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Chapter 41 Battle Royale ①

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



『Now then, the previous group has shown us a great fight, participant Lagol and participant Blackliner’s fierce magic battle attracted a lot of attention from our audiences!! What kind of battle will the third group show us!! The participants that are gaining attention in this group would be Participant Abil who survived until the final selection last year!! How far is he going to reach this year!!! And not to forget, one of the knights of this country, Twiler, will also be participating!! How far will that one reach and how much power will we get to see!! Now then, third group, Battle Start!!!』


「Now then, how should I proceed with this…」


There were around 100 participants jumbled together on the stage. Everyone already started fighting those that are nearby them, but well I wonder who would entertain me~. Just when I started walking near the corner of the stage someone called out,


「Oi, what have you been spacing out here for?」



A spearman who probably caught sight of me headed towards me. I readied my halberd as he approached. The length of his spear was around 2 meters. It’s probably for gaining advantage by fighting opponents from a long distance, but it doesn’t feel like he’s good at it.

「Take thiiiss!!!」

While coming this way, he tried to gain power by rushing before thrusting at me from afar. However, since the handle is so far, I grabbed hold of the spear and then twisted,


「Well, it ended up becoming like this after all」

「O, Oooo~~!!??」


I grabbed it by the base of the spear blade and then lift it up along with the man holding it, then throw him out of the ring. After all, if you fall out of the stage you will be disqualified. There’s no problem if I do it like this. Now then, who’s next?


「Prepare yourself!!」


Next is two people huh, one carries a big sword and the other one is a twin sword user. Ah, this is also a terrible way to fight.

「To the big sword user. Your attacks are too slow. It’s like telling others to hit you while you approach」



I caught sword with the edge of my halberd and knock it out of his hands. On the other hand, the twin sword user jumped towards me and tries to aim at my blind spot from above.

「Although a twin sword style can force your opponent into your rhythm, it will be useless if you end up full of openings」

「Guhe, guuh」

Smacking him with the body of my halberd, I threw him out of the stage along with the other one from before. That makes it three people. Now then, I wonder who will approach me next~?


『Woo~ops, in just a few minutes the number of participants was already reduced to half!! Participant Abil was splendidly showing off his power!! I wonder just how much training you would need to reach those levels!?』


Hou, is that the man they mentioned a while ago. Looking over as to know what kind of person he was, what’s with that? All the remaining participants surrounded him. But all those who approached him were getting knocked out. If they concentrate too much on him, won’t they fall victim to people aiming for them behind their back.


「What’s this. Why won’t anybody come here? What’s wrong? 」


Nobody bit on Abil’s provocation. Now then, I don’t really want to get stuck on this situation. Who should I begin with,


「Um you, the one who’s call Abil. Will you be willing to entertain me? 」

「Oh? The nee-san whose face is concealed, are you also aiming for me to enter the final rounds? 」

「Not really. It’s just that I want everyone here to disappear, to end this faster」

「Wha, What did you say!!」


Oh, everyone who got provoked faces towards me. Nevertheless this is probably a good result? The guy who replied from before was already lost in the crowd. Did he already flee from this place?





I quickly mow down the crowd striking them rapidly with single blows. The people surrounding me already lost sight of Abil. Oho, and now, including myself, 4 people were left behind. I’m impressed by that old person who was moving fluently despite his age.

The ones remaining at the moment after all that are Abil, and a female swordswoman who gives off a powerful impression. Because the armor she wears is of good quality and has the emblem of her country on it, she is probably the knight serving this country. The last person was a tall black guy. His weapons of choice were sickles which is kind of unusual. Won’t they be troublesome when used in a fight?


『And now, there are only 4 remaining participants on stage!! Participant Abil number 311!! Participant La Veil number 325!! Participant Twiler number 363!! And participant Koznok number 391!! Only three people will be able to proceed from this point!! Who will be the out to fall out?? 』


「On the name of the knight commander, I will definitely not loose. Those who want to be taken down, come! 」

The beautiful female knight held her sword and was already announcing her victory. If master sees her, she would probably attack her in various ways. But well, the one who seems to be the weakest among the people here is…


「Oi, that scythe person there, you seem to be the weakest so please, can you just leave.」

「Fuu!? Don’t underestimate me!!」

Alright, the man using scythes was successfully provoked. He throws one of his sickles towards me, I block it with my halberd.




