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Chapter 58 The Power of the Mood


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The power of the mood will swallow everything.


『It has arrived……this moment has finally arrived. After many battles, between warriors, adventurers and all, today is the final day!! Who will own the title of the strongest, will be decided today!!』



 The weather today was hottest ever felt in the kingdom. Yet for this last match, everyone, other than the soldiers on patrol duty, have gathered in the audience area, filling it to the point where many people could only stand.


 Senial looked at the surrounding, then showed a satisfied smile and continued.


『Today, we are about to witness the beginning of a new legend. Is the Hero really an unbeatable existence or will there be anyone who can surpass it. Let’s call them out!! We present to you, the strongest challenger, Aidle… right, everyone let’s call her out together!!』









 Aidle was going to break everything today. With Arena’s support, all her shackles and restraints were removed.



『Uuooooohhh~~~~!?!?!? Aidle-chan is, Aidle-chain is, frilly, is wearing a frilly one-piece~~~~~!!!!!!』



 A white and pink colored frilly dress, and attached to her hair was a sparkling pink jewel something that was remodeled with fairy magic. There was a large ribbon on her back and a part of her legs can be seen in the gap between her frilly dress and the white knee-socks [TL: Absolute Territory]. Finally, looking below, she wore shoes with red ribbons. The people in the audience shook as she tapped her steps and gave the audience a bright smile.


 The king was also stunned. Senial started making a fuss the first time Aidle came out and saw what she was wearing, but now she started the interview without problem. But still, even though she’s doing her best, looking at the super cute Aidle, she just can’t stop her tension from reaching MAX levels.



『Ah, anou, anou, Aidle-chan? What are your thoughts regarding today’s finals? About that dress, just what are you 「Ah, I’ll be borrowing this, ok? 『Everyone, Ko~ni~chi~wa~♪』「Uuuuoooohh」


 A flood of explosive sounds was returned by the audience. Pretending to listen to their reply Aidle nodded.


『Today, I wanted to show everyone the real me. That’s why, won’t you give me a little bit you time? 』


And the silence was restored in the whole stadium. It will be all Ad-lib from here on.


『I, I have been hiding who I really was, but I don’t want that anymore and I will reveal it all today!! That’s why, today, I want everyone to see the real me!!!』


 Aidle quickly changed into her white robe covering herself and switched her voice in a low tone.


『In one time, a girl covered with a hood travelling and experiencing many wonderful journeys……』


 Then she takes off the hood and held a sword.


『On other times a pretty female swordsman who brings herself in front of the battlefield…… But the real identity is is!!!』


 Takes off her robe and returned to her frilly form,


『The Super Dimensional Bishoujo Idol、Aidle-chan desu!!!』




Arena: Was super excited and was screaming out with the audience calling towards Aidle.

La Veil: Decided to close her eyes and cover her ears to not witness it.

King: Was too dumbfounded and just blankly stared.




『If you ask why I revealed myself this time… that is to defeat and punish the Hero who tried to abduct my best friend!!!』


 A huge bomb was suddenly dropped, and the audience stated clamoring about it.「Was it not the Hero who saved us?」,「The Hero tried taking a hostage because she was afraid of Aidle!!!」,「A bad person, is that really a Hero!?」. That was just the beginning, and it continued to even get worse. After all, cute is justice.


『But please listen!! Cooperating with my companions, I was able to retake my best friend!!! Come, Arena!!』


 Combining Space Magic and Fairy Magic, light blue smoke erupted after a small explosion, and Arena appeared from that spot. The audience further clamored.





 When the two people embraced, as if imagining the feelings of horror, the female members in the audience shed tears of joy, while applauding the scene. A pair of cute girls embracing each other is already a weapon on its own.


And then, La Veil felt something bad is about to happen so she tried to hurriedly run away from the stadium.



『And finally, a call to the strong and beautiful Onee-san who lent us the power to save her!! La Veil Onee-sama~~~~!!』


「After all it’s this!! I have expected that something like this will happen!! Mou, just end it up quickly or I’ll kill myself!!!」


 This time La Veil appeared after red smoke puffed up. The dress she wore was now in the same style as Aidle, and it was a superb one-piece greatly emphasizing her splendid valley. The men who stared at the fleshed out splendid body ended up with nosebleeds, all of them. The women on the other hand were all drooling and their eyes turned into hearts.


The two cute little girls kissed La Veil on her cheeks making her bright red, and she waved a little then folded back her arms. The mood is accumulating but still needs more push.


『This is my party,『Fairy’s Banquet』!!』


 It’s their first public debut. The adventurers who didn’t know about them were startled to realize that a splendid group of three girls appeared in the adventurer’s guild of the kingdom’s capital.


