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Chapter 62 Fairy and Song


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If the other Heroes find out that the country won’t be able to pay the tax to Hallia, they will definitely come to destroy it. Thinking about that, Mondol-san asked me if I might have any ideas to stop this, but at the moment, I don’t have really any plans, yet.


「Can’t we just put that on hold for now?」

「Wha, why so?」


 Well, for me, it’s very simple.


「I’m planning to complete the rebuilding of the beastman country before the next tax collection is scheduled」

「Wha…Is, isn’t that impossible?」

「Nope, I can easily do that」


I’ll definitely complete it in less than 1 year before everyone’s eyes. After all, there’s nothing impossible for me to do.


「Of course, I can’t do it alone. I will need the participation of beastmen in doing so, as long as we can get as many as possible. I will be needing them for my fairy magic」


 When the word “Fairy Magic” pops out, Meinen-san’s eyes change into that of curiosity. Mondol-san also made a surprised reaction, saying「Such a magic, does it really exist…」. It seems like I couldn’t convince them with just words. Well, that couldn’t be helped, because it was something that only appeared in myths.


「Wha, what kind of magic is it?」

「Me too, I want to know. It is not even recorded in history books after all.」

「As a matter of fact, I have been studying it for a long time, but even I think that it’s a really strange magic on its own. It can pretty much do anything I could imagine. In exchange, the burden would be making me feel like my head is burning up, but if there are a lot of people 『Believing』then the burden is greatly reduced. I would still end up tired afterwards though」


At the times that I did it, during a concert or the battle in the stadium, where all in the audience were made to believe, even if I used large scale fairy magic beyond my normal limits, I didn’t feel the burning sensation like when I do it forcefully. That’s why magic that would be on the scale of total impossibility even if it goes way beyond my limit, I would be able to perform it without losing my consciousness.

「What a ridiculous power that magic possess… is that really magic?」

「Well yeah. Remember the final battle with the Hero? All of those special effects and unthinkable acts were done by fairy magic. Can you be convinced with that?」

「Oohh… Indeed, that kind of power was so ridiculous, that you might only find something like that in a picture book. I see, so that power was boosted because of the audience too」


I can definitely use it to build a new nation. Perhaps, even the beast capital itself could be reproduced. Next would be the location, it should be somewhere close by but will be out of reach from the heroes. When I asked if there is such a good location around here, Belmour-san answered that there is and then explained about the area.


「If you walk off from the highway of Haval all the way to the east, you can see a vast forest spreading out. That area is a place that hasn’t been pioneered, and even adventurers aren’t active in that area. I also think that it would be a good place if we consider trading」


I was wondering if the place we were talking about is where I first met Arena. I see, if that is the case, then I will have to plan thoroughly, just in case an emergency happens.


「Then, let’s do just that. How much time is needed for the Beastmen to be gathered?」

「Let’s see… probably within a month, at the very least」

「Got it. Then we will be proceeding in that direction. After that, could I ask for a few workers? Ones that could do civil work if possible? I want them to teach beastmen in order for them to properly operate in the future.」

「Un, I’ll have that arranged. Is there still anything you would need?」

「A proper punishment for the captured Heroes」


 At the moment, Slave Collars were attached to the Heroes in order to limit their actions, so they won’t be able to report their failure. This year’s tax collection have also been settled, so there is still a year before they come back to collect it.


「About that, I’m really sorry for not being of use since I don’t really have any idea how to handle such things. I will be staying in the capital for about a week, and so you can call or contact me again at some other time. And then… ah right, please pass this to Belmour-san」


 Taking out a pink stone in my pocket, I passed the stone, which was received by Belmour-san. The stone itself used to be transparent, but because of my magic power, it became pink spreading out from its center. I have created only one of such at the moment, since it takes a huge amount of magic power to make one.


「If you put magic power in it, I will know, and will transfer to the stone’s location. Use it, only in emergency」

「A, Amazing… I got it」


Belmour-san held it carefully in her hand. No, you don’t really have to treasure it like that. Mondol-san was whispering「A tool from the Era of Myth…」 as he stares at the object. It only works for me you know?


「And then last would be, to look for someone who can be the country’s leader」

「Did any royalty survive that annihilation?」

「In this castle. The last one you could say, the daughter of the King… but she’s still too young to be crowned」

「Is it fine for me to meet her?」


 If there’s anyone who could stand as a leader, that would make things easier. Even a young girl like her would have probably understood the state of her country to some extent, and I plan to make her take the responsibility of holding the reins of her country.

Other beastmen that were working in the castle might have survived. It would be great if I could find some of them. Answering to my inquiry, Mondol-san continued.


「It’s fine. I will make sure that you will be able to meet her by tomorrow」


 Hearing those words, Meinen-san said「I will immediately make arrangements. Please excuse me」, And Belmour-san also said「I will be arranging for the procurement of beastmen that worked as civil officials」 and the both of them moved out. The only ones remaining was Mondol-san and the knight commander Magenta-san.


「That’s it for that issue. Anyway, what kind of people are in the fairy tribe? I have met elves who know of spirits and such, but I haven’t heard of any race with such small stature. It was really unbelievable.」

「Do you also want to see my real form?」

The important talks were already finished and right now we are just having a simple chat, so I also changed into my Fairy Form. On top of the hand of Mondol-san the two of us landed.


