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Chapter 59 Fairy VS Hero

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



Well, that was quite surprising. I didn’t expect her to just upfront give up on the game and decide to slaughter everyone. It is a good thing that I prevented La Veil from jumping in from the audience seat by gluing her with Fairy Magic.


Kousaka Ayane(21) Lv.351

Race: Human (Awakened): Holy Sword Characteristics Active (All Combat Status + 5,000,000)


HP 5,139,599/5,139,599

MP 5,282,752/5,282,752

ATK 5,022,516

DEF 5,015,888

MATK 5,000,000

MDEF 5,036,009

INT 3200

SPD 5,040,002


【Unique Skill】Automatic Recovery, Holy Sword, Translation Magic, Item Box


Skills: Sword Arts (SS+) Dual Sword (S) Concealment (S+) Adjustment (B) Appraisal (-)


Title: Hero, Transmigrated, Blessed by the Goddess, Insane


 Now that I think about it, that holy sword’s characteristic was magic absorption, right? I now understand that it is used to increase her status, but I didn’t expect the boost to be by 5 million in almost all statuses. Just how much magic power did she accumulate until now? Did it come from the time they fought the demon king?


「Eat this you ugly bit…!! 」

「I won’t let you!!」


The Hero brandished her sword covered in lightning which could easily cut stone, but I hold my sword (merely of attention) and block it. You probably didn’t expect someone to block your attack with that monstrous status, right. Her thoughts came back for a moment and then she sunk into anger once more.


「You, just who in the world are you!!」

「Everyone’s Idol, Aidle-chan~!!」

「Are you insane!!?」


 From the seat in the audience La Veil was saying things like 「Oooh, my blood is boiling」 but I ignored it. Now that I think about it, the human me and the current me have different ways of thinking which is kind of funny. Is this maybe what they call Double Personality or something? I wonder.



「What in the world is that insanely heavy sword!? Why in the world can it clash with a holy sword!? Gaaah?!」


 While the Hero was still confused and distracted to what has happened, I sent a kick into her stomach. The Hero quickly rebuilded her posture and stopped herself from flying in the air by stabbing her sword into the ground.


 That armor sure is sturdy, only cracks were made. However, those cracks alone already confused the Hero. It seems like that armor seems to be a special kind.

「If I can’t use the Holy Sword then!! Holy Lightning, come forth and destroy my enemies!!!」


 When her Holy Sword shined, lightning attacked from the clouds overhead while taking the shape of a dragon. Well then, let’s also do Magic then.




 Swinging my sword and a Magic Wand I took out, something shining came out. I don’t really know how I did it but it was unleashed. It was a ball of fluff that moves at the speed of sound and came in front of the dragon, and it then spread out like a spider net capturing the dragon. I wonder what principle it works with……


「Wha!? 」

「It’s not over yet~♪」


 As I kept swinging my wand, the net increased and continued to cover the dragon which was showing a frightened reaction. After staring at it for a while, a fluffy fancy dragon formed inside. It’s whole body is covered with fluffy mofumofu hair. It was so cute.


『Aidle –chan has transformed the Fake-Hero’s attack into a cute dragon-chan~!! It’s so cute!! I also want one please!!』


 The Hero continued her barrage of Thunder Dragons, but they only continued to be reborn into fluffy dragons. Each time that happens, the audience were also reacting.




The Hero looks at me with a scary face. If I hit La Veil with something like this, she might also transform into something like that and it would probably be enjoyable if we are just fooling around flying in the sky. Well, if I look at the current scene, even I would question my sanity.


 But it is good that I managed to grab everyone attention. There will be a time limit for this state as well, so it’s time start the retaliation before things start to become a little more uncontrollable. Of course, the display should also be cool.


『Hi, Hiii』


 Oh, it seems that I have caused someone a trauma


「Hora hora, It’s bad to take away your attention from me you know?」

「Nna……Wha, what do you teha~~~~~~~!?!?!!?!?!?!?」




(How did you receive the full strength of my attack that easily? Why, are there cracks made in my armor? What in the world is that monster!? I am considered mid rank if compared to other heroes you know, but if I activated my sword’s characteristics I can be placed on the upper ones, so why is it that there is still an existence that could even fight me to exists in this world?)


 A Hero who can easily defeat SS Rank adventurers had the confidence that their strength would be considered the best in this world. Because of the difference in status and skill that is considerably a cheat, even just one hero would be able to oppose a country’s military.


It is natural that there would be no one who could oppose. Of course no one is supposed to be able to oppose. She also activated her special characteristics which should be good enough to easily destroy a country. But before that, she decided that she would kill the one in front of her with her own hands,

And the result of the appraisal is this.


Aidle(3) Lv.859

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakened)


・Status Modified by Fairy Magic・


HP  11,011/11,011

MP  2,506,082/2,506,082

ATK  50,008,054 (+50,000,000)

DEF  20,007,022 (+20,000,000)

MATK 24,575,884 (-60,000,000)

MDEF 24,040,540 (-50,000,000)

INT  20,007,100 (+20,000,000)

SPD  20,280,025 (+20,000,000)


【Unique Skills】Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Space Magic, Manifestation Dependency


Skills: Singing(A+), Sword Arts(S+), Humanization(S), Four Attribute Magic(SS), Adjustment(A+), Concealment(S+), Demonic Contract(―)


 The skills and status of the Hero couldn’t even be compared. Kousaka would have been splattered like a tomato if she wasn’t protected by her special armor.


