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Chapter 63 Morial and Suvia


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All in the name of Belief



While listening to the beautiful voice of a girl singing from afar, Morial was staring at the dusky sky. He was afraid to look at the pitiful state of his body. It was nothing more than a broken doll, with both legs and the left arm gone.


It was like an awkward Daruma with only the right arm attached.




He was thinking of what he would do with his life from tomorrow on. There was nothing else other than that inside his head.


「I won’t meet Suvia again next year……Or」


The words of the hero resounded in his head. It has already been 5 years since they’ve first met in battle. And every year around that time, they would always meet somewhere before the finals. 『Every year, we would always meet somewhere. It was always fun to see how much we improved in one year and we trained some more every time, without thinking about being male or female.』


Every time after they fought, they would always consider to fight again next year. With those words they would always agree. That’s what I was supposed to be thinking about.


And in this year’s tournament, he was also able to see her again in the tournament. He was thrilled to be able to fight her once more.


「…I can’t meet her anymore……can’t see………so frustrating」


Tears overflowed. He firmly grasped the futon with his remaining right arm.


「To not be able to see Suvia… I don’t want it… I want to see you……」


He cannot fight, especially in his current unsightly shape. 『I didn’t lie about my desires to see Suvia』. Even so, he doesn’t have the courage to face her in this current shape. It’s already too late for him to realize this.


「Sigh, I’m really pathetic.  I…… with my body in such condition, I don’t want her to see me in this pitiful state…」


I would probably retire as an adventurer with this. There’s also none of my family members left in the capital. The only thing waiting for him is despair. For a moment, he thought that he could still use magic, but it would be better if he would just die, so he won’t be a burden to anyone.


Then, the door was knocked.




 During this time, most of the residents of the town are enjoying the festival, and so they would always ask if there is anyone behind the door. But the voice he heard was someone he didn’t expect to come and visit him more than anyone else he could think of.


「……Morial, it is me……Suvia」





He was stupefied. What would he have done if she was a few minutes late is what he thought.


He currently appeared like someone wrapped in bandages, and was only in his underwear…… Realizing this, he immediately dived.


If he was to be seen in such a figure, he was thinking that he would rather just die. However, he remembered the reason why he cannot come out, and also the reason why he was in his room.


「Su, su su SUVIA!? Wa wa, wait, I can’t let you see me like this!! P, please wait for a bit!!」

「Eh, ah, oh… well, are you ok?」

「I’m fine!! Just give me 2 minutes, no, 1 should be enough!!」


 He tried reaching for the closet to get some clothes, but then he realized that he can’t open it with only one arm, and again tears overflowed for a different reason, that he realized that he can’t even do something this simple.


「Da, damn it… I have Suvia waiting there, I’m a pathetic guy… Ah」


Behind him, he heard the door creaked open, and then the sound of shoes hitting the floor. That person then came closer and lifted him. He then felt warmth from being embraced and he couldn’t escape it.


He tried squeezing out words, but it would only inflict more damage on him.


「……Funny, isn’t it?」

「Let me help you change clothes……」

「……Sorry about this, and thanks」


It more than just being embarrassing, having his former rival take care of him, and more than anything else, for showing Suvia his ridiculous appearance. But the joy that He felt from all of this drowns everything else, and he found it to be just fine.


When he was carefully placed back on the bed, Suvia sat sideways and presented him two large and one small bag. Now that they think about it, this was the first time they met in an actually calm manner.


「After the martial arts tournament, you were given rewards. But since you were not able to come, I was chosen as the representative to hand it over. Here」


First passing him the small bag, which contained hundreds of gold coins, then Suvia revealed the contents of the large bags, and they were filled with revenant ores. Both are things that adventurers would dive with their life on the line to acquire. However, the atmosphere behind the two was not something that seems to be happy about it.


「I see…… but now, I have lost what I use to treasure the most. I won’t be able to be an adventurer any more, and right now, I’m thinking of what I should be doing for my future」

「Is that so」


Looking at his state, Suvia once more showed a sorrowed face. For a comrade she had known to end up like this.

