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Chapter 67 La Veil’s Great Adventure at the Madalcoz Forest


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That day, at the capital’s Adventurer’s Guild, everyone got surprised by the arrival of a certain woman.


「As I have been telling you, I want to do subjugation requests now! 」

「But you see, to do that, first you have to take the rank promotion exam!! 」


 A member of 『Fairy’s Banquet』, La Veil was there. After they separated for their personal goals she asked several people and now she was inside the adventurer’s guild. Her goal was to play around while doing subjugation requests in the forest close to the capital.

However, the guild receptionist who learned her rank was persistently stopping her. After all, La Veil’s current rank is only F, which is the lowest one. In that situation she wouldn’t even listen to other people, thinking they only joke about her entering the battle tournament. The adventurers around who at least witnessed her fight understood that she should be at least around SS Rank, at least higher than Vandalba.


However, even if La Veil would actually do something as troublesome as a rank up examination, the most she could reach would be around D Rank. She didn’t really want to break the rules but she needs achievements in order to increase her rank.


「That why I’m telling you to just let me do so!! I want to subjugate monsters in the forests!! 」

「Please, please at least see the guild master first! I’m begging you!! 」


The woman holding onto La Veil since a while ago, was actually a beastman. A pretty woman with fluffy bear ears and tail, she was also a little too passionate about her job.


「Marble-san. What’s with the ruckus? 」

「Ah, guild master I need your help here!! 」

「Mu. Although I’m the master here that’s not my responsibility. I won’t do such stupid things as giving exams. How about we settle this in some other way」


The guild master was an old man. He moved his sight to the one arguing while showing a pleasant face after he answered, but he stiffened when he saw that the person arguing was La Veil.


「Oooh, aren’t you La Veil-san? I was also there watching the tournament and I have seen your matches. Iya, you sure displayed such immeasurable strength. So, what’s your current Rank? 」

「Guild Master, this person that you are referring to as a strong individual is an F Rank!! 」

「That doesn’t matter!! Today, I want to hunt Monsters in order to increase rank but she won’t let me do so not unless I’m D Ranked!! 」

「But other adventurers won’t be convinced with just that, even if they say she was strong!! 」

「What you are suggesting is not bad but there are a lot of people who know about her!! 」


She didn’t want to back out from what she insisted on. If it wasn’t La Veil then they would indeed need a certain amount of good records to get promoted, and Marble thinks that other adventurers would look down on her if she did the rank up without any achievements for the guild. Because of that their opinions clashed.


After thinking for a bit, the Guild Master took over Marble and informed La Veil of the conditions.


「Let’s do it this way. Please hunt groups of Babel Spiders of around Level 50-60 today for the whole day. If you can do so, then your Rank will be raised to SS Rank. It’s also easy to find and hunt them. Also, I know that you have been awarded a ring shaped item box for the second place, but you don’t have a problem using that, right? 」


La Veil was thinking if there’s a catch with this special subjugation that could lead to promotion. However, the surrounding adventurers reacted with「Guild Master, again…」and they were also certain that others won’t be bothered with that. But everyone understood just how hard that quest is. Even Vandalba, who they hailed as the strongest, couldn’t achieve such a feat.


「That would be fine, I guess? 」


La Veil asked to confirm the request, and the Guild Master only replied with a grin. La Veil left the guild after verifying everything. Marble was left behind with a pale blue face. She did her best trying to settle the argument and even asked the Guild Master to help, but she didn’t expect him to offer such a quest,


「Ah, right. Marble-san. Next month, you will be relocated so prepare to pack up」


With that, Marble’s face that was dyed blue turned completely white.




Madalcoz Forest, an area covered with trees reaching 100m in height, and is housing many demons, not to mention the rate of encounter would increase as you go deeper. It was a good hunting spot for adventurers, as there were many materials to hunt for that are used for production and directly sent to the kingdom.

Even at this time, that place was filled with adventurers, and everywhere she went she would hear people shouting or monsters screaming.


「Now~then. I was supposed to hunt Babel Spiders. Where could they be hiding~? 」


Thinking like that, she was heading straight towards the deep areas of the forest. Holding her Halberd with one hand, she smashed monsters encountered along the way and stored the remains directly into the item box. It was already reaching an unreasonable amount, if seen from a normal adventurer’s point of view.


