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Chapter 65 Vague History and a Letter of Apology


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Morning, the second day after we left the sleeping Forna back in her room and went back to the Inn to take a late rest. We all woke up at around noon, and after having a meal, the three of us discussed our plans for today.

By the way, it was agreed that we will be taking Forna with us to the forest of Haval a week later, that’s why we would like to take our time enjoying the capital and do what we want until that time comes.


「Alright, now what will be everyone’s schedule for today?」

「I will be going to the forest to hunt」

「Will go to the castle and play~♪」

「Then I will be going to the library」


It was decided in just a moment. It was fine for them to be alone since anyone strong enough to actually hurt them is on at Hero level, and there isn’t anyone.

Considering that, La Veil will be receiving adventurer quests to quickly raise her rank. Arena will be visiting Forna to play. Well, as long as something troublesome doesn’t happen, they can basically do anything they want.

For the time being, I handed out 3 gold coins for each as allowance.


「And with this, let’s all head out for our solo actions~」



I then headed towards the library. I was kind of worried about it before, but I have finally found written history books. I can finally get more information about this world.


As I entered, I was surprised by the view of the hall. There were rows of bookshelves extending until it reached the ceiling. High, really high, but I wonder how you get books from that place? The receptionist noticed me and called out. It was a librarian with green overalls and wearing glasses.


「Hello. I was given this admission permit, you see」

「Ah, yes. I have heard about it. Let’s see… right. I have certainly confirmed. Do you want an explanation?」

「Please do so」

「Hai, first is that you are not allowed to bring books outside of the library. There are no restrictions on what the books you are allowed to read, but there are books in bad conditions, so please do handle them carefully. Also, please be aware that if you are to use our service, you need to pay one gold coin as deposit.」

「How do you get books from that height?」

「There are dedicated platforms for that, it will be able to move up and down if you input magic on it. You can see one over there. Please keep in mind that magic will be continuously consumed if you keep it afloat」


Ooh, there was one librarian who stepped on a wheeled platform, the lower surface rose up. It can only move up and down so I am a bit disappointed. It would have been better if it could move from side to side.


Understanding all that all that is to be explained, I handed a gold coin. The first thing to look for is history books, so that let’s go and look for it.




  • 30 minutes later.



It was all wonderful biographies. It is certainly interesting to know about their history and achievements, but I want something that actually tells me about overall stuff…It can’t be helped I guess. Let’s ask the librarian about it.


「Um, I’m looking for books of general history and about the summoning of heroes」

「……Nn? Who are you?」


Oh, I thought it was a librarian, and when I called out, it was an uncle who had a strict looking face. He might be someone great or something.


「Ah, sorry. It was only a mistake」

「Wait, only Magic Knights and librarians are supposed to be here……Ah, aren’t you the woman who defeated the Hero that Mondol mentioned. Aren’t you only a little girl……」


After saying such, he gets up from his seat then came close to me and stared at me. I wonder what this person wants.


「Hmm. I can’t see you as the type to do research though, but it’s fine. Here is one you are looking for. I am done with it so and you can take it, but be sure not to break it」

After saying all that and handing over the book, the man left. Then looking at the book he handed, the title was,


『Alvana History Book Complete Edition』


Then I screamed with all my might.

「You Tsundere!!!!!」


What’s with that? Are all old men in this country suffering from Tsundere sickness? If they don’t do something good for children, are they going to suffer from some kind of disease and die? Well, never mind that, I already got what I wanted and will be reading it immediately. Looking inside, it was supposed to be written history 100 years after genesis.


