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Chapter 48 Final Battle 2nd Round ①

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『Everyone, just like yesterday, today we will be having exciting battles, I am very pleased to be the announcer for this time too!! Today will be the second round of the battle tournament, and it seems that our participants are also rearing to do this!! Let’s start with the first pair!!』


When La Veil entered the stage, it got filled with bright cheers. Men and women carrying flowers were scattering them all over the place. In the middle of the huge amount of petals being scattered about, everyone’s eyes were stolen by the beauty, bountiful in just the right places, standing on the stage.


『The first one to enter the stage is La Veil-ane-sama!! The beautiful red princess now being decorated with flowers is ready for the competition!! We couldn’t really comprehend her fighting power in the first round, so will we witness it this time with ane-sama’s opponent!?』

「Umu, you can leave that to me!!」

『Kyaaa Ane-sama!! The next we present is participant Horomir!! Please enter the stage!!』


Horomir, just like in the first round didn’t wear armor and she was only clad in the same attire as yesterday. She was also carrying her special quiver along with her bow.


『Participant Horomir, who has not yet shown the peak of her abilities in the first round, now stands before us!! Will she show more of her skill in this round? May we all witness the best of her skills!!』


In the current stadium where the audience’s excitement was way higher than yesterday, La Veil and Horomir were looking in each other’s eyes without moving. La Veil was holding her halberd horizontally ready to attack at any time and Horomir was also in a stance ready to fire at any moment.


『Then for the first battle of the second round, La Veil vs Horomir, let the battle start!!!』




At the moment the sound of the gong rung, Horomir jumped a bit back then quickly released her arrow towards La Veil. The invisible arrow went straight for La Veil at such a speed that it reached in less than a second.




The halberd she held horizontally started spinning. *Gurun. A sound as if something hit her halberd was heard. After a short moment, an arrow, apparently broken by the halbert, was revealed on the ground.


「It’s still not the end of that」


Horomir sends her second volley. This time it was two arrows, aiming for La Veil’s feet and shoulders. These arrows were also shot at a staggering speed.




This time La Veil takes a pose and then strikes down the two arrows in one large swing. At that moment, the audience released voices of admiration.

「For you to even make two arrows useless, but that still won’t decide the end of the fight right?」


「Go on, shoot! Give me your best shot, bow girl」


La Veil provokes her with hand signals to give it her best shot. Horomir accepts the offer and fires an attack once more, just like La Veil wanted.




The third volley was made of three arrows, aiming for her head, stomach and right foot. La Veil didn’t use her halberd this time and just plainly dodged all of them. The arrows were revealed a few moments later, stabbed in the ground.


「Could it be… Can you see my arrows?」

「Indeed. I can tell that you are really quite proficient at using the bow」


La Veil then started walking slowly towards her enemy. Realising the difference in her pattern, Horomir fired her fourth volley with four arrows. But all the arrows she shot were crushed the moment they closed in. The face of Horomir was showing her shock.


『That was amazing, ane-sama!! She was handling Horomir’s attacks splendidly!! And didn’t even break a sweat from that chain of attacks!!』


「Guess I really have to get serious from here on!」


Horomir greatly increased the number of arrows this time. The total number is 16. Currently this is the limit of what Horomir could use and release at once. The speed of the arrows were also way much greater than the previous ones. People would probably consider it god speed. La Veil was quite impressed by her technique and equally responded.


「Then I’ll also be serious for a bit」


Moving instantly to the side of the arrows trajectory, she swung her halberd down really fast crushing all the arrows that were supposedly aiming for her.


Horormir, whose best technique was broken, gave up on firing the next shot and tried to overturn it quickly approaching La Veil to attack, but she stiffened when noticing the halberd’s blade already pointed at her neck. As she was thinking just how absurd that moment was, she also realized that her quiver was empty.


『And that ends it!! The match goes to La Veil ane-sama!! She has proven her strength by overcoming Horomir’s rain of invisible arrows directly and winning!! She will be advancing into the quarter finals of the battle tournament!! Congratulations Ane-sama!!』


「I wasn’t even considered an enemy, huh. I accept my complete defeat」

「Umu, continue polishing that skill of your from now on. I will be looking forward to the next time we have a match」


They exchanged a firm handshake and went back, leaving the stage behind them. The audiences were praising the two for showing a great fight and continued applauding until they entered the waiting area and disappeared.



「How about that Arena, am I cool?」

「Un, La Veil, very cool~」



It’s fine to go all weird like that but you know, we’re in the middle of a crowd right now. Can you stop that for now, because a lot of people are staring at us, don’t you know? Did La Veil already turned into something with a similar mind as a fairy? No, I don’t think she’s even aware of how she should act in public, which is kind of worrying.



『In the next match, the ones fighting will be Abil with a new sword in hand!! The opponent will be Chuck, whose weapon is using a big chakram!!』


Both people, who were now on the stage, were not making any eye contact. Instead the both of them were checking the weapons the other side carried and were only concentrating on the position of the other’s feet.


