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Chapter 44 Tournament Finals Round 1

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



As a welcome, La Veil swiftly moved and punched the ground in a speed a normal person can’t grasp.





And a huge crater was made in that instant. It spread, almost reaching the place where Nalicias was standing, which shocked her as she witnessed that spectacle.

The audience that was cheering loudly since a while ago is now silent, what La Veil did was also perceived by them.


「Heya, I shall introduce myself once more! I am La Veil of 『Fairy’s Banquet』, The Blazing Flame La Veil!!! If you are ready to be burned to death, come and I shall accept thy challenge!!!!」


La Veil then clad herself in Red Magic Power, while releasing strong fighting spirit and intimidation aura. Arena who was watching the situation is also getting pumped up. Aidle on the other hand was praying, praying from the bottom of her hear that her opponent would just surrender. She is giving such considerations because she was thinking that if they actually fought, her opponent would probably be burnt to dust.


(This way of intimidating is too overboard, La Veil)


Well thinking about it, this is just the way La Veil is. La Veil implanted a very strong impression among the audience, it was legendary to the point that they probably won’t forget as long as they live. Well, ancient dragons are hard to understand creatures because they don’t usually show themselves even if a few generations passed by. They are only handed down as legends nowadays. But besides that, La Veil seems to be enjoying herself.


「Fufufu. Now you’ve seen it. You made me show them my true form!! My legend shall begin from this point on!!! Ahahahaha!! Now come! Try and defeat me!!! Young 「I Surrender!!!」 one… eh?」


Nalicias cried out while clinging to the announcer and unable to lift herself up. A stream of liquid was also leaking between her legs, the announcer also judged that her spirit was also about to reach her limits and gave the signal, ending the battle just 30 seconds after it began.


『Winner!! Participant La Veil!!』



There wasn’t even a shadow of confidence left on Nalicias who was so hyped when the round began. La Veil saw her as nothing more than a mere crying child clinging to the announcer, and thus she was left behind with mouth wide open wide from shock.


「That’s not even on the level of warming up for La Veil… Arena, because she’s probably going to be upset when she returns, gently give her a lap pillow. Also, make it the special course where you stroke her head while also giving her encouraging words.」

「Got it~!!」[ED: Universal problem solver.]


From that point, everyone will definitely know how strong La Veil is… Did she forget what happened to the subjugation troops that attacked her? Some of those people were above B Rank which were considered as heroes of that group, you know right?


To the spectacular victory of La Veil, the audience were also hanging their mouths open and unsure how they should react. The announcer Senial-san was not that much different.


『We, well. What to say, the participant La Veil was way too strong for the other participant to handle so she admitted defeat right before the fighting begins. And everyone also confirmed it on their own just how strong La Veil is. What impressive strength!! What impressive beauty!! On the very first round Big sis* La Veil demonstrated to us just how intense the competition could get. Everyone, please give her your applause!!』[TL: Ane-sama/Ane-san is what punks and gangsters call their superior female boss. Some tough all girl’s school or other all-female gangster groups do the same too.]


Ah, she finally ended up calling La Veil Ane-sama. La Veil went off the stage while still in a shocked state, but then a lot of cheers for her came from the audience. Probably hearing it, she raised her hands in response.


「Master, why are you so excited?… What do you mean by Arena wants to show me something?」

「La Veil, you were really cool you know? Come over come over~」

「Uuuuuuooooooohhh, Arinyaaaa~~~ sho good~~!!!!」


That woman, La Veil, was now squirming noisily on Arena’s lap. By the way, she’s doing it now right here, in the audience seat where we are sitting, and has been drawing the attention of the guests around us. From the men’s reaction 「That La Veil has that kind of gap, so cute…」 and from the women’s reactions 「O, Ane-sama, you sure worked hard…」 with handkerchiefs on their hands and were wiping illusory tears. It seems that a fan base has already been established.