 Book of Genesis:

『This world was born from the aftermath of the battle between the Goddess Cresion and the Demon God Luina. A Holy Land was then established by the Creator God, and the world grew from that point.』


The name of that world has come to be known as 『Alvana』


This, it is this. I finally found the roots of the name 『Alvana』other than the so called paper bundle written by God. But it was a world that was affected by the aftermath of such a battle, and so the world was certainly Barbaric. Even so, the Creation God just couldn’t let it stay that way. So the Creation God appealed to the two to stop their fight……


 Age of Gods (Myth):

『The Creation God commanded the Goddess Cresion to reign over Alvana. Various races were then created by the Goddess Cresion, and she was crowned as Ruler, establishing the first kingdom of Alvana, where she was the first Monarch. For many centuries, peace and prosperity continued』


Alvana Great War Period:

『The Evil Goddess Luina found and chased after the Goddess Cresion and begun her attack. She created the 『Demon Lord』that can turn every living being in the world into a demon and thus caused a great war all over the world. Both the Goddess and the Evil God were annihilated, and the long battle between the Children of the Goddess and the Demons Lasted for thousands of years』


 Era of Wars:

『It was 200 years after the Children of the Goddess won the war and reigned. Suddenly, a symptom called『Demonization』 occurred. And those who have been inflicted with such syndrome could also turn others into 『Demons』 with the first demonized creature becoming the 『Demon King』 and another long history where terror reign once more came. Afraid of the terror brought by the 『Demon King』, the children of the Goddess called upon the 『Heroes』 from another dimension blessed with the protection of the Goddess by using the ancient spell from the era of gods, the 『Hero Summoning Circle』. Since then it has been an age that defined in the history of Alvana, and the battle between 『Heroes』 and the 『Demon King』 continued for a very long time』


「………Is that really the cause?」


It is certainly said that the race doesn’t matter when it comes to the Demonization and as condition to become a Demon King. That was also the cause of collapse of many races including the humans and from then on different nations were established. When a 『Demon Lord』 appeared once more among the humans, that time was the most intense battle they had since the history of Demon Lords started.

And then, once more a long and peaceful period of time came. Many countries appeared and nations flourished. Many developments and changes have also taken place and the most prominent was the appearance of dungeons. Along with that were many tools developed in order to explore and research materials coming from them, and from there many new technologies were further improved by countries.


One of such country was the Beastman Nation Ladaria. Many werebeast people have gathered making the foundation of that country, and their development has been prosperous. They were also a peaceful nation so no wars have ever occurred with them, but the Humans were becoming more and more envious of their achievements. However, despite their envy, they just can’t directly interfere since that country provided many things, including daily necessities that humans use. They still traded with Humans despite all the scorn being directed at them.


「Hmm. I see. So after that, 『Demonization』 has been spreading out… I also understood why it keeps on coming back and the time between occurrences can range from decades to even thousands of years……but the one that happened this time, was there anything strange about it?」


 『Demon Lord』 is understood, 『Demonization』 was also a strange occurrence. In the case of Ladaria’s『Demon Lord』, the demonization didn’t affect 『Multitude of Races』 like what was described in history. And that is the irregularity here. I still don’t know what to really consider as the cause.


Speaking of strange things, I haven’t heard anything mentioned about angels or devils at all, I wonder if it’s related to something?




Looking outside, I noticed that it was already evening. It’s time to go home soon.



Then suddenly, the pink stone in my pocket suddenly vibrated. Does Belmour-san need anything from me? After returning the book and going out, I teleported.




  • Time goes back a little……



「Hm?… Oh, you’re a member of 『Fairy’s Banquet』, right?」


The lively Arena greeted the person in charge of reception in the castle. Today she came to see Forna. She was also with her yesterday but she wanted to come again to play to become closer as friends. The person at the reception desk had a troubled look about what do in this situation. After all, Forna is a key figure and should not easily appear in public, so the receptionist was wondering what to do about it,


「Um, well, can you wait here for a bit」



For the time being, the receptionist contacted people that were in charge in order to confirm. After a while, the beastman butler Meru, who serves Forna, appeared.


「We have kept you waiting. We will be handling things from here on」

「Ah, yes, I understand」


The butler faced Arena and welcomed her. At the same time, Arena also bowed down in response.