「Oo….Oooooh… How to say this… such a pleasant sensation… I just can’t find the words to explain」

「The inside doesn’t really change you know?」

「Ah, Yes… I do understand that…but something like this… I could only say that it’s really cute」

 Ah, he completely changed to a Deredere Grandpa. As expected, cute is the strongest. La Veil was starting to flare up, so Arena flew towards her.



「Nyahahaha~it tickles~♪」


A beautiful Onee-san playing with a tiny cute little girl flying around is such an eye-catching scene. After me and Arena humanized again, Mondol-san was showing a disappointed look. This stupid Grandpa. It was just a special offer for this one time. Next time, there will be charges.


「Speaking of which, do you know a person called Aldrake?」

「……ah, well, sorry, I don’t know」


No good huh. Well, can’t do anything about it since it’s just a name. Let’s just report to Testania-san that he didn’t know.


「Well then, that’s about everything for today’s agenda. Thank you for listening to our requests.」

「Umu. You can visit the castle again anytime, so will you be coming again tomorrow?」

「Understood. Well then, say your goodbye’s now to Mondol-jiisan Arena.」

「Mondol-Ojii-chan, bye bye」


The, the love is overflowing.




After seeing the three off, and whipping his nose, Mondol organized all of the information that he got today, and added Magenta’s observation to it.


「Seriously……This was definitely the most surprising day that I have ever experienced in my life」

「Right. I am also very fortunate that I was able to attend」

「I could understand that without even saying, but be sure not to…」

「I won’t speak of anything. Anybody who would dare threaten such magnificent races should be considered inhuman」



 To Mondol, Aidle aside, the presence that Arena exudes was that of a very pure existence. Like the characters in the stories, she shows the exact characteristics of what a fairy is like in those stories. Even during the early childhood he has been wishing to meet fairies and for someone who participated in such an event, an encounter like this really has a really strong impact.


「By the way, my King. What exactly is the 『Fairy’s Covenant』?」

「……You see, in myths, there was a time when fairies have saved the humans from near extinction. Therefore, when Humanity’s help is requested by the fairies, they will follow through it no matter what」


Mondol skims the letter once more. After going over the contents one more time, he closed his eyes showing a face as if enduring something then murmured.


『Humans, We believe in you』


The contents of the letter were nothing more than this. It was such a simple phrase. Such a phrase would be nothing more than a small talk of trust. But for the Royal Family, who leads a country and its people, the weight and burden of such phrase is much heavier than any praise or worship that could be received from anyone else.


「It will definitely be a tough fight, but even if I have to crawl on the ground, I will walk along this path. There’s nothing more to do that to strengthen ourselves, enough so that even Heroes would hesitate to attack. I really admire how they go on with their lives, those little ones」

「We will also give you all our support, my King」




After settling our arrangements with the border permit and the library pass we left the castle. Right now, the entire town is in a festive mood. After the events of the Martial Arts Tournament, the tension was high and everyone was celebrating in their own ways, and there was even a dance party held in a large hall.



「That certainly looks fun… Yeah, it makes me want to play my flute」

「I can also play my guitar」

「Want to sing~♪」


 Yosh, shall we do it. Oops, before that.


 Using Fairy Magic, I created something that resembled a fairy. It’s only an impromptu image with a dignified air and closely resembling my figure, and it won’t be active for a really long time, it will disappear soon. Give it some magic power then poof, you go fly into the sky. Something like this is also easy to achieve using this magic.


 I went to the big plaza where a dance party was held, and then in an open spot I made musical instruments resembling a tin whistle and something like a guitar. Now we only need to attract the attention of people around us, since a super high-performance musical stage has been made and we are ready to go. The stage was made to fly, and on top of it will be the three of us.


「Hey, look over there it’s『Fairy’s Banquet』!

「That’s true, are they performing something?」

「Everyone!! Come, gather, gather~~!!!」


The people who were watching while dancing also stopped for a moment and gathered together. I was then strumming my guitar and tapping my feet in a rhythm. All other musicians seem to understand my intentions and prepared their instruments.


「Arena, we’re ready when you are. I’ll be sure to match it perfectly」


Fairy magic is now in full throttle. I was linking the song of Arena to everyone who was playing an instrument along with mine. My fingers will be moving following the tune. I love cool folk music, so let’s also rearrange it that way.


While watching the people waiting impatiently… Arena takes a deep breath then slowly started singing her song. [TL: why do I imagine Arena singing Cruel Angel Thesis?]


In a large open space,a solo was held in a very natural manner, yet the power of the song reached even Mondol, who was inside the castle. It reached Morial who was staring at the ceiling in his room, the soldiers who were guarding the gates and the adventurers partying inside Inns. It even reached the ears of Aguera.


What Arena sang was one of the songs passed down to fairies. A song about humans, fairies, and a variety of different species, who were living happily in mythological times and into the future.


Then guitar’s rhythm slowly builds up. La Veil with her flute also went along with the guitar’s rhythm.


Everyone also snapped out of melancholy. Singing, dancing, drinking, everyone enjoyed it in their own way.




As the evening arrived, we also set off to enjoy the festival and made a surprise visit to our acquaintances……



『Despite singing for the first time it was a splendid performance, my ears are filled with happiness』

『I want to listen to it forever』

『Hai, let’s continue until our fingers cramped』

『Count me on it』