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Chapter 45 Battle Tournament Finals Round 1 Hero Side

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip





『And that’s it for Participant Batis!! He was cut down from his right shoulder and is now defeated, thus ending this maaatch!! Participant Largo will be proceeding in the next rounds!! What a great display of skills!! 』


It’s finally the last battle of the first round. In the 4th, 5th and 6th battle the winners were, Chuck who was using huge chakrams in the fourth match, Morial who delivered a finishing blow using water magic for the fifth match, and then it was Suvia who punctured holes on her opponent using her rapier in the sixth match and so all of them are advancing in the second round.


And now the last battle is about to begin.


『Hello there everyone. We will be starting the last game of the day. Let me introduce to you all the participants for this round. First we have here is Participant Break!!』


The black hooded person went up the stage. What he carries was a sword the same as the one he used before when it was still in the qualifying matches. But even if they didn’t know him, people still cheered greatly because of his performance from before.


「Besides having a strange appearance, that person sure equipped a variety of appraisal blocking magic tools. 」

「Oh, so you’ve noticed it too」

「I am an Ancient Dragon at the core, after all. Even if it’s not as strong as Master’s Fairy Eyes, I can still discern it up to some point, though I don’t have any idea why he’s trying to conceal himself like this」

It seems like they are planning some secret maneuvers or something… Guess I should be a little more wary about it. They might be planning to do something while the tournament is being held.


『And finally, this person, our own Hero has shown himself once more!! Let me introduce to you this person with 10 straight victories in this competition, Participant Vandalba!! Participant Vandalba is now entering the stage!!!!!!!』


Upon the announcement of Vandalba’s name everyone got hyped and cheered a lot as that person arrived at the stage.


He’s dressed the same way as normal adventurers do. His age is probably, in his late 20’s? On his waist seems to be a magic sword, and his brown hair is swept back. The audience got even more hyped up when he responded them with a generous smile.


『As everyone here already know, we consider him our Hero, thanks to the overall battle potential he has, so there is no need to talk about it!! This person is the only SS Rank adventurer in this country and a man with another name which is Dragon Killer!! Will he be trampling the contestants of this year once mooore?!!』


Judging under normal circumstances, he certainly possess those qualities and back up by facts.


Vandalba (28) Lv.543

Race: Human


HP 10,054/10,054

MP 16,035/16,035

ATK 9245

DEF 8664

MATK 8291

MDEF 12,340

INT 290

SPD 13,560


【Inherent Skill】 Indomitable


Skill: Sword Arts (SS) Four Attribute Magic (SS) Counter (S) Iron Wall (S +) Burst (-)


「He definitely is a strong one. He definitely won’t lose if it was against normal humans. 」

「Definitely, also add to that is his skill Burst which greatly raises physical abilities for a certain amount of time. If that Hero won’t use his Holy Sword, then there might even be a chance he would lose to Vandalba.」

「Human skillful~?」


Isn’t that a flag? Is what I thought, but if you think on the other end, it would be better for Vandalba to quickly use Burst and finish the round immediately before he could activate the Holy Sword. If possible, I don’t really want to be pestered by Heroes so do your best Vandalba-san.


『Now then, for the final battle of the first Round, Begin!!!!』


「Please don’t bore our audiences, that’s why try not to fall down easily!!」


As soon as Vandalba said those words, the black hooded person snapped back and prepared his sword. Vandalba’s sword collided with his opponent’s, and the black hooded person, receiving the attack, was blown away closing in the edge of the stage. He stabbed his sword on the ground preventing the momentum before being thrown out.


「Here’s some more!!」


Vandalba quickly closed in and released a quick succession of attacks with his sword. But all of those were blocked properly this time by that black hooded person.


「If you can cope with this speed, then I’ll be more serious!!」


Vandalba increased his speed to the point that his attacks were leaving afterimages. To the spectators, it was already at the point where they thought Vandalba vanished. Also, there were times when several of him appeared to be attacking the black hooded person. A continuous sound of clashing metals was spreading on the venue.

The black hooded person was still intact even after that and was still parrying his strikes the same way as before. He is not even moving from the spot where he landed before. Vandalba lowered his stance for a bit and stopped attacking, then moved away. He still has plenty tricks up his sleeves, but he murmured quietly to himself…「Just who the hell is this person…」


「After parrying all of those attacks you don’t seem to be tired at all. I thought that you would be complaining for a thing or two though…」


「If you still don’t get it then I guess I will have to force you!!」



Vandalba tried breaking his balance by striking him with a pinpoint attack after closing in on the black hooded person. The attack was executed in a flash and was definitely filled with more power than usual.


「Burst Strike Spear!!」




A spear of fire was sent flying exceeding the speed of sound and caused a huge explosion after hitting the black hooded person. The stage was shrouded by black smoke after that attack. But then there was a person who jumped out of the fierce explosion and cloud of smoke.