 What she encountered so far were, Big Mantis, Grave Lizard, Berserk Ant, Rock Hawk and many others. All of those beasts were not strong enough to even satisfy La Veil, her level also won’t go up fighting such weak creatures, so she just sliced off their neck or crushed their heads before storing in the item box.


As she went deeper, the presences of adventurers around her started to diminish, and the environment of the forest area changed. The foliage of trees thickened, blocking all of the sunlight, making the place look almost like night time.


「Here and there……hmm? Fire, Light up the place」


When her fire magic brightened the place, they appeared.


「……Wha!? 」


They were twice as big a regular human, roaming around cobwebs wide enough to connect every tree in the area as far as the eyes can see. There were also a huge number of them dangling from the cobwebs drooling. Their figures were white as the clouds and they had big, strong looking jaws.


「Fufu~n, I see. I finally found my Prey to devour. There’s just around hundreds of them though. Well, this would be a good exercise」


In this condition La Veil didn’t have room to escape, taking a stance with her Halberd, she waited for more of them to surround her. After a certain number of them were surrounding her, she jumped into the flock.




The first victim received her attack and was split in two horizontally. The next victim was split in two vertically. From every angle and every point, they got split, sliced and stabbed to death, one after another, and La Veil stored every one of them that died in the item box.

If she let the corpses are left behind, then they would only turn into a mountain, crushing materials from below it. That’s why she chose to leave behind corpses as little as possible.


「Hora hora!! Come little ones. Rush over here, more, moreーーー!! 」


La Veil was at the peak of tension. Maybe because she was limiting herself in human form, only using a normal weapon, she greatly enjoyed splattering her opponents with limited means of attack, and the number of opponents was starting to dwindle down very fast. The Babel spiders, despite their wild nature understood by seeing the scene and slowly tried to escape, but La Veil didn’t give them the time to do so.


Next, a volley of attacks came towards La Veil.



「Wha!? 」


The next attack was made of stings of webs flying down from the skies and hitting her. The spider threads entangled La Veil limiting her movements. Looking around, she saw other spiders pointing their abdomen towards her. It seems like their aim was to cover La Veil in high amount of spider threads to completely seal her movements.


La Veil stared at the group aiming for her then………she laughed.




The Halberd turned bright red. A high temperature was released from the Halberd but only the spider threads were melted because the clothes were heat resistant. The Babel Spiders continued firing threads one after another, but nothing could reach her due to the very heat surrounding her.  Everything coming towards her started to melt when they reached the area where she stood.


When the temperature reached a really high point, the appearance of La Veil started to distort……and then she disappeared.




In a moment, 10 spiders were burned, dead without knowing what happened. It was an attack almost invisible that burned away multitudes of Babel Spiders in a moment. Several dozens more died as she continued her assault. In the face of such an attack, they kept burning and dying, unable to even escape the indiscriminate onslaught,


In just a few minutes, the hundreds of demons that surrounded her vanished and were sucked into her item box.


The remaining Babel spiders who were further away and witnessed such devastation could do nothing but flee. Thinking that if they were at a higher altitude their chance of escape would increase since she can’t climb high up, but,


「Oyaoya, trying to escape now aren’t you, little spiders? 」


In the blink of an eye, La Veil appeared above them. They tried their best intimidating her but it was useless. They already knew what was in store for them, and resistance was futile, since none of their attacks or threads would have any effect, no other option was left for them……


「Sorry~I don’t really remember how much I killed, but I can’t let you all escape so it will be over……Hmm? 」


Just when she was about to finish off the remaining ones, she detected the strongest threat. Turning to where it came from, she could see a single gigantic monster mowing down trees as it approaches her.


「Ahh~ Finally, a being the would closely match my power and physical strenght has appeared~♪」


Turning around while showing a delighted grin, she saw a spider about 20 times the size of a Babel Spider. If Aidle was there, she would be so extremely disgusted seeing it that she would definitely run away, unable to stand the sight of such a huge disgusting monster.



