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Chapter 56 Arena Rescue Mission ② Fairy and Dragon VS Hero

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



Before the action, let me show you Arena’s status. This is the strength of the Arena after “limited growth”:


Arena (103) Lv.97

Race: Fairy (Simulated awakening): Limited Growth Condition


HP 547/547

MP 3420/3420

ATK 68

DEF 2038

MATK 1184

MDEF 3254

INT 10500

SPD 530


【Inherent skill】 Fairy Magic, Manifestation Dependency,  Limited Growth


Skill: Concealment (SS) Parallel Thinking (S +)




Arena’s improved strength is not that much different if compared to her child form’s, the main change is the unlimited use of Fairy Magic. Although there are some limits to the extent of what she could do, but she can pretty much do anything.


「First of all, eliminate the hindrance!!」


Hina first targeted Arena, who was inferior in status. But La Veil was not naïve enough to just allow that.



「Your moves are too easy to read, brat.」


La Veil swinged her halberd to intercept Hino. Hino parried it with his Holy sword, but at the same time he received a blow to his face. Nevertheless, with Hino’s status multiplied 10 times by his holy sword, the damage received was minimal.


「Hou, so even if I hit you directly, you’re still pretty tough」

「Shit, if it’s like this, then I’ll start from you!!」

「La Veil!! Become Harder!!」


The moment Hino switched his target and attacked La Veil, it was Arena who moved this time. Using Fairy Magic, she distorted the space surround La Veil creating an invisible wall.


Making a dull sound, the Holy Sword bounced off. A sword that could even split Orihalcum was repelled.


「Are you kidding me!?」

「Now is not the time for you to get distracted you know?」

「Naaa, Ugu」


La Veil delivered a clean hit by kicking the chin of the Hero, blowing him away once more. Happy about their fight coordination, the two did a high-five. Hino who got up was confused for a moment could before he comprehended the situation.


「I see, that blue one seems to have some troublesome skills… If so, then how about this」


The space from where Hino was standing distorted and then he disappeared. La Veil then came closer to Arena in order to cover her.


「The characteristics of that Holy Sword… Probably allows you to create a dimensional space with a specific range.」

「And in addition to that, it can be connected anywhere in the area, it might buy him time, that’s why!」


Arena shifted her head away from the distorted space where Hino came out. And the Holy Sword that tried to stab her was parried once more, but then his figure disappeared again.


「And, this is how it will be.」

「I don’t really want to waste our time here, so we should end this soon… Arena, if you can protect yourself then, should I go full power now?」

「You are going to use something that Aidle did for you to defeat the Hero, well if it’s that person then you can definitely win!」

「I don’t understand it that well but… 『Super Synchronization』 activate!」


At that moment, La Veil’s body returned back to her huge dragon form. Arena then left the area and moved a little far away from La Veil. Because she was activating Fairy Magic in auto mode, she was confident that she could prevent any form of attack even if she was caught off-guard.


『Now then…』


La Veil activated 『Dragon Magic 』. What the ability does changes greatly depending on with each and every dragon. If it’s about La Veil’s rank, then it will boost all senses to the point that wherever her target is, even if it’s in another dimension, she would be able to sniff it out.


Other than that, she was also borrowing Aidle’s power.




She send a full force tail attack with the power of more than 80 million towards the space that was slightly distorting. Hino’s DEF is around 400 thousand even with the help of the Holy Sword. If he got hit by that attack even a scratch would kill him. However, before the attack landed just millimeters away from him, the attack was barely stopped by Arena.


『Why did you block it Arena!!』

『I don’t think you should kill him because I think Aidle will still need him for something!! I will disable him with Fairy Magic, in other to hold him down until tomorrow!!』



Hino was shocked by the incredible power of the tail strike which was stopped. It was an attack that would have reached him even in the place where he hid, but he was also confused by the appearance of a Dragon that could communicate with words.


「So you were not human! You even concealed your status as well… You, you’re the contracted beast summoned by that pink haired woman!」

『That’s how it is brat. Well, even if I’m not in this figure I will still win. If you don’t surrender now, I’ll make sure to turn you into a bloody pulp. Even if you end up 90% dead you can still be cured!』

「Stupid, the power of a Holy Sword is more effective against demons and dragons! It should be you who begs for her life!! 」


Then, attacking from behind her, a strike of the Holy Sword connected with La Veil’s tail.




「Naaa?!?!」[TL:Nani!?(Omae wo Shindeiru) Just Can’t Stop]


Instead of defeating the scales, it was deflected. The feedback from the attack also numbed his hands.


「Why can’t my Holy Sword pierce through!?」

「Have you already forgotten. With Arena here, no matter how much power your sword has it would be useless.」


Arena kept on supporting La Veil with Fairy Magic even while staying away. Looking closely, the scales look normal, but the shape has somewhat changed. Not only shape was changed but also the attributes which was set to Holy making the current La Veil become more than just a Red Dragon.


