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Chapter 68 Arena’s Charity Works

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



A few days more before they will leave towards the new frontier, Arena demanded something from Aidle, who made a lot of things for her that night. During that time La Veil lent her the ring to store everything they’ve made, and then she went to the center of the capital with a really happy smile.


Seeing her smiling face, the two couldn’t help but feel mushy about it.


「Yahhhoooー!! 」


The place Arena went to was the Merchant’s Guild. Her purpose was of course, to register. Warm affectionate eyes were all focused on that lovely and adorable cute girl that just entered the Guild. Even the person handling receptions couldn’t help but speak to her gently.


「Hello there cute Ojou-chan. What might you need of our Patronage? 」

「Want to register!! 」

「……Eh, well. What kind of business would you like to start? 」

「Selling stuff!! 」


He looked at the people in the surroundings to assess the situation. 「Is there someone who was trying to push this girl into doing some…」. But noticing everyone’s gaze, he couldn’t help but show a wry smile and then explained the rules of the Guild.


「Well then. As a beginner merchant, if your sales don’t amount to much and won’t reach a certain threshold, then your registration will be taken and you won’t be able to register again for a year… Are you OK with that? 」

「No Problem~! 」

Because of her adorable smile, the receptionist was forced to agree with it and proceed with the registration. Thinking with kindness as an adult, the receptionist thought that she might only want to play around and will be done with it once a certain period has passed.


「Thank you very much!! 」


Arena, who was given her F Rank guild card without any troubles, and after smiling delightedly towards everyone, left like the wind. All that were present there also had gentle smiles.




In an area at the City Square, there were a pile of boards and pieces of something piled up beside a girl. She was seated at a desk with one chair in front of her and one large signboard placed on the side of the desk. There were also 10 long desks with chairs placed opposite to each other. Preparations were done.


「Welcome everyone~♪」

 Arena shouted to attract everyone’s attention.


The people who were passing by were at first curious about and were just watching, by their eyes changed when they read what was on the signboard. It was Aidle who thought about the contents, and Arena the one who made the signboard.


『If you win against this girl with any of the games presented, you will earn 10 gold coins, and if you lose you have to buy a game worth 1 silver coin!! 』


Game contents and rules were also written on the board. 10 Gold coins would be a million yen. And when you lose, it was only a silver coin.


An uncle who was observing the rules stood in front of the girl after reading for a few minutes.


「Jou-chan. Is the prize of 10 Gold Coins true? 」

「Hai!! 」


Arena then took out 10 Gold Coins and placed on the desk and smiled. Seeing the real prize also made the uncle smile.

「If that is so. Then let me play this game called Jenga!! 」


A commotion started from those who were watching. Most of the games were something that would need strategies and a lot of brain power, but Jenga was determined by Luck, is what the uncle thought and decided to go for that game. The uncle isn’t a fool…maybe.


However, Arena showed only an even more delighted smile.

「Come, come~♪」

「Ohh, I’ll definitely win those 10 Gold Coins!! 」


「「Match start!! 」」



10 Minutes Later. [TL: Spongebob Time Card]


「I, I loooーーーーーst!! ! 」

 The Jenga fell on the desk, it scattered even reaching under the desk. Cheers then spread out in the crowd, and the loser Uncle had no choice but to pick up the Jenga, then after paying 1 silver coin he left bringing the Jenga game home. And at that time, 「Jou-chan……I will not lose next time, you know? 」 it was a perfect line declared by a person who would be a loser forever.


After selling one piece, Arena was all smiles. The tension of the crowd also rose.

「Welcome everyone~!! 」


After a few minutes, a housewife sat in front of the girl and placed one silver coin on the desk. It was a young wife probably aged around 20 years old. Her charm point would be her yellow coach scarf wrapped around her neck.


「Jou-chan, I’ll be challenging you with Othello!! 」


「「Game Start!! 」」



30 seconds later.


「I, I can’t wiiーーーーーーn!! ! 」

It was finished in a few moments. The board which was now dyed white after just a little bit of time, and then the housewife whose face was also dyed white saying「My year long secret savings…」silently stood up, then went home bringing the Othello board game in her hand.


And about Arena, she was still full of smiles. It shows that she was definitely having a blast.

「Welcome, welcome~!! 」




After an hour, many challengers came to duel Arena but all of them lost, and the pile of silver coins placed besides her continued to grow bigger. What’s more,


「Hey, I think these were placed her for us to play. Shall we practice a bit before challenging her? 」


There were tables placed to play the game with other people, so most of the challengers took a seat one after another, thinking that they could definitely win the next time!! And the challengers who thought like that, went to challenge again, only to be utterly defeated. It became a fun place for everyone, and there were even some who played seriously against someone else.


As the challenges continued, more and more silver coins piled up. Arena’s smile was also beaming brighter and brighter. The shop that Arena thought of was showing great results, and the profits were steadily growing. The number of challengers increased, so Arena added more tables and different game boards. And before they knew it, the whole square was filled with people playing.


And Arena, who was challenged by games like Go, Shougi, and Chess was happy, enjoying the various strategies used by many different people.