『And now to show you, the Hero who kidnapped my best friend~~~』


A tear appeared in the air and something fell down on the stage. When that something cracked and broke from shock, Hino who was wrapped in a Halo Binding of light appeared. He seems to have regained consciousness already, and put on hateful face not understanding his current situation.


 Being exposed to the crowd calling him bad names, he finally realized the situation. Right now he was in the middle of a fight that was about to begin. Confused he tried reasoning out but all attempts were drowned by the voices of the audience and Aidle, so it didn’t reach anyone.


『Did you all remember that La Veil lost against the Hero in the semi-finals? It was because of a message from on of the heroes!! I don’t want to show a fight filled with lies!! I don’t want to disrupt the rules of this sacred battleground!!』


 I’m not lying you know. But well, La Veil actually enjoyed that fight despite the injustice. It was also the result of provoking her more than needed ending up with her being in a bad spot. She was meant to lose anyway, but I’m free to exaggerate it.


『And so this time, I will show you that I am strong enough to fight the Heroes for real!! Everyone…… will you give me all of your support!?』


 They answered by screaming in cheers and calling out Aidle. Aidle pretended to be moved to tears while smiling and said in a loud shout『Thank you everyone, I love you all!! 』. And so, the overall mood has been many times amplified.


 Because everything so far were preparations, she returned the magic tool to Senial-san. After returning the tool, she called out to her saying 『Thank you for that, Senial-san~♪』 and showed her with face filled with a bright smile. Senial replied「Oooh, Aidle called me by my name!!」with a shocked face, but quickly fixed herself and continued with the announcements.




「I feel great. I can finally get rid of that eyesore today~. I didn’t expect to meet a troublesome existence like that Aidle in this other world, but I will feel bad if I can’t do crazy stuff to her as I please」


 At that time Kousaka was waiting for her turn to be called out, and without knowing what sort of hell was awaiting her after this. Imagining what praises and honor she would receive(But at this moment she didn’t realize that her room was soundproofed with fairy magic).


『And we now call out the Hero Ayane!! 』


 The Fairy Magic expired at just the right timing where, Kousaka’s name was called out. For the sake of the audience she fixed a smile on her face and invoked her Holy Sword, but when she looked at the audience,




 From there, the biggest shouts of disapproval were coming, and in the middle of the stage, Hino, a brave the same as her, was bound while rolling on the ground. The inside of Kusaka’s head then fell into great confusion.


(What is this, why are you, who was supposed to scare that busybody here, and why is that pink haired idiot dressed up like an Idol? Why is Hino bound and called evil?)


 Not understanding what was happening she froze, the audience then noticed her existence and also included her in their dishonoring.


「Hey it’s you right!! The Hero who was scared and kidnapped Arena!! This person is a fake Hero!!!」

「That’s right!! A fake Hero!!!」


 Kousaka walked closer to Hino who was dejected being called a fake Hero. Although this may look like he admitted his own crimes it was still much more disgraceful to think that he lost to adventurers, and it was already impossible for Kousaka to make normal judgments.


「Yo, you…… did you fail this?」



 To that question Hino who was bound without any means of escape silently nodded. Kousaka who affirmed in silence, immediately kicked Hino out of the stage. After that, she turned her eyes to Mondol who didn’t stop the situation.


「You… you want war!! Hey Mondol!!! Do you think that you can just get away with such thing happening!?!?!? Don’t think I will just go down and accept all this as a joke!!!」


 The Hero screamed out to him filled with fury. But Mondol, didn’t reply to her questions, and only looked at the place where Aidle was. Mondol nodded after they exchanged a look with each other.


「……I will believe in you!」


The king then quietly turned and faced Kousaka, then spoke words full of dignity.


「You……from this point on, I won’t recognize you as a Hero!!! You are nothing more than a scrooge!!!」


 Without showing fear he expressed his resolution.




 To the man who was nothing more than someone about to fall out, he now faced her here and betrayed her up front. To that realization, Kousaka’s anger finally reached its peak and she snapped.


「Ahhh……I’ve had enough of this, It’s much better if I just destroy this country」


 The magic power accumulated in Kousaka’s sword during all the times she absorbed magic was released. All of that accumulated power was then converted into status. The wave of energy created thunder clouds above them, and the air began to vibrate.


 Deciding that she would definitely eliminate Aidle and destroy everything, she shouted at Senial to start the game.


「Senial!! Start it now!!」

『Th, then!! Super Dimensional Magical Bishoujo Idol, Aidle VS The Fake Hero Kousaka Ayane!! Final battle~~~~~~~Staaaart!!!!!』


The last battle of fighting tournament which will a battle outside the realm of humanity will now begin.


『I, I can’t take that back anymore…』

『Master, that just couldn’t be helped』

『Aidle~Soo Cool!!』