『Right now, for a limited time, I am a Saint Fire dragon. Even if you attack me with a Holy Sword, it will be a fight against status. But if we compare our status, the difference won’t even be called close to reach. So your only choice at this moment is to give up』


After hearing that, Hinno subjectively tried to run away, but this time the characteristics of his Holy Sword didn’t activate.


「What… why!?」

「Because I’ve made the area 100 meters radius around me under my control」


Arena said something unreasonable for Hino to understand. She took control of the space and dimensions around them when Hino was busy focusing on La Veil.




Hino is stuck. The only way he could escape is to defeat even just one of the two, but despite the huge body of dragon she has really high mobility and the other one is an impenetrable fortress. There is no cards that would let him win. To begin with, it was the first time for Hino to encounter something that exceeds his status, and he realized just how unprepared he was when setting up his plans.


Then Hino who was cornered to the point of no escape didn’t try to attack instead he decided to kill himself, but


『Sorry, but that is not also allowed. For now sleep!!!』

「Guh, gyaaaaah!?!?!?」


A powerful blow from La Veil’s tail was delivered barely separating his lower body from its upper half. He was literally squashed but still survived by a hair’s breadth. He was not able to stand anymore barely living just inches away from death and could die from just a single hit. He passed out with his eyes rolling back and bubbles coming out of his mouth.


Arena then bound Hino whose body was convulsing with Fairy Magic and then tied him up with glowing rings that amplified the bind even more. Looking at the pitiful state of the hero, La Veil was still anxious.


『Will a binding him like that be enough?』

「It’s fine, these rings are quite special. They will continue sucking up the magic power and strength of the one who is bound, so I don’t think he will be able to move that easily, even if the Holy Sword is activated. I will also notice it immediately.」

『Nn, I see, I see…』


What merciless speech. When Arena silenced Hino and bound him with the Light Rings, Arena asked La Veil who was showing a lonely face.


「La Veil, could you keep this state of mine hidden from Aidle for now? I’ll be the one to show her this later, okay?」

『I understand.』




Arena PoV:

After La Veil accepted my request, I tied the Hero on her feet.


『Are you done?』

「Unn, were finally going home.」

『Well, Master will definitely be surprised』

「Ahahaha, I think so too.」


While I rode on the back of the Dragon Form La Veil, we flew back to the kingdom while taking a light stroll in the skies. And of course, just to be safe, Fairy Magic was invoked for concealment.


After landing near the Royal Capital, La Veil returned to her human form, but when she did so, she shrunk. Her figure was smaller than Aidle, probably comparable to that of a 5 year old little girl.


「I don’t really know why this happened, but it’s probably the after effects of using that skill, and while it is in its cool down time. Before we go inside please use concealment. Master has been calling out to me since a while ago…」


「Let’s go!!」


Bagging the Hero, I combined Concealment skill with Fairy Magic and went inside the gate. As expected, the soldiers at the gate didn’t notice.


Tomorrow will be the finals of the tournament. Everyone is talking about advantages and disadvantages as their topic. As expected, Aidle is a popular person for everyone.


After walking for a while, we finally reached Aguera-san’s Inn. And outside the Inn, I can see the figure of a person clad in white who looked like she has been waiting for an eternity. I approached her and said in a gentle voice. That person, my best friend…


「I’m Home, Aidle~」

「……Eh? Arena? ……Is that you…? 」


She didn’t notice me for a second, but she knew by judging my hair-color and me calling out her name. Isn’t this the first time she showed me such a disorganized face to me?


And so I answered while being a little panicked.


「That’s right. Did I manage to surprise you? 」


She replied by hugging me. I hugged back, and I could feel her body temperature, it was warming me up. Ah, at this moment, I finally realized that I’m finally home.


「I, I’m gwad……re, reaaaallly, I’m weally gwad yo’re awright… Uwaaaaaaahhhh~~~~~~~~!!!!」


And Aidle cried out just like that. It was a really emotional cry. Wherever her emotional state swings, Aidle would become expressive at full power. I murmured as I was patting her head 「Cute……」. I then caressed her beautiful pink hair, but that only ended up making her cry even more.


「Sorry, for making you worried. And, thank you for saving me… I love you Aidle!」

「Mheee schooo~~ I wuf hyuuu~~~」


We hugged each other with even more strength, celebrating our reunion.


「………I am here too, you know?」


Well, I actually noticed, come over, come over.




If it’s a fight between Aidle and 『Limited Growth Arena』 who can use Fairy Magic without burden, it will be a battle of who has a higher INT. It’s only in original status then Aidle would lose to Arena. But if she converts all of her stats into INT and then use Fairy Magic, the results would be as obvious as a bright sunny day.