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Chapter 53 Quarter Finals ② Fairy Disappearance

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



「Hi there, young lady.」



Arena who was eagerly supporting La Veil from the audience seat was approached by an unknown man who started a conversation. It was a young man, with black hair and black eyes that resembled someone. However, because he greeted her with a smile, Arena decided to respond.



「You see, I would like to confirm something, do you belong to the party 『Fairy’s Banquet』?」

「Un, that’s right!」

「Actually, I was asked to call out to you by Aidle. If it doesn’t bother you, I would be really saved if we moved to that waiting area right now.」


Then Arena slapped the approaching hand and said a single word after looking as if she was thinking for a bit.





What Arena did was confirming things with Aidle through 『Synchronization』. Arena was instructed to escape from that place immediately, but Arena stubbornly refused to leave.


「I see, I won’t let you escape, so for now just sleep for a bit.」


Hino drove a punch towards Arena which she tried to parry, but with the effect of his Holy Sword, Arena got knocked out. Then by using concealment skills, he faded from the audience without being noticed. Hino walked away from that place without any problems.[ED: An effect good for a professional kidnapper? What a great hero.]


That is without realising that someone else already noticed his existence.




『Arena!! Arena!!!!』


She refused when I told her to escape. I was monitoring the man that was in Arena’s vision as we were 『Synchronized』, but the connection got cut off, probably when Arena fainted.


The fact that the synchronization got cut off means that she probably lost consciousness or was brought to a distant or hidden location. However, because the synchronization area for the two of us can cover even the entire country, the latter idea would be out so the former one is to be considered.


『La Veil!! Can you synchronize with Arena!?』

『What is it, why ask all of a sudden, I can of course… but, eh? Why is Arena moving away while unconscious?』


Alright, the link between Arena and La Veil is much stronger because of the contract. With this we can easily track her.


『Can you tell the current place where Arena is?』

『Let’s see… this is… outside the stadium… Ehhh, no way, could it be…』

『…Yeah, they’ve done it…』


The opponent was probably concealed in some way that makes others not notice him while carrying the fainted Arena. That was probably another Hero judging from the color of his hair and eyes. I did not expect that they would move in such a way though.


『What we need right now is information, Arena is still alive right?』


I asked La Veil to check, then she confirmed it while groaning.


『That’s how it is huh… I wonder what their aim is since they decided to leave this place. Maybe they are trying to hide something. Where they that scared…』

『La Veil. I have confirmed that the opponent this time is a Hero, but which of us should go and rescue Arena? As we are both participating in this tournament, we can’t move flashily… You understand that right?』

『Yeah, but is there a way you can think of?』

『There is one… but it might be a little bit dangerous for La Veil to do…』

『I will still do it if needed and be more careful about. So what’s the plan?』

『Oh OK… the plan is…』




When I talked to her about the plan, she immediately accepted while adding two more suggestions. Those suggestions were also going to improve the plan, so I decided to add them to the plan.


『With this, the plan to save Arena is good to go. You can leave the rest to me!』

『I am going to use some serious Fairy Magic tonight as a countermeasure!』

『I’ll be relying on you for that, well then see you later.』

『Yup, see yah!』


Aahh… Well, since they didn’t try challenging us head on then I definitely won’t hold back. No way, are they foolishly going to attempt to do something to my precious and treasured person. It seems that they have death wish. If they think this is something like a game, it would probably be the part were they will try to use Arena against me, and I will suffer while holding back until I finally break down.


But there’s no way they will manage to do that. Since they did this, then I will bring them down, along with this country if I have to.


I will not hold back this time. Playtime is OVER. They completely crossed over something they shouldn’t have.


Arena… I’m sorry. Just hold on for a bit until tomorrow. Everything will be okay…




「Ah, it’s finally your turn to fight, Participant Aidle!!」

「…Got it.」


『The winner for this match is Participant Genkaku!! He will now be proceeding into the Semi-finals!! After all I knew that Jasper would lose. Good luck and try again next year!!』

「Shut up idiot! You’re too noisy!!」


Jasper was getting carried on a stretcher after he suffered Genkaku’s iai attack. He managed to close in and attack Genkaku, but it still ended in just a single blow.


『Well then, then battle for the quarterfinals, as you have all known by the word 『Eden of Snow Flowers』 Aidle-chan is……… Hnnn!!??』


Shivers ran down her spine…


The moment Senial-san was announcing Aidle’s entrance, her body froze from the intense pressure she felt. She dropped her voice enlarger tool and curved her body into a ball hugging herself with both hands, she couldn’t understand what was happening as she lost strength in her body.


The spectators felt the same. The adventurers somehow managed to withstand the pressure, but the danger they felt was alarming, to the point that some of them wanted to run away from that place immediately. The extremely dense pressure and blood-lust dominated the whole tournament area.



The one responsible for spreading that out was the supposedly charming and lovely girl, just that one person called Aidle. Nothing has changed in regards to her appearance. But they noticed that she was masked with a serious look and that’s not all. What emanated from her was a physical pressure so strong it made the surrounding feel that their spirits were being crushed.


Although they don’t want to focus, they still can’t move their eyes away from her. They all felt that they might be killed if they take their eyes off even for just a second.


She then got closer to Senial, who was left cowering as Aidle continued. Senial, who was suffering from the pressure, tried backing while screeching for a bit.