「「Yahho~!! 」」


Famous characters appeared. It was Aidle and La veil. They were a bit worried about how Arena was doing so they came to see it as challengers. With the arrival of those who won against the Heroes, the crowd was even more hyped.


「『Blazing Wind』and『Peach of Blooming Ice』have come!! It is definitely going to be a good match!!! 」


The crowd swarming Arena split, and the two passed through while showing a wry smile. And Arena who welcomed the two showed her best smile of the day.


「Welcome, Aidle!! La Veil!! 」

「Arena, today we have prepared with everything we’ve got, this time we will definitely win!! 」

「Prepare yourself!! 」


The two were declaring their win even before the game started.


「Come, what game will the two of you pick~」

「It will be 『Twister Game』」

「「Game On!!! 」」


「「「Uuuwwwoooooooーーーーーーーoh!! !! ! 」」」




30 minutes later…



The audiences were all concentrating heavily as the match went on. They couldn’t even spare a blink so they won’t miss any movement of the three. At the center of the game area, the three were INNOCENTLY having a heated match.




「N~shom, Nn~sjo, Right Foot, Red」


Yes, it was an intense battle of the three beautiful girls desperately squirming around raising weird noises as they rubbed their bodies onto each other. The men were all having bulging eyes while using their hands to cover the nose, and the women were all flushed as they stared at the heated battle.


「Gnununu…Any more than this……body, break(A price will be paid)hurry!! 」

「Ah, You idiot, La Veil, don’t fall over… Gya~a!! 」


At the sound of the two falling on the floor, a sound as if it was not from two people, the two flopped on the ground.


『The Match has been decided!! Winner Arena!! Even the person who defeated the hero couldn’t be a match!! Strong, soooooーーーStrong!!』


In the midst of the commotion, another two people came. Plastered on her, one of those two, is the face of a winner in love. Jasper was standing behind her showing a wry smile. It seems like he was accompanying her.


The audience who didn’t understand their relationship only cheered for Arena, and then La Veil and Aidle stood up as if nothing at all happened.


「Fuuu, that was close, but we’ll give you the win this time Arena」

「But don’t forget. We will come back again for the challenge. Make sure to clean your neck at that time! Kuhahahaha!!! 」


After declaring such, and showing a wry smile placed two silver coins and left with two twister games. Because they are from the same party, those two will definitely challenge her again some other time.


「Thank you very muchーー!! ! 」


This time, the voice of the smiling Arena echoed throughout the square……




After that, many more strange people challenged Arena. Like a Girl of around 8 years old covered in black overall, an old man with a majestic air, a couple of adventurers, some intellectual personnel working in the castle and many more.


And of course, Arena won against every one of them.


Finally, as the afternoon reached its peak, the strongest assassin/challenger appeared.


The last opponent was the leader of the Magic Knights Varna・Lynders. He was known throughout the country as the most intelligent man, and was buried in research all year long.


「Just once, since you have defeated all of my subordinates, I’ll take this challenge against you Jou-chan…」


Varna was forcibly pulled out of the library, he was definitely quite annoyed but he can’ show it in front if this innocent looking girl. After reading the rules of each game from the board, he decided a game that he would definitely win in the shortest amount of time.


「Okay Jou-chan, it will be Shougi」

「Aiyo!! 」


And so, the battle of what was known as the 『Match of The Best』 have begun.




5 Hours Later……




The two were still staring at the board without making any noise. Arena’s smiling face also disappeared turning quite serious, as if she was thinking of hundreds, thousands or millions of strategies in her mind. All the audience, even those who were playing was forced to see the match, and despite not having any movements from both sides, they understood that the two were clashing somewhere that they won’t be able to reach.




It was close to sunset, and there were already some adventurers lighting up the place. The match was already approaching its end, and it was Varna who was being cornered. Just one, it’s just one wrong move and everything would collapse. He was already starting to suffer from dizziness thinking of what to do to escape his dilemma.


(It’s a first time for me to do something so headache inducing like this……)


What he admired the most was the flexibility of the game that he chose, along with the far superior thought process of Arena that he underestimated at first. If it was against the king, then he could somehow manage to understand the flow of thoughts and strategies he would use, but the dimension of the difference between him and the person in front of him was way bigger than what he expected.


And in the midst of everyone watching the match eagerly, the last move finally arrived.




「………………Na…Nah. Jou-chan, before this ends……May I know who you are? 」

「Arena!! Thank you very much for the wonderful match!!!! 」


And then the audience cheered loudly applauded in waves. Varna extended his hand towards her, and Arena received it they shook hands.


「Next time, I will definitely win, Arena」

「Un, I want to have a match with Oji-san again!! 」


Varna smiled as the match ended, and after taking a shougi board with him, he silently left. The applause continued as an unstoppable wave, until they couldn’t see his back anymore……


At that moment, a new Legend was born, and that legend was called: 『Game Master Arena』.


The next day, a huge amount of silver coins was donated to orphanages and Arena received a promotion to C Rank in the Merchants Guild, and even some mysterious appreciation letters from the King.




At that time, the amount of money that was left with Arena was: 1025 silver coins.