On the stage, magicians were currently fixing the damage done to it by La Veil. It will probably be restored in a few minutes. It sure is convenient, magic that is.


『Well then everyone, various things happened on the first match, but now the stage have been completely restored. I will now be introducing the next participants in a flash!! Horomir, Oshan please enter the stage!!』


The first one who entered was a man with an eye patch wearing some sort of ethnic clothing with ornaments hanging on it. His weapon… A harpoon, is that the ones used you use when catching fish? Also its blade part was quite big, is it for huge monsters from the sea?


『This participant is Oshan, an adventurer who specializes in exploring oceans, he comes from the country of Malta!! An A Rank adventurer who has an achievement of fighting and defeating Hide Sharks which are also known as sea devils!! He is also a participant who was seeded from last year’s competition. Now, will his harpoon bring him once more further into the competition?!!』


Speaking of the country of Malta, it was a country that Alba-san talked about and it seems to be a remote island. I wonder if the people over there are the same way as him. Or maybe, he’s just a little special?


The other one was a woman and her weapon was a bow. But I couldn’t see any arrow in her quiver. How will she fight using that?


『And here we have another regular, the bow user Horomir!! She is a B Rank adventurer from the forest country of Adriana, her latest achievement being shooting down a wyvern!! She is a high ranking female adventurer who, according to the guild, will soon be promoted to A Rank!! Will we witness her arrows which cannot be seen once more pierce her enemies today?!!』


An invisible arrow is it? Maybe that quiver is some kind of magic tool that hides arrows?


『Well then, for the second battle of round 1. Begin!!』


Horomir immediately grabbed an invisible arrow and set it off. From her actions Oshan was alarmed, he tried his best predicting the trajectory of the hidden projectile. The next moment, an arrow appeared stuck on the stage behind Oshan. As expected it’s definitely a magic tool that makes arrows transparent for a certain period of time.


「If it’s only up to that degree then it won’t be enough!! 」

「That is if it’s only one arrow. Then let’s see how you dodge two arrows」 [TL: Omae wa mou shindeiru…]

「What!?」[TL: Nani!?]


Horomir held her bow prepared to fire while having a cold smile then she released. Oshan tried his best reading the trajectory of the arrows released. But only one arrow appeared stuck on the stage.




Blood was flowing from Oshan’s shoulder. The next moment the arrow stabbed on his shoulders revealed itself making the audience raise their voice in surprise. Shooting two arrows at the same time requires a good amount of skill. Moreover, a good amount of power is needed considering how deep the arrow penetrated, even if the lightest part armor was aimed at.

Horomir immediately distances herself from Oshan and prepares her next attack. Now that I look at her, she sure is dressed lightly. It seems that she relies too much on her skill and equipment.


「I recommend that you surrender now though, I don’t want to shoot you with 3 arrows in the next volley…」

「Kuuh… I surrender!!」


『You did it, Horomir!! She completely defeated Participant Oshan with her superb bow handling!! She has successfully advanced to the next round!!』


「Hou, so she will be my next opponent. I hope in the next round she will be able to fight properly.」

Oh I didn’t notice that La Veil has already revived. Arena’s special course was super effective.


「Have you properly prepared for your next fight? Be sure not to overdo it in your next match」

「Umu, I’ll keep it in mind」


Please properly do so. Oh the next participants are in.


「Oh, it’s one of the people that was in my group Abil」

「I see. Is he strong?」

「Well, just average I’d say. Movement wise, he’s fast and swordsmanship wise, he’s average」

「O~h, and as for the opponent… Iron Ball?」


The man named Tanza entered the stage while dragging a ball n chain with the ball being the size of a head. They sure use some unusual weapons.


