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Chapter 46 Battle Tournament Finals Round 1 The Challenger

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



When I entered the stadium on the next day, I could barely see anyone inside. Well I could understand it though, everybody must have thought that it would only end with the Hero winning all the fights after all, and there’s no more reason to see what the outcome of other battles would end up to be. Today, there were also barely any stalls around compared to yesterday, how saddening…


「This is also quite expected」

「Well, if anyone rose to the finals, they will meet that Hero after all, so nobody was in the mood to watch.」

「Oh, Master is confident that she will reign victorious?」

「That is already clear after all, you can expect a lot」

「Then it is fine!!」


Comparing the strength of the hero to that of La Veil, she would overpower the hero on status alone, but everything is included, so it will a battle of endurance.

「It is kind of regrettable that I can not really go on at full power, and I also kind of regret that I am not in my original form. But I can’t really complain, Master will definitely beat that even if I lose.」

「Is that what you desire…」

Well, if I am going to defeat that, it will be on the final match. If the one who wins is La Veil, it would also be interesting in a variety of ways.


「Well, you don’t really have to be bothered by that, no matter what the results will be, I will be waiting on the other side. More importantly, I need to win the battles on my side. I also need to see how much the magnification on my side was changed」

「To say such horrible things…」


I don’t want those kinds of sentiments, right now money which is a wonderful piece for negotiations is much more important. It is money that I am acquiring legally too. What I’m actually thinking now is to take over this country, but I need some kind of impact to show off as much as possible.

My biggest objective at the moment is concerning the World Trees, and the source of its problems. I want to hear stories from a lot of people, there may be some that could help. Also it should be in a way that won’t disrupt our travels.


「Then, I’ll be going to the waiting room」

「See you then. Have a great match」

「Good Luck~!!」


While looking at the two waving their hands, I proceed towards my waiting room. When I got inside, I could feel that the atmosphere was really dampened. Yup, everyone looks depressed. Only people who look like guards and the kingdom’s knights are not showing any changes.


Since then, nobody moved a muscle until the clerk that calls us arrived. The weather was also dim and cloudy today, but that is still fine.


『Eh, ah. It is now the second day of the tournament, yes. Wow, this is the first time for me to witness the stadium being this empty, won’t this be the most empty as of yet? But today, it will now be the second batch of the first round matches. Eeh, well then, the first group participating will be~~』


The announcer who came today was also the same from yesterday, Senial-san who continued with the announcement. Still, even though the audience is really small, she’s still doing her best being an announcer and doing her job properly.


『Well then, I will be introducing them. The first one will be Participant Fisson, a Baron who will be fighting using a rapier. This time’s participant was doing adventurer jobs as a side job. The Rank is B and is considered as someone on the upper levels among the people of the same rank. If compared among aristocrats, he would be as strong as Earl Veiter.』


The young man who arrived was wearing high class armor which seems to be a noble, but seeing his face, it doesn’t look like he has any ambition at all.


『The next person is Participant Genkaku. He is someone who came from a faraway country called Wadou. It seems like he is called a samurai, is that a job title resembling an adventurer if it’s around here? 』


Genkaku was also standing bewildered. Both of them don’t even show the will to do battle. That is what I have noticed since a while ago.


『Now, for the first match of the second group. Begin!!』


「I Surrender!!」



『A, Are? Ah… by way of surrendering that came from Participant Fission. Winner Participant Genkaku!!』


Defeat by immediate surrender, the two shook their hands but the other person was definitely trembling. His face turned red revealing his anger.

「Are you scared!! Or are you trying to mock me!!」

「Don’t you get it already?」


Fisson, without answering what’s the meaning of his words, looked around and said the same things once more.


「All of us are already considered losers, nobody’s cheering and there’s barely any audience. What pride are you trying to show here? Sorry, but unlike you, I’m a busy person so I’ll be leaving first」


He was just watching Fisson as he left the stage while having a face as if a demon possessed him. More than half of the participants understood Fisson’s decision though. But even so, as a man, they just couldn’t give up that easily on their own. Because what Fisson left behind was quite true, his anger from that comment just won’t go away. Other than the participants Aleid and Twiler, most participants just either surrendered or quit. And now it was finally my turn.


My opponent is an Adventurer that wields a dagger closely resembling a sword. I have been sparring with Arena as my partner using Daggers for quite some time now so I know roughly just how one would fight using that. It’s just that this person, he’s giving the same atmosphere as those who quit or surrendered. I can’t feel any motivation in his eyes.


『There seems to be only two audience left, since it’s kind of troublesome, can you just start it immediately?』


*grin, I expressly show my opponent a smile.


Did I hear something good just now? There is no other audience beside Arena and La Veil left? That means other than the staff, there’s only the guards and the king. OK, then let’s do that.


「I…Su「Wait a bit」 Eh?」

「Before declaring your surrender, don’t you think that the B Block battle ending like this would be too bland? What do you think announcer-san?」


『Eh, ahh well. I think this is the first time in history that it became empty like this.』

Senial-san also confirmed the situation while a little embarrassed about it. Yosh, yosh, let’s get this started!!


