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Chapter 43 To all of the Audience I’m Sorry

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



The next day came, and this time I allowed Arena to carry all of our funds to the stadium. Since I and La Veil are participants, we are currently in our waiting rooms. As you can expect, I ended up handing her all of our funds, I can’t see myself losing that easily but if I do then all our funds would be wiped out. Well, I don’t think that I will lose anytime soon though.


「Even if it’s Master, I think you would have still have a hard time facing that hero」

「Is that so? By my judgment, the stats don’t even reach up to La Veils standards you know? 」

「Well, you did mention that they have a Holy Sword skill right? It will be quite tough if that’s the case. When a hero activates that, their stats would grow by ten times at minimum. Their swords also have enough power to damage dragons and could even damage ancient dragons heavily. Winning against them with their weapons activated will be quite tough」


As expected of a Hero. Having a skill that raises your stats 10x is definitely a cheat. Even if his current stats are in five digits, I wonder if it would be enough to go through this game? He also used an alias when he joined the tournament, but if such skills were used, won’t that reveal their true identity to the king?

Ah, I am wondering if that hero was someone who collaborated in destroying the country of beastmen? I did hear news about a hero that came from the nation which summoned them will be performing a demonstration of skills. Just maybe, that might be the person that they invited to join the tournament. If it’s a hero, just the name alone would give them great value.


「Well, never mind that. I will win against anyone. If it’s for Arena!!」

「Seriously Master, you are just…」




Around that time, Arena was running towards the betting area reception desk of the tournament. That is in order to deliver the contents of the bag she was carrying. The reception window was crowded with ordinary guests, and Arena waited patiently as she queued in line, even if there were times when she was kind of squeezed, she managed to endure it till it was her turn.


「Hello there young lady, who will you be betting on?」

The receptionist smiled at her as she asked, Arena also smiled back and placed the bag she was carrying on the desk without hesitation.


「5000 Gold Coins, bet for Aidle~!!!」

[ED: Give her a discount, for cuteness!!!]


It became noisy.


The surrounding people were dumbstruck but after a while calmed down. On the other hand, the receptionist froze and wasn’t able to reply. After some time the receptionist finally snapped back to reality. Countless gossips were going around among those in that place, before the receptionist could precisely count the amount presented.


「Um, cu, customer, are, are you sure about this?」

「Un! I’m serious!! Please hurry with the ticket!!」


The man in the reception who was hesitating grabbed the bag of gold and started counting loudly with the help of other staff member behind him. A few minutes later, they handed a ticket to Arena. It was a ticket imbued with magical effects. It also serves as proof that it was Arena who deposited the money. After receiving the ticket, she got out of that place immediately and disappeared into the crowd.


The receptionists and guests were still dumbstruck for quite some time after that. But because the tournament was about to start, the crowd immediately return to how it was although it was quite noisy with the chit-chat about what happened before.




『Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen!! Today is the start of the final selection of the tournament, which will last for the next ten days!! Have you all placed your bets on? As for me, I have already chosen one!! Let’s hope that the players that you have put your bets on would show us a wonderful fight!! Then let’s announce who will be fighting who!! 』


A big cloth covered board on a large pedestal beside the announcer was unveiled by tournament staff as signaled by the announcer. Oh, as soon as the board was unveiled, what we saw was a huge screen that was also projected above the top of the venue. Is that some kind of magic tool too? Fantasy sure has crossed over some futuristic stuff here if compared to the world where I came from.

I then checked the tournament brackets since that was displayed on the screen.


A Block First Round


『Set 1: La Veil vs Nalicias』

『Set 2: Horomir vs Oshan』

『Set 3: Abil vs Tanza』

『Set 4: Chuck vs Jobai』

『Set 5: Kuro vs Morial』

『Set 6: Suvia vs Matilda』

『Set 7: Largo vs Batis』

『Set 8: Break vs Vandalba』


B Block First Round


『Set 1: Fisson vs Genkaku』

『Set 2: Adonis vs Onore』

『Set 3: Sylvester vs Noel』

『Set 4: Jasper vs Lionel』

『Set 5: Chorina vs Mathew』

『Set 6: Aleid vs Rolan』

『Set 7: Twiler vs Zumana』

『Set 8: Henrick vs Aidol』


Oh, it’s a separated tournament with A Block and B Block. And judging by that style, La Veil and me won’t be able to fight each other, not unless we win in each block and get in the finals.


「…Kukuku …It seems like I’ll be fighting that rumored hero in the semifinals Master …It will be a good warm-up before fighting Master …Kufufufu~

「Seems like you’re going to enjoy this」


Oi, please stop giving out that eerie smile inside your hood. I feel like fighting me has turned into some kind of jackpot prize. You’re even licking your lips as if you were about to hunt something. It’s scary to the point that I feel like my cheeks are heating up.

[ED: I would like a picture of that moment, pls :D ]


『Now let us show everyone the bet magnification for each player!!』


A Block First Round


『Set 1: La Veil vs Nalicias』

540 – 43


『Set 2: Horomir vs Oshan』

20 – 20


『Set 3: Abil vs Tanza』

60 – 10


『Set 4: Chuck vs Jobai』

96 – 360


『Set 5: Kuro vs Morial』

25 – 31


『Set 6: Suvia vs Matilda』

8 – 115


『Set 7: Largo vs Batis』

11 – 75


『Set 8: Break vs Vandalba』

54 – 2


B Block First Round


『Set 1: Fisson vs Genkaku』

50 – 5


『Set 2: Adonis vs Onore』

12 – 15


『Set 3: Sylvester vs Noel』

120 – 45


『Set 4: Jasper vs Lionel』

67 – 14


『Set 5: Chorina vs Mathew』

13 – 29


『Set 6: Aleid vs Rolan』

40 – 76


『Set 7: Twiler vs Zumana』

4 – 270


『Set 8: Henrick vs Aidol』

55 – 1000


『As a reminder to our audience. The betting magnification is in proportion to the amount the audience has bet against the participant. And what can I say, for the first time since I have joined as announcer in this tournament did I see someone’s magnification reaching 4 digits!! If Aidle wins, the victory bet will be multiplied 1000 times, it will surely be a huge amount. This is fantastic!! 』[ED: 5000×1000= a lot, I know math.]