Nameless(857) Lv. 1355

Inherent Race:Queen Babel Spider(Ancient Race)


HP  61,002/61,002

MP  8463/8463

ATK   23,489

DEF   54,504

MATK   42,110

MDEF   27,810

INT   60

SPD   1600


【Inherent Skills】Strong Thread, Deadly Poison, Regeneration


Skills:Size Difference Correction (A+)



Although not understanding the queen’s strength, La Veil knew that it was close to her level of power. However, due to the difference in size, all her attacks were immediately regenerated. It didn’t do much even though she kept attacking continuously,


「Hou, what impressive regeneration, not to mention that deadly poison!! 」


The fluids that the Queen has been splattering around were highly toxic venom and the trees that were hit immediately rotted and fell down. There’s also no point in continuing her attacks because the wounds closed right away.


「This is extremely dangerous for humans. And if they end up poisoned…… they’ll die on the spot」


From that point on, La Veil returned to her original form. The eye level of La Veil was now in the same point as the Queen.



『If I am in this form then it wouldn’t be a fight!! Disappear before my sight!!! 」




In a single moment, a laser-like breath was sent to the Queen’s face burning her head, mandibles and all. In an angle aiming upwards, the breath passed through the head and kept going straight towards the sky.


There wasn’t even a trace of what was hit by the breath, the area around the wiped out head became charcoal in an instant. There wasn’t even a trace of fire burning. La Veil then returned to her human form and stood in front of the headless corpse.


「I see, so when it loses its head, it dies. The basics of all living being applies to this one too. Now what to do with this, I guess I’ll just have to bring it back with me……  I guess it should be good enough」


After storing the corpse in the item box, La Veil decided to return while hunting any demon she encountered……




「Showing proof of defeating that should probably be good enough」



「Nn, What is it」

「Ah……La Veil-san. You sure returned early? 」

Everyone turned their eyes to La Veil who returned only after two hours have passed. However, she ignored all that and went straight for the reception where he found the guild master.


「I didn’t how much but there were hundreds of them, and there was also a big boss included at the end. So, is there a place where I could take out all of them? 」

「A big one is it……? If that’s the case then let’s go to the big warehouse. You also need to take out a lot after all」



That time the Guild Master was still in doubt, but he did believe that she probably defeated several dozens of them, so they headed straight for the big warehouse. There will probably be a lot of other monsters included.

Behind them, the free adventurers also followed out of curiosity. Everyone was eager to know what outcome would be shown by the woman who claimed one of the top positions in the tournament.


The warehouse they were headed to was a large building behind the Guild. It was big and wide that even if La Veil was in her dragon form, three of her would fit in.


「Okay, so can you take one by one of them here? 」

「Umu. I’ll do so」


La Veil took out Babel Spiders one by one as instructed. First reaching 10, then 20, then as it went on the adventurers were unconsciously letting out voices in shock,



「Hey……How long before this will end? 」


When the number reached over 100, all the voices turned from shock to admiration , even the Guild Master was stunned. After taking out a total of more than 400 Babel Spiders, it finally ended.


「……Is she really a Human? 」


Everyone couldn’t help but doubt. How could anyone even imagine that someone who can subjugate an amount like this in merely two hours exists.


「WE, well……is, is this all of it? 」

「Nn? Oh, I still have the big one and some others, but is it fine to dispose of it here? 」


After taking out everything the Guild Master was again stunned. In all his life, even during his life, he has never encountered such a gigantic creature in that forest. However, even he was curious about what that creature was, and would really like to know how much the materials harvested from it would cost.


「……Well, I think you will need to wait for a few days for the evaluation of all these materials… are you fine with that? 」

「Umu. I’ll leave all the dismantling and handling in your care. After all that, we’ll talk about the money」

「I will take care of that… then that will be all for now……」


Seeing the Guild Master leave and returning to the Guild, La Veil shifted her focus to the adventurers that were gathered. Everyone’s gazed was nailed at her was in awe.




「Oh, Master? Is it fine if I invite everyone for a drink? Is that so, at the Inn were staying」

「「「We’ll go」」」


And three days later, there were a series of adventurers visiting Aguera’s Inn in large numbers, and for the Adventurer’s Guild and the Merchants, they were hit with a few days of economic war that made the short time feel like they were trudging in hell.



「Owner, I’ve brought customers. Please treat everyone with a good meal and drinks」

「「「Thank you very much, Ane-san!! 」」」


「……Ah, oh well…」