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Chapter 49 Final Battle 2nd Round ②

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



「Suvia, it’s been a long time」

「Same to you Morial, and to think that we would meet once more here, but well, it’s rather depressing that the next opponent will be the Hero.」

「Certainly, but that kind of talk has nothing to do with us at this moment」

「Come at me」


『For the next battle, Participant Suvia and Participant Morial. It will be a battle between friends!! These two people have been participants of the battle tournament since before. The two sometimes clash as a form of greeting each other!! What? Isn’t it envious to see a battle couple!? Go Explode, Normies!!!』


When the two people climbed up the stage, the entire audience sent in intense booing, but the two of them only shook their head and prepared their battle stance.


『It will be a fight much more different from the ones before!! Now begin!!』


「Then as a welcome greeting, take this! Compress and shoot, Water Ball!!」

「Hmmp, what a warm welcome!!」


The water ball quickly flew towards Suvia, having tremendous speed. But Suvia was able to predict the dangerous ones and parried them with her sword, while the rest were skillfully dodged. Except one that was able to hit her feet.



The attack delivered a heavy shock when it hit. With that she almost lost her footing. Then one more barrage of water balls was sent, but, with a calm face she parried everything using her sword. Her hands were slightly numb, but she didn’t mind and fixed her posture. It seems like Morial is also enjoying the fight.


「Did you come prepared for this fight?」

「Well, you could say that I did what I needed to do. It’s my turn to attack then!!」


Suvia quickly took out a knife and hurled it towards Morial.

(It seems that you’ve improved your techniques more than last year, that’s good Suvia!!)


He was somehow able to dodge, and he felt glad that his friend/rival was also getting stronger. Suvia quickly came running to follow up her attack.


「Take this!!」

「I won’t let you, Aqua Shield!!」


The blow of the sword was prevented by a shield of water that was deployed in a semi-circle in front of Morial. She tried to do another follow up attack, but Morial instantly created a water ball and plunged it into Suvia’s stomach.


「Kehho……Fuu. So you still have something up your sleeves?」

「Something like that. But that’s not all. Overflowing Water!! Confuse my enemies!!!」


Morial created a wall of water and deployed it surrounding Suvia. Then many figures resembling Morial came out of the wall.


「Kuaa!!… This again, even though it’s great but isn’t this one too wasteful in terms of Magic Power usage, right Morial!!」

「Don’t mind, just the minimum effect would be enough!!」


Suvia was then suddenly slashed by Morial behind her back. When she turned around Morial was already out of sight and disappeared into the Water Wall. Suvia tried escaping the Water Wall, but it follows her as she moves around trapping her inside.


「This really is quite dangerous! But something like this won’t easily take me down!!」


Suvia jumps with all of her power. She made this choice because she noticed that the wall of water doesn’t cover up above her. She then confirmed Morial’s position from above and launched throwing knives towards him. Morial stepped back to dodge for a bit, then moving the wall of water he hid his presence once more while Suvia landed on the other side of the water wall.


「Not bad, release!! ……Nn!? Where did she go」


Morial released the Water Wall for a bit to check but he couldn’t find Suvia where he checked. Morial kept looking around, but he didn’t see her anywhere. Then he noticed a shadow approaching him and when he looked up,


「Since when were you able to hop like a rabbit in the air!?」

「This something I’ve just learned now!!」


Suvia fell directly above Morial. At the time when Morial released the water wall to look for her, Suvia quickly jumped towards the place where Morial stood. She was relying on the possibility that he did not move from that spot.


After locating her target, Suvia hurled her throwing knives and prepared her rapier, ready to pierce her opponent.


「I won’t be finished off that easily!! Rush water, Aqua Protect!!」


The throwing knives were blocked off by the appearance of a water shield. However, the shield wasn’t able to fully block the rapier’s piercing strike that followed up. Piercing through the shield, the rapier stabs into Morial’s stomach.


「UUgh…… I’m not done yet!! Pierce through, Water Lance!!」



Even though he was stabbed, Morial did not give up and managed to launch a finishing strike, piercing Suvia who was unprepared, having just fell from the sky. After vomiting blood she lost her strength and fell to the ground. Morial was still standing while holding his stab wound.


『The Battle has ended, victory goes to Morial, who did not give up until the end, and won the fight by a hair’s breadth!! Participant Morial will be entering the quarter finals!!!』


「That was… close. Fighting… with you every time… like this… Suvia」

「Hahaha… This time… I lost again… I will do this again next year… Morial…」

「……Yeah… I look forward to the next year…」


The two who got carried away by stretchers were having a nice conversation but they are neither lovers nor party members. They would only meet at least once every year in this battle tournament. However, their bonds were much firmer than anything else.




