.」


La Veil seems to be thinking about it. I urged the uncle to proceed to the next sight. As we move away from the castle area, we could see a mountainous region after passing through the streets. At the same time, there was a huge waterfall in that place.


「The Next spot is that. That is the Asvani Waterfall. it carries water that flows into the kingdom」



From the mountain where the castle was built, a lot of water have been flowing down which created the lake below the mountain. The water from the lake is then distributed in the vast cityscape. The place where water falls from is quite high creating a misty image as it falls down.


「Can you see that rainbow bridge which is created by the continuous flow of water all year round from a high place? That was named as the 『Eternal Bridge』. You can also notice a small island with a tree placed under it. Many people propose over that place, and it is a really popular dating spot for lovers」


Looking at it closely, you could find couples all over the place. It’s quite amazing that such a spot is found just close to the castle.


「It looks like Aidle’s eyes~!」

「Master’s eyes are eternal」

「Don’t spout it at this moment, it’s just a pink hue…」


Rainbow colored eyes are extremely rare and almost nonexistent. I usually dye it using concealment.


As we moved away from the waterfall, we returned to the city once more. The next spot was a huge cylindrical building found near the Noble’s Area. Glass seemed to be fitted on its surroundings.


「The next place is the center of knowledge of this city. The Royal Library」

「Can we find a lot of books there!?」

「Oh yes, there are a lot. From biographies, technical books and even spell books. But only nobles and related are allowed entrance. It is after all the place where all the knowledge and information about the magic developed by the castle’s mages and representatives of the magic knights are being stored and guarded. Even if adventurers tried stealing things there, it is being protected by magic so it’s not easy to approach.」


I see, with that size, there is definitely a lot of books right? I don’t know what bookbinding technology they are using in this world, but well, I found only a few records or books when we were travelling. The way they make seems to be completely hand made.


「Because that is the country’s asset by itself. They so strict with it and is not available for the general public. That is the main spots this gondola can show. So how was it? 」


「It’s good that you ladies have enjoyed it. Well then, where would you like me to drop you off? 」


It’s already almost sundown. If we don’t hurry and find an Inn it will be full and so we informed the uncle. The gondola was driven faster than before.


「Careful with your seats passengers, I will deliver you at my highest speed!!」


「So fast. So fun~


As I feel the cold breeze hitting my face that is enveloped by the river’s coldness. The gondola was in a rushing pace fiercely splashing water on its side as it moves forward.





「It was really fun~


After the fierce splash of the rushed movement, the women aboard got off while dripping wet.