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Chapter 51 Final Battle 2nd Round ④

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



「Hnnn~~…Fuuh~~ Alright, let’s go」


After stretching my joints lightly, I ran for a bit as a form of warm-up. I have been doing this for 32 times now. I must show a proper fight before La Veil and the Hero’s fight. Whether it’s La Veil or the Hero, I have to be prepared to let them see a proper fight.


『Now then everyone, it’s the final fight of the second round, but I know everyone wanted to burn that person’s image in their eyes. The one who created that huge frozen tower and ice flowers rain!! A person who was burning with passion yet still extremely adorable!! Let’s present her, the Little Lady who has the potential to defeat the Hero!! Participant Aidle, please enter!!』


When I go out, I was welcomed with great cheers and happy faces. What heavy expectations are they trying press on to me? But well, I have already expected such an outcome. I won’t be showing anything more than that to the heroes, but I’m still going to show a decent fight for everyone to enjoy. Since the challenger is strong and cute, then if the Hero loses it just can’t be helped.


However, even if they think that it was just an illusion I will thoroughly crush them, so they should just give up.


『If we are talking about Aidle-chan, then it will be that giant dragon and the breath that was turned into a tower of ice with blooming ice flowers, not to mention she’s really cute!! Although her purpose is completely unknown, please don’t hold back and show us a great match Aidle-chan!! Next we will be presenting Participant Twiler!!』


The one who came out was a woman wearing high-class armor. She didn’t respond to the audience’s encouragement yet still showed a dignified expression. She silently went up the stage and then everyone became silent.


『Everyone might have already known of her right? This here is Participant Twiler, a high ranking Royal Knight. She is a princess knight, and her way of fighting is so merciless that it’s giving me shivers!!! I’m looking forward to how Aidle-chan will fight since she is someone who is specialized in using magic!!!』


During the qualifiers, she was the one who knocked down the scythe user person. When she was looking at me, her gaze was shifted down because of our height difference. She sure is a tall person. Ahhhh how envious…


「Aidle… Be sure that you are not cheating in any way. Don’t think that you will be able to threaten me with any of those improper methods.」

「……Umm, what are you trying to imply?」


What is this person trying to tell me by saying those things?


「It’s regarding your match in the first round. I don’t think you have prepared something like that this time. But I am not such a pitiful woman who would be easily intimidated by something like that. Prepare yourself」


…Oh, I see. Is it because she thinks that I’m afraid of her, and was thinking I might do something underhanded to win. Well that can’t be helped. Maybe I should fight her on the same field to solve the misunderstandings. I took out my extremely heavy sword.



『Oh, what’s this Aidle-chan!! Are planning to fight with a sword this time!! What will you do if you got your face scarred!!?』


Iya, I don’t really care about that. Besides, if the recovery magicians can’t fix it then I’ll do it myself.


「You seem to be confident with your arms but, I will make you regret challenging me with a sword……」


『Ah, be careful out there Aidle-chan!! For now, Start the Battle!!!』


Twiler · Aldeiz (23) Lv.192

Race: human


HP 5722/5722

MP 3751/2751

ATK 4042

DEF 3875

MATK 3996

MDEF 2477

INT 700

SPD 3647


Skill: Sword Arts (S-) Taijutsu (B)



Her stats are quite extreme in various ways as a knight. Moreover, she was way much stronger than Darius who was a former Knight Captain. I can feel a knight’s nobility emanating from her both in name and behavior, that’s the only thing there though. Well considering her skills, she could be considered at the highest peak of swordsmanship.



As soon as the battle started, I initiated, doing the first attack. She somehow managed to receive it.





The two of us raised our voices of surprise at the same time. Receiving my attack, she was shocked by the force that almost made her let go of her sword. Looking closely, I noticed that her hand was slightly trembling and was probably numbed from the impact.


「What in the world is that?… That ridiculously heavy sword!!! It’s not even comparable to a tempered steel sword!!!」



Ah, I completely forgot. To me, this was only a sword with a good weight that I can handle properly, but to those who oppose it, they probably would feel like being smashed by a huge mass of iron. This sword is after all so heavy that it would even sink to the ground if you dropped it and you would have a hard time pulling it out. But well, let’s think about those things later.


「Well… never mind that. So what do you want to do? Do you want to continue?」

「Of course!!!」


As I prepared to swing my sword while jumping back, I was followed by her attacking with stabbing strikes. I only blocked all her attacks without striking back her sword.


「So, so hard!?」


Her piercing attack was strong enough that it could pulverize rocks. But those kind of attacks only sent shocks back that numbed Twiler’s hands. It reminded me of the shock made when you slam a metal bat on the ground with force. Soon after, I saw Twiler retreating for a bit.




It’s quite impressive that she didn’t let go of her sword even after all that, but she became teary eyed. What a pitiful sight.


「Err, Ah as expected, handling this heavy sword is quite hard, so from here on I’ll be fighting using only a normal iron sword」


After saying that, I took out a normal Iron Sword and stored the heavy sword. When I looked at her reaction, Uwaah, she’s in a really great mood.


「That, that’s right it’s that right, humans would be more familiar with a weapon like that right!? Then let’s do this once more!!」


Ah, sorry but that doesn’t really concern me. I am a fairy after all so those things don’t apply. This time Twiler initiated the attack with confidence, so I properly received it. A fierce avalanche of sword attacks came. But it’s only that. After exchanging a few blows, her face returned back to how it was before we started.