Mu? Oh, the one I deflected spins around and came back to him. Understanding that he was in a pinch, he readied his scythes to his side once more. It’s an interesting magic weapon.

[ED: Scythes and sickles, both names are used. It’s a magical weapon, so it’s both(:P).]


When I tried to attack him, Abil came over. Hou, are you trying to take me down by cooperating?


「Oi, oi scythe guy, don’t just go trying to fight the person who took advantage of me」

Nu, Abil whom I’ve been expecting to help the scythe guy actually intercepted him. What’s wrong with this guy, what he’s talking about was too questionable.


「To the fool who easily got provoked. You don’t have the qualifications to stay in this stage. Give it up already! 」


And the female knight joined in placing herself between us. In a moment, her sword blazed and burned down the scythe she deflected. It seems that you were trying to not stand out? Actually I would have liked to move more, but in this situation it would be kind of awkward…



Ah he got done in, the scythe user was slashed, his scythe and his body getting cleaved. Well, it should be fine if it’s not instant death. But it looks like he would die in minutes if left alone… That man fell off the stage and immediately received treatment from recovery magicians. His lower body was soon reconnected and he was saved.

Female Knight Twiler is it? The level of her swordsmanship would probably be around the same level as Master’s. If they fight without magic, it would probably be on equal terms.


『And it was finally decided!! For the final selection, Participant Abil, Participant Twiler, the young knight representing the kingdom’s knights, and the mysterious first timer adventurer Participant La Veil!!』


As expected, it won’t that interesting, not until I reach the final rounds. I don’t even need to exert effort doing all this~, hunting in the forest would probably be much more interesting. This is just boring…


「Oi, Nee-chan. The final rounds will much harder. See yah then」

「I don’t really want to hurt women, I hope we don’t meet each other soon」


That is what The Nihilistic Swordsman and the Female Knight told me before they left the arena. They were just saying whatever they like. Let’s leave that as is, for now it’s more important to find a good seat on the audience area after this. I would like to see Master’s match later.




「Oh, La Veil was able to properly hold back without killing anyone」

「Ou~ Did her best~」

Even though the competition is held by this country, it seems that people from its knight order were also participating. Well, there is no rule saying only adventurers. Let’s listen to La Veil’s impression right now.


「La Veil~ Congrats on winning for the final selection. You properly held back right?」

『Oh, Master. That was boring. Even though I already held back it was still not interesting, only that swordsman and that knight were kind of interesting so I didn’t really enjoy that much』

『Ah, sorry about that. In the final rounds, when the differences of bets are displayed, you go all out. But make sure to hold back unless you feel your life threatened. I will also be serious if that time comes』


After listening to that, La Veils mood got brighter.

『Oh, I’ll be looking forward to that. I’m not really the type that likes holding back. More importantly, is Arena with you? 』

Eh, is that how it is. But you know, it’s not like we will actually be fighting each other at the end. Something like that is not yet confirmed after all.

『Now then Arena, are you going to cheer for me with La Veil?』

『Of course~!!』

『Then Arena I’ll be sending you off. Give my regards to La Veil okay? 』

『Umu. Arena, come over here so we can cheer Master together』


After removing all signs and her presence using concealment skills, she then flew towards La Veil. Now then, I wonder how I should go about it with my battles.


In my currently humanized body, using fairy magic would probably be bad. So I’ll probably use only human’s standard magic. My weapon would be that sword, but if I used that heavy sword here my opponents would probably be smashed… maybe I should fight only with Magic. If I spam some smaller spells from far away, it would probably decrease their numbers fast. Ah, now that I think about it, there were also cheap swords included on the things they bought which will probably be perfect if I use it here.


Even though I have the 『Adjustment』 skill, I have to make sure that I don’t accidentally kill anyone.


And an hour later, my group was called.




「La Veil~ Skewers~ Skewers please~

「Ah fine, here, eat, eat」

『La Veil, what about my share?』

『I’ll make sure to bring some for you later』

『Will you be waiting for me before having dinner later?』

『It’s fine already I will wait so be sure to not end it quickly!!』

[ED: Of course it’s a female knight, this is a yuri novel, remember that. Any male character is a side character, maybe a few exceptions.]

[TL: There will be one main Male character later… It’s a little spoiler… I won’t tell the details other that “Sebastian” you’ll understand why soon…]