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Chapter 42 Battle Royale ②

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



As I go up on the stage, the excitement of the venue wraps up the participants. MAX VOLTAGE. Everyone is raising their hand to increase the venue’s enthusiasm even more. I was trying to find out where La Veil is.

『Master, were at the seats behind you』

『Nn?… Oh, there you are』



They were watching at the highest position on the auditorium. Arena that was humanized was also waving her hands. I responded to them, and then the announcement from the host came in.


『Now then, it’s the final round of the battle royal, the 8th group has now appeared!! There were lot of notable people included in the previous groups, but no such person was found upon this one! But that is fine!! Just like last year, there might be monsters hiding in this group!! Everyone, please look for it, the people that would be considered golden eggs of this grooouuupp!!』


That young host was giving it her all with that announcement. It seems that she has fans as well. I could hear people cheering the host. Your name was Senyal, is it. I’ll remember it.


『Now then, Participants who have been kept waiting!! For this 8th, Battle Start!!!!』


When the sound of the gong reverberated, there was a person who immediately aimed at me. As you all have guessed, its Baldy.

「I finally found you, now die!!」



From somewhere, his battle axe was heading straight towards my head,


「Blinding Flash」

「-Gaaaah,my eyes!!」


A high intensity light was blasted in front of Baldy’s face blinding him. I tipped his feet with my sword to outbalance him then smash him away. It’s better for you become a meat cannonball. Several people were also blasted along with Baldy’s huge body.

That is, my condolence.

I immediately went near the corner of the stage and began raining down some commonly used projectile magic. Several participants also started approaching me but were prevented by frozen water that was turned into a slide and those that attempted slid away.


After a while, when less than a third of the participants remained, the battlefield became fiercer. The fiercest fights were done in the middle of the stage.


『Oooohh!!? What is with those people!! What an awesome display of sword techniques and magic!!! There’s the black hooded participant number 899 Break, and there’s also the silver haired retired wizard in number 887 Aleid!!! Will one of them be considered our dark horses of this time!!?? 』


Oh, those two certainly are amazing people. That black hooded person and that silver haired old man. The black person was taking down everyone that came near him. That silver old man was using magic to block attacks then countered.

Although a while ago they were completely surrounded, at this moment everyone has already scattered. Now then, let’s have a quick view of their status.


Aleid · Balistadt (62) Lv.285

Race: human


HP 8543/8543

MP 7929/7929

ATK 3477

DEF 4322

MATK 7544

MDEF 4011

INT 1800

SPD 2328


【Inherent skill】 Automatic supply


Skill: Strategy (S) Four-Attribute Magic (SS) Parallel Thinking (B +) Magic Power Detection (A -) Summoning (C +) Appraisal (-)


Title: Sage


  • Automatic Supply:

『Can take in the surrounding magical energy and convert it into magic power. The higher the magic energy rating in the area, the higher the rate of conversion increases』


O, Ooh… Isn’t that person right there a sage. Even though he was like that, it seems that he is not known. He also possess powerful skills, and that status, could that be considered the limit of humans? He’s strong. That inherent skill will let him do an all you use magic attack.  


「Block, Slash, Freeze, Burn, Burst, Raise, Stab」



He has been using magic in single casts since the start earlier. Moreover, every one of those attacks has considerable power, and also the delay of each cast is really small. That black hooded person is also good, he’s even intercepting attacks from his blind spot or avoiding them perfectly.

And also not to mention, that Jii-chan even has the appraisal skill.  Something like that is commonly acquired by people that crossed over worlds. Because of the probability that I might be exposed, let’s maximize my concealment power.


Now then, let’s check that other notable person.


Ayane Kosaka (21) Lv.351

Race: human (Awakened)


HP 139,599/139,599

MP 282,752/282,752

ATK 22,516

DEF 15,888


MDEF 36,009

INT 3,200

SPD 40,002


【Inherent Skill】 Automatic Recovery, Holy Sword, Automatic Translation, Item Box, Sacred Armor


Skill: Sword Arts (SS +) Dual Sword Wielding (S) Concealment (S +) Adjustment (B) Appraisal (-)


Title: A person who was blessed by the goddess as a Hero.