『Ohh, Ooops, it seems that Participant Break was still alive!! I was a bit frightened about what happened after that explosion!! Just how persistent is this person!!』


「I know that an attack like that is not enough, so I’m following up! Burst Striiiikkeee!!!!」


Vandalba again chased after him and once more launched another Burst attack. His sword was covered with a large amount of highly concentrated magic power. That is Vandalba’s simple yet most powerful technique. And this technique has allowed him to attain his current streak of victories in this stadium.


(Now let’s see, how you will react with this?)


The black hooded person was pointing his right hand and not his sword on Vandalba’s direction as Vandalba approached him. They were now at a position where they could clearly see the spot where the king is seated in the stadium. And then,




The black hooded person was looking in the direction of the king.


Along with Vandalba, who was watching where he’s facing, Aidle also saw the king. The King who was quietly looking at the two, but he gave a small nod as signal.


And then, at that moment, a beam of light appeared.


「Wha?!… Kuuuuu!!!」


Vandalba was pushed by the light and landed back on the stage. When he looked up, he saw the light slowly fall down on the stage.


「That’s definitely that annoying Holy Sword. It’s brightness is still as annoying…」

「Oh, something like that looks convenient when exploring caves」




When the light dissipated, what appeared was a person with the same characteristics as the people of the country I knew from before. Black hair and black eyes, a man who was adorned in white armor along with a holy sword in hand that gives off an overwhelming aura of magic power.


「Hey… That’s a lie right?」

Is what someone mumbled


The audience knew. They don’t even need to wonder who she is. It didn’t take a lot of time for them to understand just what sort of existence she was and everyone’s mind became one. An out of this world Hero who participated in the battle against the demon king.


「「「「A Real Hero Has Appppeeeeerrrreeeddd!!!!」」」」


『Now look at that!! The identity of the black hooded person which has been shrouded in mystery was finally revealed. He is one of the great people who saved this world, everyone knows of them, the people who are known as Heroes!! This turn of events have completely reversed this situation!! I mean, is this really fine!? Will the king be allowing such an existence to join here!?』


The king was silent. He was just staring at the Hero. Vandalba laughs, even though he understands that what he was facing was a real Hero, he still beams a grin and prepares his sword.


「I am happy, to think that an opportunity like this would come while I am fighting on this stadium. It’s a good thing that I have secured my victory over and over until today for many years now」

「…yes, you are indeed very strong, but this is the end of that」

「Then show me what you’ve got!!」


With all his power, Vandlba charged towards the hero in Burst state. However,


「Too slow, Goodnight」


In slow motion, the hero grabs the sword that Vandalba launches as if it was just in normal speed. Then swings her sword a few times, and after that moment, both Vandalba’s arms and legs were cut off from his body.


Vandalba was not even allowed to inch a little if compared to that attack. The audience that was unable to conceal their excitement roared at the outcome which was decided in just a moment. They were forced to understand just how much difference in power the two have, even if the opponent was someone who have already kept a streak of ten wins in that tournament, he was disabled without even sweating. This is the power of a Hero, and truly it can be considered as the pinnacle of mankind and undefeatable.


『The battle have been decided!! The Hero will be proceeding on the second round!!』


Ignoring the shriek and cheers of the audience, the hero was looking straight at the king. The king then stands up at last. He signaled and the stadium was silenced, and then he began explaining why the hero was present.


「First is I want to apologize. Actually, the identity of the hero should have not been revealed in the preliminaries. It was intended to be a surprise. It was because this time they wanted to participate along with the masses, and show the figure of the people who saved the world, because they want everyone to see it. However you could also say that if a hero enters, then the bets would be useless. Therefore, the meaning behind the fighting tournament would vanish. That’s why, I am returning everyone’s bets, and also allow everyone to bet again. Even if it’s against the hero, anyone who bets on anybody other than the hero will get 5 times their bets. And of course, it will be displayed from the second round onwards. That is all!!」


The audience replied with cheers. All of them seem to be pleased. Because just betting against the hero would already make it five times. Everyone immediately made their move and headed to the betting reception desk. Before continuing, the announcer could only show a bitter smile at the audience stadium that became almost empty in just a few minutes.


『Well then, everyone, please expect a lot on tomorrow’s games!!』


「this ends the pleasures of the day I guess, for tomorrow, it will Master’s battle」

「Everyone didn’t go huh. The bets on other players will also surely rise」

「It will be in Aidle’s victory mou~?」


((……Will it go up?))



We challenged Arena to Shogi that night.


「As they have said, you won’t easily win a game directly after all… No matter how many times we do this, we will be taken down…」

「There is a saying that all weaknesses are ignored if you push through…」




I only got myself an almost win in the middle of it…