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Chapter 61 Fairies and People


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What I wanted to talk about, and hear from them can be divided into two subjects.


  • The relationship between the heroes and the country.
  • About the treatment of Beastmen Slaves.


The King told us everything they knew without hiding anything. Each country that participated in the campaign charged a heavy tax on Hallia. But then, the Heroes took over the country. As an agreement, then sent the beastmen survivors as compensation for the tax and they were worked as slaves in order to compensate. Then in recent years, A few heroes, mostly a pair was sent to each country as support. That was also the same in Haval, but it was more like monitoring the country than actually being a helping hand.


「That’s how it ended up like this… I do want to free those beastmen slaves as soon as possible, but they have nowhere to live now. Even if they did return, there was nowhere they could return to anymore」

「…I see, well, let ask somebody for a bit」

「Huh? Oh, alright」


I immediately connected the magic tool I carry for communication and talked to Testania-san. I reported to her what I have gathered so far along with the information they have given me.


『So that’s what happened. I see, that’s what you meant… is that so. Aidle, what did you think after hearing it directly from them?』

「I think they will be fine」

『Then I guess it’s fine to show them that? Like what I have said before, if you think that the country is trustworthy then I have no problems with it.』

「Got it. Is there anything else?」

『That’s all. Ah, could you ask the king if he knows of someone called『Aldreic』?』

「Understood. Well then」


OK, confirmation done. This country will be the first one to make a path for our goals.


「As a result of considerable deliberations, I have considered Galania to be trustworthy and will believe in it」

「Really, are you sure?」

「It’s fine, but first of all, Mondil-san, is there anyone here who is proficient in terms of this country’s history and traditions?」

「I am one myself. I have been taught everything about the country, it’s traditions and history as part of my education」

「Is that so, then do you know something about the『Fairy’s Covenant』?」


About to sip his tea, Mondol-san suddenly stopped, then stares at me with a face that says he couldn’t believe what he has heard.


「…Just now, what did you say again? Did you just say『Fairy’s Covenant』? 」

「My King, what in the world is that?」


Meinen was confused after hearing that term for the first time, so he directed his focus to Mondol-san to ask.  Just as Testania-san said, Royalty will be able to know.


「……It is a very old tradition. It has been passed since the age of myths and legends. It is one of the secret bonds passed down through royalty, and would only be told to none other than successive kings, a story that could even be said as part of a myth…… Aidle, how were you able to learn of such information.」

「I think it would be ok to tell you about that, but first can you read this letter?」


I took out the letter received from Testania-san from my hood, then handed it to Mondol-san. While impressed by the craftsmanship of the letter, he carefully opens it and slowly read the contents. The room went silent for a few minutes.


「……about for the one who handed you this. Would it be alright to know who?」

「The current generation’s Fairy Queen」


「Is that really……」


 Belmour-san and Meinen-san unanimously reacted to what was said, and Mondol-san murmured「After all……」as he reminisced staring at the ceiling. It was probably due to the contents of the letter.


「Aidle, see here. This is the emblem of the fairies, the same one that was written in our history books. Only people belonging to royalty would know of it. If there’s a person who would know of such information, they only be other royal families or inline to it」


At the end of the letter, there was a stamp where you could see 3 fairy silhouettes. I heard that the contents of the letter would make them cooperate with the fairies, but I don’t really know what the message is.


「If you are saying that you are related to this, then there should be conclusive evidence to its authenticity. So if possible… will you show us proof?」

「I understand. Then Arena, I’ll be cancelling 『Humanization』. It is fine to show your true self」



After a short flash of light, the figure of Arena disappeared. Ruffling inside the clothes, Arena finds her way out. The King and everyone else stare at the entire scene without blinking.


Then, her face pops out. Followed by her whole body coming out, and the palm sized Arena, flapping her wings, flew towards the bunch of candy in front of Mondol-san. After picking one, she handed it to Mondol-san. After she handed it to his trembling hand, Arena flew back towards me landing on my hair.


 Pulling on my hair, she was demanding me to 「Transform too!」 but sorry, I will do it later. Okay, okay, I’ll do it later ok, please calm down for now.




At current interactions, everyone was staring at Arena as if they were trying to drill holes into her. Let’s also add more bombs while they are still excited. Impact is important in these cases after all.


「By the way, I’m also one, a Fairy」

「I’m not a fairy but a red dragon. An ancient one」



The three humans who witnessed it froze. Forgive me for that but it’s better to reveal it early on you know?