「You fool!! Your skills alone won’t be enough to surpass me!! Just be obedient and be defeated already!!」

「Because that sounds like it would be painful, I also won’t be holding back」


Now how should I end this? I don’t really like seeing a beautiful person end up battered and bloody… or maybe, I should just aim for her sword.


「With this you 「Sei」…eh?」


The moment when Twiler move in to attack, the blade of her sword was beautifully cut off from its base. In confusion, Twiler looks at her weapon and tilted her head. That’s cute. She was wondering where the blade part went.


「Here, are you looking for this?」


When I showed her what I was pinching between my fingers, which was the blade of her sword, Twiler’s face turned red. She was probably furious.


Even though her weapon was already destroyed, she still fought me with what remained of her sword, but before she even reached me, I was already pointing my sword in front of her face. Her movements ceased, then she lowered her fists while trembling, probably from regret.


「Kuu, uuuuuuu~~~~~~~~uh」


I guess she regretted so much that she lost. She then raised her hands as a sign to surrender while shedding tears. I also quietly lowered my sword.


『Aaaand that settles it!! It was a splendid victory fighting against a strong Royal Knight with great swordsmanship, Aidle-chan!! Due to the overwhelming difference in skill, you will now be advancing into the quarter finals!!』



「You… How shameful did you have to turn me into!!」

「No, wait it’s not like that, Be it victory or defeat, it’s only a game you know. Beside, you can hear the voices of people that are cheering for you」



What she didn’t notice until now were the voices of admiration and applause from the audience honoring Twiler for showing a brilliant match.


「You don’t have to be ashamed of that fight!!」

「Uuhh… Yes, that’s right… It was a definitely a splendid match… Let’s do it again sometime… Adventurer… I was too nervous you see that’s why I, my tone was much harsher than usual… I apologize」

「It’s fine, I don’t mind. If an opportunity comes then let’s have a match again」

「Yes let’s… this should be good enough」


We then exchanged a solid handshake and a big applause resounded once more. Yup, smiling would definitely suit a woman like her after all. I would definitely want to be friends with her, but with the current situation, it would still be a little tough to do so.




「In today’s match, Twiler was a female knight, right?」

「Kidnap her~?」

「I am not an Orc you know?」

「It was a fine way to end that. She looks like the type that would stare at you if you look away though」


After that match, I returned to the two who were seated in the audience area. I felt great having done exercise after a long while. It was only a 10 minute battle, but it was definitely a good exercise, like swinging your weapon until you get tired. Then, the collection of weird creatures was doing what they wanted here.


「From tomorrow onwards, neither I nor La Veil will be available. What will Arena do?」


「I will be monitoring the surroundings as long as I am present here, so there will probably be nothing to do」

「Well, that’s how it goes」


Starting from the next day, Arena will be alone in the audience area, but as long as we are in sync, we can cope up in case anything does happen.

「Okay, then for today it will be a shogi challenge, La Veil, we will definitely win against Arena today」

「Leave it to me!!」

「Oooh, Battle~~」


Even if the two of them did their best, they lost in 20 straight rounds. And then…


「You want to reinforce my weapon?」

「Yes, because I think it will be necessary」


That evening, I borrowed La Veil’s Halberd. Well, because she will be fighting with a Hero, that normal Halberd is a no good weapon as it is, if it’s against a holy sword. That’s why I decided to reinforce it with fairy magic.


「What do you want me to do with it?」

「Muuu, If it’s sturdy enough then there’s really nothing more that I want. As long it isn’t crushed if I ever use my full power then it should already be great. It would also be a problem if demerits were added as an exchange for being able to be use with my full force.」

「Would something like that be useful if you are in human state?」

「That’s what I’ve already said… Well, can you also improve its overall status?」

「Alright, then…」


First is the image of body strengthening both to La Veil and the weapon, and that would depend on the infused magic power which the user can control… and invoke.

「ugyaaaaah!!, Uuuuh, My Head~~~~!」


「Master, what happened to you!?」


It’s OK, I’m fine. It’s because I did a Good Job. For something like this, it ended up turning into a really terrible calculation formula? My head almost blew up like I had tried to solve and something impossible in my head, but the end result was good… so I didn’t mind about it.


Looking at the Halberd, there are no changes on its appearance, but the flow of my magical power that was imbued to it tells a different story. It looks like I have succeeded.


「La Veil, I am fine. Here, hold it and try adding magic power into it」

「Well, if Master says so… Oh!? This is amazing!! It’s overall stats was increased by 20%!!!」


If I switched to magic power all of my stats and using the amount of more than 80 Million MP what do you think would happen? I wonder if it would be a really low chance that it would succeed. If I failed, the Halberd would have turned into dust. The cause of the heavy burden was probably because of the materials used to create that weapon.


「What’s wrong master?」

「For today, that would probably be my limit, so I’ll improve it some more next time」




The heat coming from my head has already subsided, but I’m still a little dizzy. Let’s just go to sleep after this.


「Arena, let’s go to bed… Will you be my hugging pillow?」

「Will become~♪」

「Then I will also become one?」


I slept while hugging Arena as a Hug Pillow, while also being hugged from behind. Ah, the girl power of the one hugging from behind was awesome~… guu…



At the time they woke up


「Boshabosha~♪」 Hair exploded because of bad sleep posture


「Eh… Ah… Oh… I have to fix it up」Hair exploded because of bad sleep posture


「My, my hair… all tangled… can’t move… Nuu!」Hair got all tangled up because of bad sleep posture.