「I am glad to welcome you Arena of 『Fairy’s Banquet』. My name is Meru. Butler of the third Princess Forna-sama」

「Nice to meet you, I’m Arena!!」

「Well then excuse me but. For what purpose have you come to meet Forna-sama?」

「I came to play with Forna~!!」


Putting on a smile on his face, he froze for a moment, and he was troubled on what to do. He could understand that this person is just innocently telling him what she desires and is not lying about it. But because he was thinking about future of the beastmen, he didn’t expect that she only came to play. He was wondering if he should really just let them meet, since he couldn’t notice any ulterior motives from her nor any hidden agenda.


「Can’t? Is she busy?」


The words of Arena that he heard were tinted with loneliness and he felt like he would turn inside out if he refused. Meru decided to allow her, even without the permission of Forna.


「No, It’s fine. I will be guiding you to her room」

「Really!? Yey~!」


After reaching her room being led by Meu, Arena was made to wait outside and Meru went to ask confirmation from Forna.


「Hime-sama, Arena of『Fiary’s Banquet』has come to visit…」

「Arena!? Really!!?」

「Eh, yes. She is currently outside your room, Hime-sama!?」


The moment she heard about Arena, Forna immediately went for the door passing by the side of Meru. Arena who saw Forna’s face smiled then hugged Forna, and Forna also hugged her back in return.


「Arena, You came? I’m really happy!!」

「Nfu~♪ I came to play with Forna」

「Well, Now that I look at you, didn’t you become a lot smaller?」

「Big me was special~, Only like this normally~」

「Amazing, That’s really interesting Arena!」



The two girls, although they should have met for the first time were showing a close relationship with each other. A very happy scene was in front of Meru, but he couldn’t understand how this development took place. Speaking of strange happenings, he remembered that Forna woke up a little later than usual, yet she had a really happy expression.


「Um, Hime-sama? Were you able to meet and get along yesterday? When exactly did that happen?」

「eh, ah…well…」

「Sheep-san, this!」

Arena offered a piece of paper to Forna who was troubled about how to answer Meru. Receiving the letter and reading its contents, he understood the the message was from Aidle.


『I wanted to get along with the little princess so we raided the place last night. Sorry about that. Please get along well with her, and I look forward to hearing about it from you later. by Aidle.


 PS:We are not Humans. King Mondol also knows about the situation, please rest assured……Also, please be careful not to be seen by other people』


After looking away from the letter and towards Arena, Arena was out of sight, leaving behind her robe, and then what replaced her was a small blue-haired humanoid creature resting on Forna’s hand.


「……Hime-sama, are they fairies?」


Among beastmen, Fairies were considered as a very special existence. It was because of the covenant handed down from all their tribal chiefs. And Meru is one of those. Even if they knew of their form, nobody have ever witnessed them nor proved of their existence. He then remembered about their party name『Fairy’s Banquet』and thought that it was definitely true.


 And then he realized, it turned out that Fairies will be rebuilding their country. Since that is the case, then all of Meru’s doubts have now disappeared. And that’s because,


「Now, we’ll play this, Forna!」

「Eh, What is this?」

「Chess, a game~♪」


 This was the first time he have seen Forna this happy. He remembered the time when she would only think about her inferiority, always having a gloomy expression and ready to cry. Even though incomparable to everyone else, she still stood polite and tried her best.



「Nn? What is it Meru?」


Responding to his call, Forna looked at him with a cheerful smile, without a trace of anything else but happiness.


「What is your relationship with『Fairy’s Banquet』?」



She then returned a blooming smile beautiful enough that anyone who has seen would have fallen for her. Meru who was satisfied with her response bows deeply towards Arena.


「Arena-sama. I hope you can be good friends with our princess, Forna-sama」

「Will do!!」




「This game… you really need to use your head……」

「Interesting, right?」

「It is certainly something that I haven’t seen before. This…board game? Fine. Let’s just do this!」


(Well, what’s this… hasn’t the atmosphere just changed…?)