「An attack focusing on water magic huh. Is it because he’s a man so he felt that receiving the attack of a woman is more proper than dodging? Or more like he could have countered if he had seen through that attack」


「Because Morial’s magic power doesn’t seem to be that great, he couldn’t do much in that last struggle. Well he did manage to win the match even if he received a surprise attack from Suvia, but seriously, he just barely won」


The people in the audience watching the match were all drenched in sweat because the climax of the fight was really close and the winner was not decided, not until the last moment. It was a match where the results could change and the advantage could reverse at any given moment.


「Ahhh, I wish I could have an enjoyable battle like that…」

「You did that with me though」


Well that would be a story of a Human fighting an Ancient Red Dragon you know… Well, the next game today will be the last for this group. I already know that the Hero will win so I think it would be much better for us to go home now.


「By the way master, have you found out what the inherent characteristics of that hero’s sword are?」

「Eh, what’s that?」

「It’s part of the Hero’s Inherent skill. The 『Holy Sword』 skill has different effects depending on the Hero, the 10x Stat Boost is only a secondary effect when the skill is activated. Well, that’s what Ojii-sama told me.」


Your grandpa sure knows quite a lot of things. Maybe it’s worth paying him a visit?




『And now for the last bout of the first group!! Did you all get impatient?!! Now let us present you, the Hero Ayane-san!!』


「「「「Ayane!! Ayane!! Ayane!!」」」」


After being called by a loud cheer, the Hero Ayane emerged with her holy sword already activated. Looking at her brilliant display, the crowd further cheered for her. Because neither of us were showing ourselves while flying around, we could not speak, so we used synchronization to talk to each other instead.


『For the Holy Sword that the Hero Ayane holds, even the power of an SS adventurer won’t stop it and get purged in just a moment. Right now let us witness that power and be sure to pass it down for future generations!! Next is the appearance of the Participant Largo!!』


It was a man who looked like a giant, twice as big as Baldy in size, armor made with thick iron plates and was holding a huge sword and shield. Eh, is that really a Human? I mean that size! I wonder just how heavy that equipment is.


『Largo is an S Rank adventurer who’s selling point is his power that could take out a giant in a single strike!! If Largo’s attacks hit, even a hero might suffer from it!! Let us see who will reign victorious in this match!!』


The cheers towards Largo were loud, but he didn’t pay any attention, keeping his focus on the Hero in front of him. Even if it was the first time he met a Hero, he was already at the point where his veins was about to burst out, like that of a rabid animal wanting to tear off the enemy in front of him. He focused all his strength into his hands even intending to kill his target.




Kosaka looked back at him without showing any expression. Today is just a work day for her, nothing more than that. She had no intention of prolonging this fight and wanted to finish it instantly.


『Well then!! Let the match Begin!!』


「I will end it with this!!」


The huge sword was swung towards the Hero, and a strike that would be strong enough to shatter the stage headed towards her.




Largo felt a sense of incompatibility with his attack. If that attack actually connected, what he expected was the stage to be crushed along with the hero. But his huge sword was stopped midway as if touching something invisible. No matter how much strength he used, the big sword wouldn’t go down any further.


And then he heard words silently whispered to him.




From below his huge sword, he heard that whisper which sent shivers through his spine. Kosaka repelled the huge sword from that position and Largo fell back from the force that was expelled.


He then noticed something flying towards him. It was obviously the Hero. Largo could not help but shout.




Largo took a defensive stance with his sword and shield.


「……White Edge」


Kosaka swings her sword once. Appearing due to that action was a huge white slash wave. Slicing through Largo’s shield as if it was paper, it cut through towards his arm and leg. That attack was only visible to La Veil, Aidle and the other hero.


A tremendous amount of blood was spilled on the stage, along with the impact of the damage done by the White Edge.


At the same time a dull sound echoed from Largo who collapsed, then an explosion of cheers arose the audience.


『Overwhelming, a too overwhelming way to win!! Largo’s sure kill deadly strike was easily repelled and then he was sliced along with his shield in an attack so fast that it couldn’t even be seen!! As expected, Hero Ayane will be advancing into the quarter finals!!』




「Ah, the difference in status was too much, so she didn’t even need to activate her sword’s characteristics」

「Perhaps it would be meaningless if the user is a physical type. We might see it in the next match since her opponent will be a magic user, right? Let’s get away from here before the entrance gets blocked off. Arena, where do you wanna go this afternoon?」

「Hmmmm, fishing by the lake~」

「Fishing while watching the great scenery of the kingdom… that would be a good luxurious past time. Alright, let’s go!!」

「……Sigh, fairies」


After that we went fishing on the lake with me and Arena having our own fishing rods. La Veil was in charge of cooking the fish we caught that we will be having for lunch.

I saw a Senegal similar to the one offered to me before. It reminded me of the Meuniere that was cooked for me by Pad’s wife before in his home……




「Salt grilled is also great!!」


「But you see Master. Can I also have some of it for a moment?」

「You don’t really have to continue blowing fire on it you know」



It was the first time, for La Veil to include a fish dish into her favorite cuisines.