If it was her, what would she do in such a state……


「There will be more and more new faces, new people that will be joining in the coming years. I am sad but it just cannot be helped. You too, for a woman of your caliber, you don’t really have to worry about me like this, you know? I think it would be much better for you to look for a new rival who you could work with and challenge again for the coming years, right?」


Laughing while ridiculing his own state, he didn’t try to look at Suvia. His right hand was gripping the futon with all his strength.


He was hiding his true intentions. He didn’t want to burden her any more than this.


「Hey, is that all you want? You should go now, and you could still join the festival. You’re also a part of the martial arts tournament. If you go now, you’ll definitely be praised by the people and get all the free food and drinks they offer, right?」

「……I am indeed done with that task」


That’s right. You should go now, before my true intentions overflow. He was gripping his hand so tight, that blood was already starting to drip.


「……Then, next will be my own agenda.」

「……eh? Wha……? 」

「You don’t really have to hold back you know. Seriously」


She then grabbed his only remaining hand and wrapped it with both her hands. Looking at his dumbfounded face, Suvia showed a happy expression.


「I have realized. I have always been wondering why I wanted to meet you. I was thinking what if I was in your place? Then I concluded that I wouldn’t want to be seen by you. I also thought that it would be much better if you can’t see me anymore」


From Suvia’s hands wrapped around his remaining hand, he could feel warmth flowing into him.


「And I thought, I was such an idiot never realizing, that there was a man who was pushing me from behind my back. And so, that’s why I came to see you… to be the one to push you from behind now. I, I have firmly resolved… I want to stay with you」

「Wa…!! I, I don’t need the pity!!」

「Maybe, that is indeed what I feel. But I also realized, Morial. We are comrades. Even until this moment. Even in the current state you are in」


Shaking her head, she said.


「I just can’t leave you alone. I can’t stand the thought of you disappearing from my sight. I hate the fact that I won’t be able to see your smiling face anymore」


He trembled.


「Morial, if you really wanted to stop me and end our relationship, then I am ready to accept. Then answer me honestly. Look straight at me and answer……」


His senses were disturbed and his real motives are surfacing. 『I don’t want you to leave. I don’t want to be left alone. I want to stay by your side. I want to see you smiling beside me and talk to me. I also want to challenge again in a fight. Please, please, please, please!!!』



「Ahhh, I, I, with you… I don’t, want to be a comrade anymore……Suvia」



But he still managed suppressed it, he really did his best to suppress it. Even just a little pressure, if she pushed a bit more, if she didn’t deny, then he might definitely break.


 But he managed to endure. He was fine with that for now.


「……I see, I understand」


Suvia slowly stood up and released his hand.


「Well then, from today onwards, I will be saying my goodbye to you as a comrade. It has always been fun, our fights against each other, Morial」



Suvia then opened the door and went out of the room. Then……it was slowly closed. He strongly covered his mouth with his hand, enduring. He was fighting the urge to call her back. That is, until He couldn’t hear footsteps anymore. Then, his body shivered, the tears he was enduring overflowed, and even his moans were starting to echo leaking out of his sore throat.


The footsteps have certainly disappeared.



「Ah… Aaahhh~~~~h, Uu……」



With this, he thought that he definitely wouldn’t be a burden for her anymore. And that would be good. But still his tears didn’t stop overflowing, thinking that he would never see her face again, and that lingering warmth in his hands that he could never forget. Even so, he was fine with that.


 And then「I finally saw your crying face…」……「Fue? 」



From outside of the window, Suvia was looking at that situation. In her hand was a big bouquet. She was looking at him with a gentle smile.



「Wa, why!?」

「Because we were no longer comrades, then we would be nothing more than just another man and a woman?」


「What in the world are you trying to say?」He retorted to what she said. What the heck is that girl saying?