Oh, everyone gives their applause. It seems that they were praising those who have the courage to bet for me. Others are just laughing because of how ridiculous it seems. I’m staying silent for now because everyone concluded that my chance of victory is impossible.

But Arena didn’t really give a fuss. She was busy focusing to cheer for me on the audience seat. Thank you Arena. Right now, I am burning with determination…


「That sure is a great amount of magnification Master. Mine is also quite high if compared with the others」

「Somehow, I’m feeling sorry for them…」


『Now then, I will be explaining the Rules of the tournament!! The tournament will begin properly on this second day, with the first rounds in the morning and the second round in the afternoon. From that point on, it will be a total of 7 days before reaching the quarter finals. From now on everyone will only be given 30 minutes to finish the battle, but once they reach the quarter finals, the time limit will be removed. Please keep on fighting and quickly rise towards the top!! That is all!! 』


I see, so they placed a time limit. That is probable the reason why the number of bets are raised as you move to the top. Everyone also has to prepare countermeasures as they watch the fight of other participants. It’s definitely a rule that they thought of as to not prolong the game to more that the set amount of days.


『Now that everything was explained, I’d like for us to start with participants from A Block’s first group!! All participants other that La Veil and Nalicias can head back to their respective waiting rooms.』


「La Veil, You can do it grandly」

「Umu, I’ll do so」


After knocking our fists I went back to my waiting room. It seems like my turn won’t be for today. I guess, I’ll just go watch it along with Arena.


「Arena~ I’m back」

「Welcome Back~ Aidle~!!」


When we found a good spot, we seated ourselves to watch. I handed some meat skewers and drinks to Arena that I’ve brought from a stall before I came here.


「Aidle~ Aidle~ this~」

「Oh, is that the proof of betting? Well, that is what you said you’d do after all. You really did bet all of that on me alone」

「All of it, because Aidle will be the champion~!!」

「You trust your best friend that much huh, it makes tear up」


A total of around 5000 Gold coins where what we accumulated as adventurers since then. Besides that amount, there are still a lot of monster materials and other things that we haven’t sold when we arrived in Galania, so don’t really have anything to worry about until the tournament ends.


「Looks like it’s about to start, La Veil’s match」

「Oh~ I will be cheering now~


『La Veil~ Do your best~

『Show them and overwhelming victory, La Veil~!!』

I and Arena were sending our cheers while in synchronization. If we overdo it, La Veil might accidentally make a mistake so were holding back a bit.


『The participants are now both on stage!!』


When La Veil and the other participant were both on stage, the announcer began introducing the two of them.

『First, we have here is Nalicias. A B-Rank Adventurer that came from Rock Darth Kingdom and has fascinated everyone with a splendid water sword dance. What kind of fight will you be showing us this time?』


Nalicias gave the audience a prideful smile. A bold amount of cheering came from a lot of men and rose greatly because of her suggestively light equipment and good proportions.


『Next we have here is La Veil. She is an adventurer that came from Haval, a town that also belongs to this kingdom of Galania. It seems that she just registered recently, her rank is F, and there have been no records of something like this happening before. I can’t tell any specific fighting pattern that with this information alone. But I’m quite excited as to what kind of battle will she show us in this round!!』


For those who didn’t know La Veil who was hidden by a robe, only a small amount of cheers were given. Nalicias was looking at La Veil with a pitiful look.


「You know, you look kind of pitiful receiving such low evaluation while reaching this point. I’m sure you weren’t even expecting to reach the finals right? I’ll properly receive your surrender so why not go with that」


「…Hmmm, for the time being let me show you myself and face the audience, I wonder as to who is actually the one who should go home」


La Veil slowly took off her robe revealing herself. When La Veil faced the audience, everyone, regardless of age or gender, was gulping.


「「「So, Beautiful…」」」


What revealed to them was a beauty that was so overwhelming.


Everything that covered her appearance was themed in red as if her body was blazing. The armor of La Veil only covers the upper part of her body, specifically her chest, and it gives of a more destructive power due to the fact that it clings to her body as taking her shape right down to the belly. Having red hair the glistens in the bright sunlight and red eyes that would seem to deprive the consciousness of those who look into it.


Everyone was out of breath at the beautiful sight, and whose voice matches perfectly her beauty, but to Nalicias who saw her figure, it didn’t matter much. Because she was thinking that after this, she won’t be having that same figure anymore.

La Veil didn’t really like all the attention that was being focused on her. She wanted to finish this as fast as possible. So she glared at the announcer who was still dumbfounded and who didn’t announce the start of the battle yet.


「Hey announcer, can we start this now」

『…Eh, ah, hai Onee-sama!! Well then, everyone for the first round of finals. Begin!!』



「… … …Onee-sama?」




「We, We have someone like that in the guild!?」

「A, Amazing… I wonder what she would be like if she your opponent at night~」


「Aidle~ What did they mean~?」

「It’s much better if you don’t listen to that」

And there was the sight of Aidle covering Arena’s ears with her hands.