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Chapter 66 The Bridge of Fairies (Propaganda)


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While Meru was watching the two playing together, a knock was hear from the door. Then the voice of the great knight commander was heard.


「Princess Forna, his majesty, king Mondol wants to see you」

「Eh? Wha, what should I do Meru?」


Probably not wanting to show how she normally acts in front of Arena, she immediately stood up. But then Arena who noticed that Mondol was outside the door smiled,



「That voice, Arena!!」

「Eh, My King!?」


Hearing Arena’s voice, Mondol went in the room without listening to anyone calling out to him。Arena who was humanized and was wearing a robe, stood up and immediately hugged Mondol. Forna and Meru were stunned by the sudden turn of events not knowing how to react.


「Ah, Yoshi Yoshi. You came again to visit Arena. I only wanted to confirm since I’ve heard that you came to play, are you alone today? What about Aidle and La Veil?」

「None, Only me!!」

「Hohou, Is that so, I see」


The dignity of a king immediately vanished as he changed his face to that of a sloppy old man pampering his grandchild while patting Arena’s head. Seeing that, Forna regained her consciousness and fixed her posture.

「Hmm, Nn! King Mondol. What have you come here for today?」

「Muh? Ah Forna-dono. Sorry I got a bit too distracted. I was thinking of having a meeting in regards to the reestablishment of the Beastman Country. Was I a bother in some way?」


Forna’s expression was indeed kind of dissatisfied just as Mondol have said, and that was because her play time with Arena was disturbed. But competing with Arena was certainly hard.


「We were playing!! Want to join us, Ojii-chan?」

「Is that so. Then Forna-dono, may I also join you?」

「Eh!? Eh…Um……That is…」


Still confused about what to do, Arena interrupted and told her, who was still puzzled in regards to the King’s proposal.


「Forna… It’s more fun to play with everyone, you know?……Is it no good?」[TL: Arena Killer Move: Arena Pleading]

「Got it, it’s fine!!」


First will be a match between the Mondol and Forna. Arena in her fairy form went down on the board to move around the board as she teaches them what to do. The two people quietly listen to her while smiling.


「……Ah right. Actually, I know of the event that happened during the night」

「Ku! ……Eh, Is, is that so」


It was understandable for Forna to panic a bit regarding that. However, no matter how skilled they are at hiding, it was just plain impossible to conceal such a huge dragon from the people in the castle, so it was quite imaginable what would happen if the king didn’t know about it before then it would have caused quite a panic.


「Well, I can’t really blame you for acting like that. But, you have been with us for a few years now. And I know that in those years, you did your best to behave properly. It was a shame though, that you still continued harboring hate towards us humans. I know that it must have been something quite hard for a young girl like you to experience」

「About that……I understand that I really shouldn’t hate humans as a whole, and to me, some of them might even have become an important friend. By no means……did I consider not being happy about this」


Placing a Rook in a spot, Forna continues.


「And so, I also thought about it, how I was looking at all humans as a single group. I have certainly understood that there are some that could sympathize with us and even willing to give us a hand. And there are those who did their best not letting us all beastmen to fall into a much horrible situation」


Forna bowed in thanks to Mondol.


「King Mondol. I am very grateful to you who has taken care of me until now, and I will never forget this debt of gratitude. After we have reestablish ourselves, I assure you that we will definitely be giving our aid at times when crisis would fall upon Galania」


The eyes of the two met. And Mondol thought, the one who was now facing him is definitely the figure of royalty bearing the weight of a country.


「……As for me, just being able to meet with such legendary beings is already such a blessing. I would be more than happy if we could establish a relationship like that of what was told in the era of myth. I will be counting on you in the future too, Forna-dono」

「Hai, King Mondol. Ah, It’s a checkmate」





「That is, definitely a relationship that was bridged by fairies」

「Indeed. They are such a magnificent race」


The Butler Meru and the Knight Commander Magenta were moved, witnessing the two establishing a connection after the long time where a rift was created between these races. It was also a fact that among their entire race, Forna shouldered most of the hate and rejection that anyone else could have.





Arena flew before the two people who were watching the interaction of their lieges. And what Arena handed them was another game board.

「Play, everyone togetherー?」

Receiving such a proposal from Arena, the two couldn’t help but show an awkward smile.




「Ug, eh, uh. So, what is the meaning of all this?」

「Forna-dono!! 1 round, just one more round!!」

「Don’t want to, how many times have it already been King Mondol. Please give it up already!!」



After being called by Belmour-san, we arrived at the room where two pairs who were competing on games since a while ago were playing. There I found Mondol-san who was trying to convince Forna-chan for another match, and Forna-chan who seems to have already been playing for a while and was tired of it.


The other pair was a Sheep Butler and the Knight Commander, and they were staring intently at the board while having a serious expression. Arena was also watching their game with a serious face. Oh, that certainly is a hard to determine match.