「Oh, right before I forget, Morial, since our first battle I have always loved you, it was love at first sight. It was from the moment that they we first clashed 5 years ago!!」



Suvia returned with a bouquet in hand. She then, kneeled with one knee in front of her. 『Ah, stop it…』 is what he thought. If she shows such determination, then he will no longer be able to resist. After showing him a nice smile, his faced got completely dyed red from shame.


「If you are saying that I would be a burden, the I will stop being your comrade. But if it will be as a lover, then we can share this burden together, that is if we are really in love with each other」


Putting the bouquet on her knees, she grabbed his hand again.


This time once more, his tears overflowed… but this time, it was like a broken faucet.


「Morial, can you tell the reason for those tears?」


He already forgot how to hold back his thoughts.


「……I, I don’t really know Suvia. It’s just…It’s just, I……I’ve given up. However, in my head, I would always think of the memories of our battles, the times we talked and especially, your smile. Your face, your voice, your warmth, everything is just lovely」


After the feeling of losing her for a moment he realized, he just can’t keep on hiding it forever.


「I like you……I have also been in love with you. I have always wanted to be with you. It doesn’t matter whatever happens to me as long as I can be with you. If you still wanted to accept me despite of what I am now, then I would extremely be happy to be accepted. That’s why, when I was thinking that you would leave me… my tears… just won’t stop」


He was embraced. Despite sobbing, he was comforted by the gentle embrace. Amazing, it was really amazing!! To feel the warmth of the person you love, it was such an amazing feeling!!


「Me too, Morial… we will together from now on, the two of us」

「……but, I’m like this. I would definitely end up as a burden for you.」

「I don’t care!! We will be together no matter what!!!」

「I, is that so, well if you don’t mind, then, but…」


It was like when they were fighting in the tournament. Has Suvia always been this pushy is what he thought. He became a little uneasy, but he thought it was fine for her to take the lead… 『Why was I already thinking to give up, before we even began living together?』, is what he thought.


Then for the second time that day, the door was knocked. After it opened, they felt something coming in. Suvia readied her sword and stood in front of Morial. He also tried preparing magic just in case, but…


「Ah, moshimoshi, you two over there?」


It was some humanoid figure floating in the air. It was one with a pink hair and a voice that they seem to have heard somewhere. 『A flying… dwarf?』 is what they thought.


「Could it be…Aidle, is that you?」


「Right, wait, you are supposed to be the winner. Why have you come here? Also, that figure…… Ah, no, I didn’t really want to pry about it.」

「I would be glad if you do so」

「Morial, it was Aidle who pushed me forward」

「Is that so?」


Aidle then landed in front of Morial. 『That figure is very adorable』, he was thinking. 「Hmmm」 is what Aidle was murmuring while taping her cheek.


「Err, well, sorry for breaking the nice atmosphere from before. But hear this, I have good news for you」

「No, really, you don’t have to mind it, I would also like to give my thanks to you. And so, what’s the good news? 」


「His body, I’ll be fixing it」



 Aidle didn’t say anything about anything after that, and then just activated some sort of magic.


「Eh, ah…eh?」

Without knowing what it was, Morial was engulfed by light. However, what he felt was similar to a lukewarm bath. It was very soothing……


「Right, and it’s done~」



 It felt like it was a really long time ago. Left hand, right foot, left foot. All the senses, were not just his imagination, they have actually returned. He then stood on his two legs. It was interesting to see Suvia’s stupefied face not processing what exactly happened.


「Yup, and with this, were done here. Keep this a secret, OK and good luck」


With a poof leaving pink smoke behind, Aidle disappeared on the spot…


「……Although It was certainly a miracle, she really did come like a storm and has blown away all disasters」

「Aah… That is indeed」


He then held Suvia’s in his arms. He didn’t want to let go of that feeling. Because have already fixed his resolve.


「I was really thankful. With this, I will be able to walk next to you… Suvia」

「……ah, aaahh!! Yes, I, I am really happy!!」


 They want to, someday, definitely, be able to repay Aidle for this……




The existence of the 『Fairy』 species is not known to the general public. They only thought of her as a strange dwarf.