『This one here is a local adventurer of the kingdom Participant Tanza!! He’s an uncommon adventurer from the wolf tribe. His rank is low if compared to others at only Rank C, but he is proud of his strength in using his Iron Ball capable of crushing a Long Arm Grizzly in a single blow!! Take note that the monster’s body hit by that weapon would be crushed!!』


「Long Arm Grizzly? What kind of monster is that?」

「As the name implies, it’s a bear type monster that was around level 70… It’s main notable feature is it’s incredibly destructive blows」


As expected of La Veil-san, living a long life isn’t just for show.


『The next one here is Participant Abil!! He is also a local adventurer of the kingdom who regretfully lost on the first round of the finals last year, and it seems that he did an intense amount of preparation before he participated this year. The abilities he has shown us during the qualifiers were splendid!! Let us all witness the difference in his abilities for this year!! 』


『Now Participants, for the third battle of the first round. Start the match!! 』


「First come first serve, now eat this!!」


Tanza immediately swings his Iron Ball. In an instant, the Iron Ball used by Tanza was heading straight for Abil with an amazing speed. Using his center of gravity, the ball’s weight and length of the chain along with the power of his swing, the ball blurred from view from its tremendous speed. His body seems to be well trained, especially his trunk which is the center of his balance.


The Iron Ball flying straight to Abil was creating tremendous wind pressure.


「Don’t think it will be over with just this!!」


Abil kicked the Ball slightly changing its trajectory and stabbed his sword in between the chains connected to it.





Shortly after the moment the chain was slashed, the Iron Ball flew out of the ring. It appears he noticed that the chain connecting the Iron Ball was slightly brittle. That person, Abil, sure is good. He was chasing the movement of the Iron Ball with his eyes all along.


「I’m not done yet!!」


Tanza, using the remaining chain he holds waving it around. Because of the missing Iron Ball, the speed of the chain was much faster than before, you could even hear the sound of it tearing through the air. He attacked by swinging that chain as if he was using a whip.


「Do you think something like that would stop me!!」

「——-Then stop it!!」


Abil tried parrying it with his sword, but at the moment that were almost in contact, Tanza quickly pulled it straightening the chain, and in the next moment…




「What the!?」


Oh, he did it, that Tanza. Abil’s sword was shattered like soft tofu. The only thing left in his hand was a broken blade and its hilt. It is a trick when using a whip where you quickly pull it back creating a swift strike, and at that point, the whip’s tip would accelerate really fast so that it even breaks the speed barrier. If you reproduced that moment using a sturdy chain, the destructive power it creates would be many time more frightening than that of the Iron Ball.


But well, what he was using was not an actual whip but a chain, and what was hit was a sword. Of course some on the chain links were also broken.


「Don’t you think it’s over with this?」

「Well… I will just have to fight in a different way!!」


Abil runs straight towards Tanza. Tanza strikes hastily, but before he could hit, Abil bent his neck, stabs with his sword catching the chain and then pulled it. Tanza tried to hold on using his center of gravity, but that was impossible.


「Thank you!!」

「What? Guuh…」


At the moment he pulled the chain, Abil jumped up and then kicked Tanza’s neck. Tanza, with a boot by his neck, fell down with white eyes. He was also twitching and blowing foam from his mouth.


『It has been settled!! The victor, Participant Abil!! He has been qualified to enter the next round!!』


「Seems like there will be a lot of interesting people to fight in the next round」

「Umu, Abil got over his loss and splendidly won. If you emerged victorious on a fight, it is also a proof of your strength. It should be more fun once we reach the upper half of the fight」

「And, where do you think you’re aiming your line of sight while saying that…」




「By the way La Veil, have you ever fought anyone while in human form?」

「There wasn’t any reason to do so, normal weapons would break so I would still end up fighting barehanded, they would end up thinking I’m some kind of monster. That would just make me feel depressed.」

「… I also have to be careful.」


[ED: Seems La Veil has mostly female competition. She should change with Aidle, so we can get more yuri moments (insert evil laugh here). On another note, that Tanza guy reminded me of a certain unlucky hobgoblin: https://youtu.be/z7R4Q13vEws?t=68

I hope the link will not make any problems.]