Hero… … … … Eh, seriously, a Hero!!??


Just a second! Eh, why is someone like that here? Well, I wonder why they are in this world but why did you have to disguise yourself and join in? Moreover, that status is quite high, that it’s almost on the same level as La Veil. Holy sword included in their inherent skills. It’s probably a good sword. I bet it would strong enough to even withstand my attacks.

Never in my mind did I thought that I would encounter a hero this early. I’ll just ignore them for now, and also try not to attract their attention. Most of the remaining participants were surrounding them so it will probably be over soon.


「You annoying bitch!!!」


I’m somehow hearing things like Baldy’s voice behind me. Ah you were still up. He probably fought with a lot of people because of the scratches and damages that can be seen in his body. He is also bleeding somewhere in his head. He’s also breathing heavily like a murderous beast and was showing a really dangerous face.

「There’s no way those two over there will be defeated after all, did you come my way thinking you might get a chance?」

「Stop running away and face me!!!」


Ah, it’s really annoying being accompanied by this person, so let’s finish him off here. He tried attacking me by raising his battle axe but before he could, I jumped right to his face and planted a knee strike into it.



「Sorry about that」


Nosebleed will spread from his broken nose, but I don’t want to get dirtied by that, so I moved behind him and drop him off the stage by kicking him at the back of his head. Fuuu… That was refreshing.


『The battle is now finished!!!! For the final selections, the people included will be number 899 the mysterious black hooded participant, the silver haired wizard number 887 and last is the white hooded participant, Aidle number 850!!!!』


Only I was presented with a complicated assessment. Well, I’m not bothered by it… Most of the cheers were for the black hooded hero and the silver haired Jii-san. Let’s report for a bit to my companions as I wait for the audience to settle down.


『Aidle, good work~』

『Master. You were almost not noticed, even though you were one of the winners』

『That can’t be helped because those two over there took the spotlights. I’ll be showing off more in the finals. Oh right, I found some interesting people. I think La Veil would be delighted about it.』

『Hou… it’s going to be fun then』


「Wait young one」


Just before I was about to leave the stage, the silver haired Jii-san called out to me. He’s wearing a nice robe and his beard was grown long, also he somehow gives off the same vibes as a noble. It is because he has noble like, or maybe because he’s old, and should I also use formality?


「What is it?」

「Ah well, it’s just something that I’m curious about. Have you ever seen or met fairies? 」

「Errr… Nope, haven’t seen any?」

「Fumu, is that so. It’s fine. Well you see, I’m a magician travelling the world in search of fairies. I’m just an eccentric… well then, see you at the finals.」


Then the Jii-san passed by me and went away… that was quite surprising. For a second there I thought I was exposed. But well, travelling the world looking for fairies is it? He sure is another strange individual. Even if you are that strong Jii-san, it would be extremely difficult to find them.


「Now then, time for me to return, I also need to give Arena some cash」


After joining with my party and returning to the Inn, Aguera-san greeted us with a smiling face.

「You were great out there!! It was amazing how you easily paved your way into the finals!!!」

「O, Oh, thanks Aguera-san?」

「Don’t mention it, for there to be finalist coming out from the guests of my inn, how awesome!!」


Ah, tension… too much tension. And also, please let go of me or more like stop shaking me with those arms filled to the brim with muscles.

「There is also La veil!! You did pretty well, didn’t you!!!」

「Do you also think so?」

La Veil was also praised so she puffed up her chest. Besides her, Arena is also puffing out her chest trying to imitate La Veil. Ah, it’s La Veil girl version.

After that, Aguera-san presented us the best dishes she could offer and was saying for celebrating the victory of reaching the finals. She also provided free drinks for all the guests. I also got dragged up in the ruckus until morning. It goes without saying that La Veil also partied with her tension at its highest peak…


「By the way master, how much will Arena be betting?」

「Eh, I’m giving her everything you know?」

「Isn’t that a tad too much!!??」




Shogi Time


「Arena, face my new battle formations!!」

「Isn’t that just brute forcing using a rook!?」

「Position get~


Even if I try doing it over and over again, I was utterly defeated.