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Legend 3 A Silent Proposal

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



After the end of the battle tournament,  Jasper and Sennial were having an end of the battle party inside their home with the crowd’s noise coming from the city as BGM. It was also an annual event for the two to enjoy.




The two people were drinking a specialty wine of the capital called『Kallamia』breathing out after a quick gulp,  they quickly chug down a cup and become emotional like old men.


「Ahhh~ as expected,  drinking after the tournament is the best. It’s passing through my body」

「Kou~ it’s this, this is how you should end it. Like the taste of happiness after finishing a hard quest~. But well, you were not able to reach that far this time, right?」


Jasper was defeated half way into the tournament, but he still stayed to watch until Sennial’s participation in the tournament ended. Sennial also knew about that, but she didn’t want to drop out of the event even if he were to leave her behind and go on a drinking party first. It was part of her work after all, because she understands that Jasper who has been fighting was having a much harder time than her.

Even in the case where they are doing adventurer’s work. All that interaction during the event was nothing more than a bluff.


「This is good. I can only drink like this during special times. I did want to aim higher though, but that person called Genkaku and his 『Iai』…is just bad. That guy was way more skilled compared to me」

「Really…… and here I was trying to think that you were going to match up to the levels of La Veil Ane-sama though」

「If it against Nee-san, then I won’t even be considered as an enemy」


Sennial could still remember how Genkaku disabled Jasper in one hit with an Iai slash. Jasper was also able to witness the fight between Genkaku and Honore, but even when he tried taking measures against it. It was too fast for him and he wasn’t even able to see it. Even if he tried receiving it with his sword, it only ended up sliced along with his hands, so it just couldn’t be helped. Since he wasn’t even fighting seriously, that made Jasper even more depressed.


Jasper also remembered the fight of La Veil against the Hero. So much power that it was almost comparable to a Hero, to the point that if he were to fight her, he wouldn’t even find a point where he had an advantage so he wouldn’t even be considered an enemy. Though he doesn’t want to say it in front of Sennial, Jasper thought that she was both a dangerous and yet a gallant woman who has not only strength but also beauty to admire. He could still remember how the audience was swayed by her beauty and chivalry.


「But well, if there’s really one to be called amazing, I guess it would be Aidle」

「The person who defeated the Hero is it… But the way she fights sure is strange in a lot of areas」


Thinking about that cute girl in pink dressing, Jasper could only say that she was weird. It was certain that she was a very attractive girl that would fascinate just about anyone, but he also understood that she was mysterious to a point where he even doubts if she is really a human.


「For such a strong person to exists, and was even strong enough to beat a Hero. Won’t she be like the first ever in history to actually beat a Hero?」

「Hmm? She might not be a demon but you know?」

「I guess so……」

「But, I know Jasper is also strong you know?」


Sennial then leaned her head on Jasper’s shoulders. When the two of them are at home, they would always sit in a couch together like this.



「Well, even if Jasper works hard, I think you could probably reach the upper limit of B Rank. I know that you just can’t easily let yourself be promoted because of though…」


 The two of them belong to a party called『Melody of the Moon』 but it was more of Sennial chasing after him and forcing him to let her follow as an adventurer. It was a party that was forcefully created so that the two of them would stay together. And because B rank promotion would require difficult escort missions, there is absolutely no way for Jasper to do that alone.


There was also a case where he needed to do it as a group with his party, but Sennial would only be a burden for the task since she is not that strong, it was quite pitiful for Jasper.


「In the first place, I was surely opposed of you becoming an adventurer, you know? You were just a simple villager girl in the past after all. But you were also too stubborn, and just because you want to be with me, you forced yourself to be one……」

「Eh……but that just couldn’t be helped. I am extremely worried about you after all……」

「That is also fine and all, but can’t you just stay at home and wait for me. I would usually hunt only in the nearby woods you know」

「Even so, I will still be worried to the point that I would end up looking for you. I don’t want to stay in a safe place alone」


 Saying all that as a reason, Jasper can’t talk back. Thinking about it now, Sennial have been together with him since their early childhood days, and she would follow wherever he goes. There weren’t that many kids to play with, but there were no days that the two of them were not together. And that’s why,


「Me two, if there would be a time where I wouldn’t be able to protect you, I would definitely regret it」

「I know that, but……」

「That’s why」


Jasper moved out of the sofa, took out a box from his pocket, stood in front of Sennial and kneeled on one knee.



「Just listen for a bit. Ahー…I feel like I can be more serious after this, but first I think I should say this first as a priority. I was trying to prepare something better than this though」


A jeweled ring was displayed when the small box was opened in front of Sennial. Jasper made a face as if a kid who succeeded pulling a prank.


「Will, will you marry me. I want you to give birth to my child. And if possible, will you to wait for me at home with our children? If it will be like that, then I believe I can become even stronger than what I am today. I also won’t need to worry about you that much」



Dripping like melted snow, the tears from Sennials eyes kept flowing.


The ring he presented was neither luxurious nor beautiful, but that was more than enough for Sennial. However, she knows that Jasper is not someone who would prepare such a surprise in a moment. She was thinking that their relationship has been nothing but a continuation of childhood friendship, and that they wouldn’t be seen as lovers. That’s why the two of them also avoided things that would make them slowly fall for each other. But kissing was somehow fine for them.


Sennial did notice some hints that Jasper was showing affection for her. However, the word marriage was something she didn’t expect to come out from him. And because of that, Sennial asked him, with some expectation included.


「When you said you have wanted to prepare something more……what do you mean by that?」

「Eh? Ah, there was this one with a jewel on the same color as your eyes, but that was a rare product so it was quite expensive. If was somehow able to reach higher, and along with my savings, I might have been able to afford it」


That meant that he have been thinking about marriage for quite some time now. Happiness slowly squeezed her tightly. That joy was about to overflow, but she didn’t want to break the current atmosphere, so she desperately tried to hold it in.


Jasper, also understood what Sennial was like, patiently waiting for her to calm down while showing a gentle smile. Since the answer he was waiting for, was something he realized long ago, so there was no need for him to worry.


「I was really surprised……」

「Sorry, I wasn’t able to prepare an even better surprise」

「……But you were also having this goofy look when you were staring at La Veil Ane-sama」

「That’s just a normal reaction. I admit that it was really bad of me to do so. But, I understand that she was something unreachable, and besides I would prefer to admire flowers blooming close to me than those standing at a peak of tall cliffs. I will be able to admire them all the time」

「……Aidle is also much cuter, you know?」

「I want someone whom I can reach, and would only smile for me. I would also be much happier if it’s someone I could see all the time」


Jasper then took out the ring from the small box and slowly put it on Sennial’s left finger. When he finished fitting it, the two of them stared at each other.


They could only see a silhouette of each other’s faces being lit by the fireplace.


「Sennial……I love you. Since a long time ago……will you be with me from now on too? 」

「……Un, I’ll be happy to! 」


The two were looking at each other and were showing smiles filled with happiness.



「Oi Jasper, why the sloppy look, it’s creepy, you know?」

「Ahh, don’t mind me, I just somehow got married」

「「「You finally did!!」」」


And from that point on, the 『Special Partners』were called the『Special Couple』.