But then, all that pressure vanished.


「Sorry about that, It’s alright now.」


She moves closer to Senial and pats her head. After a bit, Senial finally relaxed and was able to stand up, and once more got hold of her magic tool. After seeing that, Aidle returned to her predetermined position.


『Well… That was a really shocking event but everything is fine now!! Everyone, please be at ease!! Participant Aidle is now with us on stage, so let us begin the match!!』


Then the match was started immediately, but Aidle casually approached Aleid, who was still frozen and didn’t return to reality, and grasped his shoulders.


「Are you alright? Calm down for now, breathe slowly…」



Aleid, like Senial, was also in the same state as someone who got in direct contact with the pressure released by Aidle. Color finally returned to his face and his breathing became normal. When he could finally relax from the pressure, he put his weight on his cane and wiped off the sweat on his face. It was quite impressive that he didn’t faint after receiving all that intense pressure at close range despite his age.


「Seriously… What kind of gruesome massacre were you trying to do?」

「That, well, sorry… So are we going to proceed with the fight now?」


Aleid swings his head sideways and made a bitter smile then answering 「Impossible, impossible, it’s just impossible!」


「I’ve decided to abstain. It’s not a joke. It’s not like I’m afraid or not confident in my strength, but I know it won’t matter even if I continue to fight. O~oi, I decided I will surrender!!」


『Ah, hai. Due to participant Aleid surrendering, participant Aidle will now move on to the semifinals!!』


This time, there were no cries or cheers. A few minutes after Aidle left the stage, all the tension finally broke and it became noisy once more.




「About today’s thing, you went a little overboard.」

「Yeah, only a bit. Because I felt like I might explode if I didn’t release that much.」


When night arrived, La Veil and I were locked inside the room. La Veil discovered a letter that was placed where Arena was previously seated and then we both confirmed the contents.


『If you want your friend to be returned, lose when you fight against the Hero.』 was the content of the letter.


「It looks like their aim is to boast about the power of the Hero, huh. There are probably no worries about Arena staying alive. for now.」

「Yeah… That in itself is good.」


At that time during my fight, if the Hero showed himself, I might have thrown away the fight and just slaughtered him. And as a continuation of that, this kingdom might have been turned into nothing more than a vacant plot of land. It was because I saw the figure of Senial-san crying in fear in front of me that I was able to stop myself from unconsciously releasing that tremendous killing intent.


「Probably, I am used to being human for too long and was was not able to do things as a fairy recently, so I wasn’t able to prepare myself for such matters… I should have forced Arena to stay in fairy form at that time. Yeah, forcibly if I had to… And because of that, I now have to let La Veil do something really dangerous.」


「That is not quite the case this time Master. As long as we continued on this trip, something was bound to happen. Now is also a similar case. I did the contract while fully expecting unpredictable things to happen! So don’t hold back and rely on me at times like this!!」


La Veil, who was pounding her chest, stood up and showed me a face full of self-confidence.


「This is not the face of the Master that I have fell in love with and that I want to see. I want you to continue laughing and playing around with Arena. Eliminating obstacles that obstruct that should be left to me. That is what I have sworn!」


「That’s not what we really promised… Iya, mou if that’s what you really want then. You’re really serious about this, right?」

「No problem. Please go on Master!」


After nodding to her affirmation, I pressed the Fairy Magic I created in my hand into La Veil’s chest. Immediately after that, I was assaulted by intense heat and lost consciousness……




「…Did she fall asleep?」[ED: Should be obvious, but it’s La Veil’s PoV now.]


I said so after she blacked out because she used that Fairy Magic. I knew that she would suffer a considerable amount of burden since what she did was actually manipulating someone else’s status.


La Veil (1653) Lv. 1024

Inherent Race: Red Dragon (Ancient Dragon)

Condition: Humanized


HP: 38,543/38,543

MP: 19,666/19,666

ATK: 50,427

DEF: 82,934

MATK: 127,640

MDEF: 130,004

INT: 2000

SPD: 255,444


【Inherent Skills】 Dragon Scale, Flame Prison, Super Synchronization


Skill: Dragon Magic (S), Fire Magic (S+), Body Difference Correction (A+)


-Super Synchronization

『You can increase the synchronization rate with the contractor for 5 minutes and borrow status. Synchronization with the contractor will be disabled once the skill enters it’s cool down time.』


With this skill, I can definitely win against a Hero. You can’t think ordinary about fairies at all, when you see one that can actually grant unique skills to others. It’s impossible even for the Old Ancient Dragons. How Master still thinks that this is something normal is kind of fun by itself.


(In actuality, how can she understand that fairy magic like this is not even in the realms of magic anymore…)


All I understand is that it’s a kind of magic that doesn’t consume magic power. I have heard that beastmen also have such kinds of skills. However, I have never heard of any magic that you can freely manipulate like this. This is already something different.


As for my Dragon Magic, which is an inherent skill, it still consumes a suitable amount of Magic Power when used. Not to mention, it is something that I can’t freely manipulate. Well, even if I think hard about it, I will never understand just how absurd this unique fairy is.


「Because a god of this world was also a Fairy, this must be a power that was granted to her.」


While stroking the head of the quietly sleeping fairy, I kept myself on guard until morning.