「Because my advancement would probably be decided, can I do a simple* demonstration of my skills until the time limit is over, I definitely will make it exciting before this ends」

『Eh, um, fine… but is your majesty ok with that?』[ED: not 100% sure the announcer actually addressed the king, but…]


Senial-san looked at me as if troubled, then looked towards where the king is.


「That is fine, certainly if things end up like this even I would feel bad about it. But be sure that it will be exciting.」

「Thank you」


I got my approval. No matter what actions I do, it will be permitted. Because this time it will be a demonstration, not a match.

『La Veil, help me a little』

『What? What are you planning to do?』


「Then I shall begin, first Summon Demonic Contract!!!」


I activated the summoning magic and poured in a lot of magic power, and from that, a magic formation far bigger than the stage was created. Why of course, from there I will,


「Come and show yourself, Red Dragon!!!」



An enormous roaring sound echoed throughout the kingdom. All of the people in the kingdom turned their eyes towards the stadium, where the sound came from… They remembered that today was supposed to be the last day of first round of the tournament. What in the world happened there at this time? People all stopped what they were doing and rushed towards the stadium, all at once.


Just like what I have imagined, La Veil’s gigantic body came out. Her appearance right now is the same as that huge Red Dragon that I’ve fought when we first met, because of the massive amount of magic power I’ve used in the summoning. It’s back to her completely unstoppable state, like she was before. Well, this time she won’t attack anyone, not unless I order her.


The king and those in his surrounding were dumbstruck at the sight. Senial-san and all the other staff also got weak on their knees and dropped down. There was only one person enjoying the display. Arena, who was wholeheartedly cheering for us, was at the limits of her excitement shouting: 「Amazing~!! Amazing~!!」


「Don’t fret, this Red Dragon is my contracted summon」

「Like, we’d believe something like that you fool!!」


There was one guard close to the king who shouted at us in denial, but they can clearly see the necklace on her neck which is the proof of the contract. Realizing that, he was stunned.


After a while, in a rush, the people of the kingdom flooded the stadium. Everyone rushing towards the seats was halted after seeing the huge dragon and the figure of a woman wearing white robe on top of the dragon’s head. Her eyes shone in rainbow colors and gradations of pink particles were spreading around her giving her an extremely adorable appearance.


「Listen!! My name is Aidle!! I will have you all remember this name and carve it into your souls as to not be forgotten!! From this day on, a new Legend shall begin!! This will be the start of that Legend!! Blazing Roar, Red Dragon!!!」


In conjunction with my announcement, La Veil released a full power breath enhanced by Dragon Magic. The breath was directed at the sky, blowing away the dark clouds that were hanging over the kingdom.


「Pure Water of the world, along with the great power of the winds, turn my target an unbreakable pillar of ice!!」


Using almost all of my magic power along with Fairy Magic, all of the released breath was frozen and was spread out over the entire stadium, looking as if it was about to fall.


『Th, this is…! Now what? 』


From that tower, 『Ice Flowers』 bloomed covering almost the whole entirety of the stadium.


「Be it a Hero!! Or a Demon Lord!! From this day onward, I will declare myself as the strongest!! Remember well!! My name is Aidle!! A woman who will never be bound by anyone or anything!!!!」


『Hiiiiyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! So embarrassing!!!』

『This foolish Master…』


Fairy Magic + Festive Mood = Fairy Prayer’s Invocation


As a result of finishing this formula, I sold a fight towards the heroes of this world. It would have been perfect if those last lines were not included though… but with this, the eyes of the king would now be perfectly showing interest on me.


But you know what is bad, right? If a hero was announced, then someone of unknown origins defeated him, people will be doubtful about it. That’s why I came up with this cheat, and I have perfectly marked my existence. The only thing left would be to crush those heroes, and if this kingdom is involved, it will also be included. With that, a new Legend will arise.


After bowing to the king I quickly returned La veil and sent her to Aguera-san’s Inn then shook Senial-san who was still spacing out even after that performance. Henrick was already fainted when I found him so I want to be declared as the victor now. Senial-san whom I’ve been shaking to return to reality finally responded. But after seeing my face up close, she started bleeding from her nose and then fell to the ground fainted… right… I guess it can’t be helped. I took the voice enhancing magic tool and handed it over to the staff who was nearby and had them announce my victory and advancement for the next round. But well, that person also froze, without even uttering a word. He was just staring at me wide eyed. Now what? What should I do with this?


『Hand~! Raise em up~? 』

『Eh? Ah, so that’s what you plan』

After following Arena’s instructions, a big uproar of cheers overflowed from the audience. I hope this would end soon… This big wave of cheers…




That day, I went back to the Inn using full powered concealment and fairy magic.


「How was it? What are your impressions on me selling a fight? 」

「The greatest~, it was really, really sparkling~ 」

「As expected of Master, you were really an idiot」

「Aidle~ Genius-san?」

「Even if that is the case, the difference between the two is paper thin!!」