「Ya~ho, Forna」

「Eh, Aidleー? ………Aidleー!!」



Noticing me, she bloomed into a smile and jumped towards me. Catching her, I gave her a full body swing, and then she buried her face on my chest. Her tail was wagging in frenzy. It makes me want to mofumofu it.


「Well, unlike when we first met, you have really changed a lot?」

「Ah, eh about that, I have changed!!」

「Hai hai. I understand」


Though I was hugging her, her tail was brushing off my hands and was a bit ticklish. While in that state, I moved closely to Mondol-san and seated myself. He only greeted me with a bitter smile.


「Seriously. Here I was thinking of what kind of emergency has happened, but to think that you were just playing with a little girl and left your work behind. So that’s why Belmour-san was on the verge of tears?」

「Well, about that. Ah, sorry about that Belmour-dono. I am sorry for driving you to the verge of tears because I left my work behind, you will definitely be a splendid noble wife……」


As I was looking at the apologetic King trying to make peace, somebody hugged me from behind. Unn, I understood immediately who it was. I looked behind to see Arena’s smiling face.



「I’m here to see how you are doing Arena. Were you able to have fun with Forna?」

「I had a lot of fun~, Hehe♪」



The two reacted to who were smiling at each other showing excessive affection. They probably finished their game. The Sheep Butler and Magenta-san also came over.


「Iya, sorry about that. I didn’t expect that to be such an intense game and got too absorbed into it」

「Indeed so. Are you the one who was called Aidle? I am Meru, Forna-sama’s butler, pleased to meet you. This would be the first time for us to meet, and thank you for taking care of Forna-sama…」


After saying that, he performed an elegant bow. This was probably the person who fled with her. So the name of the sheep butler was Meru-san, if it was in my previous life, he would definitely be a person from a comedy show.


「Don’t worry about it. We are also glad to friends with the cute and adorable Forna-chan」

「Mo, Mou Aidleー!」


After everyone calmed down and sat for tea, Mondol-san finally started the real discussion.


「It’s about the reestablishment. I have finished preparing the civil servants. Most of the beastmen we have managed to collect are also ready for the move. And that is why, I want to discuss to Forna-dono about the succession of royal inheritance」

「Royal inheritance?」


Although the kingdom of Ladaria was also of royalty, it is needed for the chieftains of different races to vote on whom to appoint as their king. And if even 1 of chieftains doesn’t vote, then they won’t be able to ascend as king. It is a very strict rule, and the succession condition required a great amount of effort in order for everyone to acknowledge the ruler, making sure that the enthroned would have the capacity and charisma to rule over all the various races of beastmen.


「The previous chieftain chosen as king was Forna’s father. But because of being demonized, he became the target of the heroes and was destroyed along with your kingdom. And right now, not all of the representatives of the races will be present. That would have to wait until other beastmen from other countries are procured. Right now, it is up to Forna-dono to decide if she will inherit this will and move on with it」


「Well, let’s put that aside for now」

「……Eh!? 」


To Aidle’s answer, Forna stared at her with an astonished look. Aidle, unannounced, stepped in the conversation without caring about anyone’s reaction.


「Well, The country called Ladaria doesn’t exist anymore at this moment. I don’t think it would be necessary to stick to old traditions if we are actually building a new country, you know? Although, it is indeed something that Forna’s country adapted. Right now, won’t it be more important for Forna to gather the people under her?」

「Wah! !」

Grabbing Forna, Aidle insisted such declaration. She then encourages Forna more.


「Though it is still too early to decide about that now. Won’t Forna only need to discuss this with everyone? It will depend on what everyone would think about if they want Forna to be their ruler or not. Well, I don’t really know what will happen after that though」


Aidle then faced Forna once more and told her, 「Come on now, say it」. Forna then faced Mondol and said with courage.


「Etto……I will take the role!!」


That was what she decided to do for now. All the difficult stuff will be decided later. It would be much better to think about how to prepare the foundations first and there will be plenty of time to think about other things later.


「Well, if that’s what you think would be good then I won’t say a word. Let us do our best. I will be going now, what will Aidle-dono be doing after this? You may stay here if you want to? 」

「Thanks, but I have to go back at the Inn where La veil would be waiting. Is it fine for Arena to come again tomorrow?」


Well, I plan to do some kind of propaganda though.


「Will you be leaving soon……?」

「Un. But we will still be staying here in a few days, so don’t make such a sad face Forna. Will you be playing with Arena again tomorrow?」

「…Un! 」


After saying our goodbye’s to everyone we returned to the inn. Near the entrance of the inn, we found La Veil already having a blast partying with all the adventurers present, and I thought this will be a long night again.


I would also like to go to bed early you know……




「Aguera-san, don’t you think it would be bad for adventurers to end up dead drunk after all this partying」 (La Veil)

「I don’t mind as long as they pay for everything I am selling to them」 (Aguera-san)

「Is that so!! Then let me also have a feast, let’s enjoy this to the fullest♪!!」 (La Veil)


(This, I have to pay all of this again later……)