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Chapter 70 Day 1, I picked up a Saint. part 1

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



Just when you thought it would be a wonderful start for a journey, you discover a mysterious carriage being followed by a bunch of monsters coming your way.


Not to mention that we have just left the gates, so we can’t quickly stop the large scale march. There’s no other choice but to eliminate all incoming threats right away.


「Please! Please help us~~~~~~!」


There was also a call for help coming from the carriage that was being chased by the monsters. Un, I guess I have to help them too,


「Turn it to the side!!」

「Wha, why!?」


The one who was driving the carriage raised a sad reply when I shouted that, knowing that they might get caught by the demons if they did so, but if they collide with us, it would only make the situation even worse. I won’t forgive them if they do that, you know~


「If you don’t want to die, just do it now!!」



The Carriage was then forcefully stopped and immediately moved sideways. Alright, now time to annihilate all of those things with magic.


「Flow!! Mix!! Get Buried!!」


After chanting, water soaked the ground where the demons were heading to, so the moment that they entered the area, they all started sinking into the ground. Recovering the materials would be a pain in the neck to do, so I’ll let them stay buried in that place. With this it’s all done. I could hear La Veil who was next to me sighing and saying「I wanted to fight some of them too…」. Sorry but I don’t want to hold back or show mercy against monsters.


The beast-men following behind us who witnessed the scene couldn’t help but raise a cheer. It seems like all their lingering feelings of fear and hesitation completely disappeared after witnessing that.


Still, I wonder why most of the demons chasing them were orcs? Not to mention that all of them looked like they were too excited, which was different compared to the times when I escorted those merchants. For now, let’s find out why all of this happened.


「La Veil, I’ll go and check out that carriage, will you stay here with Arena to guard it? Arena, I’ll leave the driver’s seat to you」

「Umu, leave it to me」

「Count on me~♪」


 Yosh, I headed straight to the white carriage and checked the people riding in it. I then spoke to the one seated outside in a friendly manner. It seems like she was surprised when she saw my face inside my hood.


「Hello there. That sure was quite a dangerous situation you had there? 」

「Eh, ah? Ah, no. I was saved!! You are really strong Ojou-san!!」

「Ah, ErーUn. I guess」


 ……Why is her response like that of a naïve person. I can’t really grasp her looks because she is covered by a hood, but she looks more like a young woman. For the time being I’ll check her status. I wonder who this person is.



Mika Sakurada(20) Lv.52

Race: Human(Awakened)


HP  9,599/9,599

MP  10,014/10,014

ATK    5,516

DEF    5,888

MATK   11,207

MDEF   12,330

INT    4,200

SPD   7,540


【Inherent Skills】Automatic Recovery, Holy Sword, Automatic Translation, Item Box


Skills: Sword Arts (D+) Concealment(C+) Appraisal(―)


Titles: Hero, Otherworlder, Blessed by the Goddess, Heretic



 ……Wow. It’s the third person… But this one had something wrong with her titles. Why does she have a『Heretic』 title? Ahh, wow, that seems nasty like she did something really bad……but, why doesn’t she have the sacred armor, which is a medium in order to use her weapon’s characteristics? She won’t be able to use her power to its strongest form.


「Ah, Tha, that’s right. ……Aidleー…san, right? 」

「Ohー…Un. That’s right. I am indeed called Aidle. That person behind you is? 」

「Eh, ah, about that. Um, for, for the time being, can we join your group? 」

「……Un. It’s fine」


The tension finally started to disperse and I guess this person is just someone who was trying to fulfill her duty. It’s ok, you don’t really have to feel down about it… I could also understand her intentions when I told her to change direction at that time.


『La Veil, I think you should be fine, but be cautious for now. I know that Arena is quite intuitive at times like these so prepare『S .A. T. Mode』 (Special Arena-chan Time) just in case.』



I guess, I’ll call out to them. I knocked on the carriage door, since it would troublesome to suddenly stop after it starts moving, and a reply immediately came.


「Mika-san? Did we manage to escape from the demons?」

「I guess so. That crisis has been cleared」

「Eh? Ah…… You are…」

「Nice to meet you………Miko-san」



Cielo・Folbranad・La Veil Radd (15) Lv.2

Race: Human


HP  94/94

MP  101/101

ATK   13

DEF   14


MDEF   21

INT   280

SPD   10


【Inherent Skill】Prophecy, God’s Eye, Restraining Charm(Curse)


Skills: Water Attribute Magic (D-)


Title: Miko, Saint



Uwaah, the person inside the carriage was someone whom I didn’t really want to encounter. Still… Do I have to miss this chance… Well, let’s think about it. Should I really ignore this chance to become closer to a cute little girl in the middle of her growth, that has silver hair, sapphire eyes? It’s decided. I should definitely become friends with her and will do my best to do so.