『Will Abil’s tricks and techniques be able to take down his opponent who uses a chakram, a huge all-rounder weapon which can attack and defend from all directions?! I am looking forward to their fight and wish see who will reign victorious!! And so, the second battle, start!!』



「I won’t let you!!」


An attack from the side which Abil quickly initiated was blocked by Chuck’s chakram. Chuck is not as fast as Abil, but has good kinetic vision and movement control, which is his selling point as an adventurer. Not to mention that Chuck has enough sturdiness to even withstand an attack from a red bear and the strength to stop it.


This time Chuck counterattacked, targeting Abil’s stomach, but it was prevented by his opponent, who quickly parried with his sword. Even though Abil was able to successfully block the attack, it was powerful enough to throw him off and numb his hands. Abil jumped away to regain his posture but Chuck didn’t let him do that and pursued him once more.


「Aren’t you down yet?」



Chuck spins his chackram to attack. Abil barely dodged it by squatting down and felt a terrible wind pressure from that attack. Then Chuck started grinning towards Abil, while Abil was cautiously monitoring his movements.


「Do you think it’s fine to just quickly select a new weapon as you want after throwing away your previous one?」

「I will choose a weapon based on its characteristics!」


Abil quickly assaulted Chuck by moving at high speed towards his blind spot and then swung his sword. But Chuck was able to predict it and protected himself by intercepting his sword.


「Don’t you think that something like that would only become fragile not matter how big it might be!!!」

「That talk about materials again!!?? This fool!」


The chakram brilliantly prevented the whole force of the blow. Abil then noticed that the chakram was emitting small amounts of magic power, meaning it was a magic weapon which certainly has power advantage.


「Damn, are you telling me that you’re using mithril? Does it become tougher if magic power is inserted!? 」

「Good, correct answer!!」


Chuck quickly entered Abil’s attack zone made a gap for an instant and then made a big swing. The audience screamed when Abil received the attack. After moving away, barely able to escape, blood dripped from Abil’s shoulders.


「Guh… Haah, haah, haah, a wound of this level would only be considered as a scratch!!!」[ED: Tis but a scratch!]


Abil immediately returned to a battle stance while giving off a strained smile and then attacked. He was also preparing to receive Chuck’s counter.




Stopping just before his attack arrived, Abil slashed aiming for Chuck’s hand holding the chackram.


「Kuh, yo, youuuu! To aim for my hand is…!!」



Aiming for that lapse, Abil quickly kicked Chuck’s chakram away and delivered a strong head-butt. Chuck’s helmet was slightly dented from the impact, but it effectively delivered the decisive blow. It made Chuck faint and fall down.


『Kyaaaaaaaaaa!! Despite the intense struggles, Abil was able to somehow knock his enemy Chuck down!! Abil has splendidly won his place in the quarterfinals!!!!』


「This year, I might still be able to aim higher」



「What’s up Hino, for you to contact me now using that ridiculous magic tool?」

『Well, it’s just that there are two people in the battle tournament that I’m curious about』


The Hero, Kosaka Ayana, was currently talking with another Hero, Hino Eiki. They were using a magic tool that was similar to what Aidle used when she was contacting Testania. She is currently hiding herself using covert skills so that she won’t be noticed by everyone. She does so when making contact with other Heroes to talk calmly and without worries.

However, Kosaka disliked this magic tool because it consumes an extreme amount of magic power. Even though she hates it, it was still being used by other heroes for its convenience.


「Can you get straight to the point?」

『Okay, it’s about that red lady called La Veil that was fighting earlier, also there’s Aidle in the B group, I don’t really have any information about them at the moment but I know that they are from the same party.』


If it’s about that, then Kosaka was also concerned. More like she didn’t like it. For there to be someone who would stand out more so than the heroes, a beauty which was far better looking than the heroes, not to mention declaring that they were far more stronger than them and everything else.

『Well, judging from their actions, they would probably be people who would face Hallia in the future. That’s why I want them to be destroyed at this early stage』

「What do you want to do?」

『That is you know______』

「……Got it」

Kosaka was showing an ugly distorted face while listening to what Hino was plotting without any hesitation.


「So how much damage? Because killing is impossible, will it be an arm or a leg? 」

『It is such a place after all, maybe inflicting something that would prevent them from reattaching the cut off parts at the moment of being cut』

「I’d also like to mess up their faces, that’s fine right?」

『Do whatever pleases you. Well then, I’ll contact you again later if I got ahold of that kid』


After saying that, the call ended. Kosaka was in a nice mood humming after leaving that place.


Kosaka was free and had a lot of time so she was just spending it leisurely, and she decided to enter the tournament just to blow off some steam. But still, for there to be an inconspicuous woman who took the center of attention from her and even foolishly declared to challenge the heroes. Kosaka wanted to kill her, but she couldn’t. Because the rules said that killing is prohibited, she was forced to only heavily damage her enemies.


However, for Kosaka, who knew that she could ruin the life of those two people, her mood improved more than she expected, and she was waiting for the time where she would be contacted once more.


「I’m looking forward to what cries you will showing me♪




I tried to compete with her in Jenga


「Why won’t it come off?」

「Is this balance really not going to fall?」

「Challenge to the limit~!!」


At the end, all of the corners were removed and the tower fell when it was Aidle’s turn.


[ED: Very unheroic heroes. Crazy woman and scheming dude. Yea, the summon was bugged. They forgot to add a condition of “hero”.]