「……It was a really good thing that this room is completely soundproofed. If any of these facts were to spread out, the whole country would be in total chaos」


Meinen-san was flopped on the desk. Magenta-san in the back was also in a confused state. Then soon enough, Mondol-san finally rebooted and resumed asking questions.


「And so, Can you tell us the purpose of fairy-samas making contact with us?」

「Un. There were many World Trees where fairies reside in the world, but almost all of them have not given birth to fairies for several years now. We are on a journey to find out the cause. One of the conclusions we deduced was maybe the existence of a 『Demon Lord』. A reason for world trees to do that would usually be in preparation for a world crisis」

「I see…… probably knowing the fact that it hasn’t changed even after the fall of the Demon Lord, were you able to find anything else that may have been the cause?」

「At the moment there is only one」


It’s about the foreign individuals that are still in this world. They are just selfishly doing what they wanted in this world. If nothing changes even after a few years, then wouldn’t that be a bingo? Is what I thought of. Mondol-san also agreed to my conclusion.


「But I don’t know their real purpose…… If only I could at least find a clue」

「Then I guess, you have only one choice. That is to go to Hallia…」


That would already be equivalent to visiting a country that would surely not cooperate. Although the change may have passed, but Gallania is still part of the coalition with Hallia. If they were to start moving now, the heroes would immediately notice. Well, that’s not really the main focus for today.


「That is fine for now since we’ll be the once to handle that. The main problem is about the beastmen. We just can’t leave that alone」

「Nuh…… About that」


He explains that right now, the support of the slaves is currently boosting the economy of the country. Suddenly losing them without preparations would prematurely lead the country to its destruction. That’s why at the moment, it won’t be that easy to release them. I also understand what he was saying.


「Of course I also understand that, there are some that are certainly having a stable life and it would be safer for them to remain as slaves for now. They are at least able to live with the bare minimum. But how long will that last? 10 years? A hundred years? What about the next generations? If that continues…… won’t beastmen be treated be nothing more than livestock?」


They would be nothing more than just horses pulling carts or chickens in an aviary.


「That’s why I want the money to be spent for the slaves」

「Bellmour, what do you think?」

「……Well, the original problem is actually where and how to procure the money that doesn’t exist」

「Won’t it be good if we could work it out with the beastmen」

「What do you mean?」


Then I suggested. I believe this would be the best for both sides.

「Let’s make a Beastman Country」


Here’s how we do it. I would use my magic to create its foundation in a land close to here, and they will to start life from there. Because they are developers of magic tools, working with representatives would allow them to develop tools for various businesses. The materials may also be provided or acquired from their surrounding land.


「And not only that, we could also analyze, recreate, dismantle, and sell dungeon-class magic tools. Not only here but to even other countries」

「That certainly would make a lot of profit, but establishing it would probably be difficult. It would take a lot of time to clear up a land that is filled with demons, crawling all over the place…… or maybe you could…」

「Yes, there are no problems with that. First we have to find a suitable location, and the rest would also be handled by us. After that, they would take care of the land on their own」


If they were to witness or sense La Veil’s presence in her Dragon Form, most demons won’t even come close. Next, I would be supporting them with foundations, but I will go dungeon diving after the country stabilizes for a bit. Lastly, we need to provide the proper research facilities needed for development.


「So, what do you think?」

「……at the moment, I don’t really know. I will try visiting several places but I don’t know if everyone will be cooperative enough to release their slaves, and there would definitely some who will need compensations.」

「Next would just be the matter of how to handle the tools made by beastmen. Selling them to other countries would definitely be a big benefit. Trees and materials for construction can be procured from the forests nearby. Food can also be procured at the same time. I don’t know if you can use this in order to supplement money at a later time, but I think this would definitely sell」


I arranged a variety of board games on the table.


「Wha, what are these… pieces?」

「A board game where you put this pieces on the board. I will pass a manual about it later because there are various rules, but I would like to sell it to everyone because it is actually easy to make」


The three people stood up in surprise and stared at the games. They were all made by fairy magic but it’s not impossible for it to be made by people.


「I got it…… I’ll learn of the particulars in regards to the board game pieces. I’ll also take care of the finer details at a later time. But for now, there is one more thing to ask and needs immediate attention. 」

「What is it?

「Our biggest problem at the moment, about the heroes」



No lie shall fall before Aidle’s『Fairy Eyes』, everything they have said in this place is the truth.