 And this time, Aidle will be striking seriously. This is in order to thoroughly show the Hero absolute defeat.




「Ah……Guh…wha, why is my… armor, is……wah!?」


 Aidle didn’t attack using her sword, she was just hitting with her bare hands. Yet a destructive amount of force was sent, and the shock that was received was an unimaginable amount generated in considering her delicate arms. The impacts were continuously driven into the armor, and unable to withstand the shocks the armor shattered into more than 200 pieces.


After the armor broke, so did the characteristic of her Holy Sword. Kousaka’s status returned to just as much as 10 times which was the same as when she only invoked her holy sword.


「So that was the medium for activating the Holy Sword’s characteristics, it certainly surprised me~ ♪」



 Aidle was laughing. She was cheerfully showing an atmosphere as if she was only playing. At first the audiences were also confused from the changes in the weather and the thunder storms, but now everyone was cheering Idol and all those cheerings were converted into Aidle’s magic power.


 After smashing her armor with a cheerful smile still on her face…… To Kousaka who was watching that sight, she felt the insanity of that scene, as if the world was looking down on her, and then her body trembled.


This is not a fight, and it’s nothing more than just a public execution.


「Well~then. To make you Heroes start regretting now that you kidnapped my important person and tried to use her as hostage!!」


 Aidle was walking closer to her with dignified steps, and Kousaka was cramming her mind thinking what to do to escape this situation. But even if she tried fighting back, there is no way she could win against this opponent. Even receiving a single blow would definitely be certain death because of the wide difference in status. She is not even considered an enemy.


「……Wait for moment」


And so Kousaka decided to give up fighting and tried to find a solution.


「……Don’t think you would be able to be forgiven after doing this! Tthe other Heroes won’t stay silent if this continues you know?」


Those lines were Kousaka’s last trump card. If an existence that could threaten Heroes appeared then there is no doubt that other Heroes will also come to hunt down Aidle. And this country which refused the Heroes will also be destroyed. It is the people that are going to be in trouble if that happens.


 Kousaka tried to intimidate Aidle with those words, but what Aidle’s reaction was,


「It seems like you have misunderstood something. You are not considered a Hero, don’t you know?」

「……Wha? What nonsense are you spouting……?」


「It’s because all of the citizens here doesn’t consider you a Hero. You are nothing more than a false Hero, a criminal with title of 『Hero』you know? Even if we say you are one, what you did was threatening people, wrecking lives of those who fought against you and most of all tried to destroy this country along with its citizens……


People like you are something they will never defend!!! 」


「「「That’s right!!!」」」


 It was chaos. Despite not knowing the circumstances about Heroes, Kousaka that Aidle fought was certainly a real hero as it was marked in her status. Naturally she also knew that they were probably sent as thugs to make people fear their existence. But something like that doesn’t matter to Aidle.


Everything is all about the Mood of the show after all.


「Now, for the Finale!!!」


 Using her Wand, Aidle manipulated the dark clouds surrounding the sky into a swirl. It gradually changed color and turned into particles of light creating a huge cyclone. Kousaka did not have the courage to witness it. There wasn’t even the courage to stand up.


「Ah…Ahhh…He, Help」

『Here I go!!!!』


The voice that asked for help didn’t reach anyone.




 Fairy Magic that was strengthened by everyone’s Mood, power and effect swallowed the pathetic woman……・・・




 The spectators covered their eyes from the tremendous glare of light. Was it ten seconds? A minute? When all the noise finally stopped everyone opened their eyes, then they noticed a streak of light coming from the clouds.


 And what people saw over there was: a figure of a girl in striking poses sending light to another girl in the center of the stadium. Then someone muttered.


「Ah, A goddess……」


 Aidle was kneeling at the tip of the light and was posed as if praying. Of course everything was just going along with the mood. And then she slowly stood up.




 Particles of light then arose from the seemingly deathblow technique then fell down the audience seat like snow. Tears fell down from their eyes and their body lightened as the light seeped through their bodies. Of course everything was actually being directed.


In addition, Aidle raised one hand high in the sky and gripped tightly, then the clouds cleared up and blue sky stretched over the horizon. As always it’s only going with the mood.


 Right before Aidle, Kousaka and Hino were tied down by a Halo that fell from the sky. The audience finally understood the situation and raised a call for victory. Senial-san ran towards the place where the Heroes were blown away and confirmed their consciousness, then shouted the fact loud and clear.


『For the final battle of the Battle Tournament……The Winner is Aidle-chaaaaaaaan~~~~!!!!』


「Everyone, Thank you~!!」

(And Finished………)


 The people in the audience, along with her, were moved to tears as they were all applauding. Tears of regret or happiness, that is something even she didn’t know anymore……


『I want Healing when I come back……』

『Lap Pilow~♪』

『Do you want a body massage Master?』

『No La Veil but can I massage you in reverse, or more like let me be buried in them!』

『……Buried?』[ED: Who doesn’t want?][TL:Can’t breathe XD painful…]