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Chapter 70 Day 1, I picked up a Saint. part 2

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip

「…For the time being, let us introduce ourselves?」

「Ha, Hai…」


Starting again, we had to talk about our names and other things we would like to know about. I have always wanted to listen to a beautiful girl like she. And it seems like my status got exposed somehow. But beside that……


「Um… Miko-san. Why are you trembling?」

「Ah, that……too powerful. It’s my first time seeing someone that is extremely powerful…… also a fairy. Are all fairies as strong as you are? Also, I would be happy if you call me by my name instead」

「Ah… Oh, is that so. Then it’s fine if I call you Cielo. Oh, and you could think of me as someone who is a little special compared to everyone else 」


Well, my status is certainly considerably abnormal. The hero was probably acting as her bodyguard, but if they would try to oppose me, they won’t even have a chance to win.


「Well, for the time being…… you should calm down and take it easy since I won’t really stand against you, not unless you did something bad. That’s right, Cielo, I heard from the people of Haval. You came to that place to help the people and heal those wounded from the subjugation? But well, I guess you were more interested in knowing who was the one that actually did the healing, right?」


「……That’s right. I saw an oracle about something that was happening there, that’s why I begged my father to allow me to check it. Oh, and a Hero also came along with me…… aand if I did manage to meet you, I would like to hear about something――」


I placed my finger on Cielo’s lips and then warned her.


「Cielo…… you should know that you can’t lie in front of me. A fairy would know if you are lying or not」



She turned away and stayed silent. It seems like I somehow escalated things a little too fast. I don’t really know what the catch is, but I’m feeling tempted to force her to speak about her secrets. I will still ask about it though.


「…The truth is, we ran away」

「Ran away, from La Veil Radd? Are you trying to start a rebellion? 」

「No, that’s not it!! Ah… Sorry about that」


Cielo strongly denied what I said in a loud vice, but then apologized for raising her voice, but well I caused her get hyped so I also apologized soon. She was probably enraged because I said something bad about her country. This child probably loves her people a lot.


「It’s fine, I’m also sorry. What I said was probably something too insensitive for me to say. So, what really was your reason for running away? 」

「……A Hero」


Yep, just as I have expected. It’s an overlapping event it seems… Well, it’s good that I would be able to take care of two different things at once……


「And, the reason for running away is?」

「The Hero…… wanted to marry me, in order to have the power to control the church. If he marries me, he will technically become the next Pope」

「In other words, because you don’t want to be used for political reasons, you ran away?」

「No, it was father, the current pope, who told me to run away…… The Hero who is following me was the one who helped me escape. She resisted and did her best to protect me so we could both escape!!」


 I see, is that the reason for her『Heretic』title? Well, maybe because they considered her a traitor who fought against another hero, but if I was the one who is asked then those villains should have been labeled as heretics. Cielo’s tears then started falling down her skirt.


「Aidle-san, my real reason for wanting to meet you, is because my oracle skill activated right before we were about to escape. What I was shown was the sight of a pink haired girl healing a lot of wounded people, even those that were supposed to be unrecoverable, and the spell she was using was different from the commonly known spells. That revelation was send by the goddess. That’s why I placed all my hopes on meeting that person」

「Now you have met me. What do you want to do from now on?」



You don’t know huh. Well, even I won’t know what I would do if I could if I saw that scene. The Goddess is also not showing any kind of sympathy. Well, it would also be bad if a god offered too much affection. Silence loomed inside the carriage, so I moved to the next question.


「And one more thing,  do you know anything about that 『Restraining Charm(Curse)』? Why is it included in your inherent skills? 」


I wanted to know about it, how she acquired that skill, and why is it specifically set to attract male monsters. It is aimed to attract 1 male monster and then it would spread to other male monsters of the same species. It is something like curse skill that is commonly found in this world.


「This curse, it is because of the characteristics of the other Hero’s Holy Sword…… Its power is to grant certain curses to the target he specified. Because…… He said that if he couldn’t be the one I will marry, then I should just get married with a monster or a demon…… and then…… The country, the people that I protect…… They were forcefully taken over…」


I sat beside Cielo and quietly hugged her. She was shivering as she held onto my arms crying. I see, so that’s another hero I have to crush. If God is supporting them, then I may also consider God as my enemy. For someone to make a woman cry and this pitiful. Something like that is not going to be forgiven.


「That hero, he might be still chasing after me…… because of the curse, he would be able to track me. That’s why, you might also get involved……」

「Hmm, I’ll do something about that. I also sympathize with your situation after all. Though we have just met, I would be glad if you will be able to trust me. You need to believe, even if it is something that is unbelievable, okay? 」

「……Sorry … Thank you, please take care of me」


Cielo finally smiled, even while her face was messed up by tears. I will definitely make sure that you could smile and laugh all you want. I have to start planning how to crush that Hero soon.


「Ah, right, let’s do something about that when the next break comes. I can’t have them suddenly stop after all. It seems like you don’t want to leave my side yet? 」

「……Hai, I’m sorry」

「It’s fine…… alright, then do you want to play with this one-san?」




Ah, I’m only 3 years old by the way. Well it doesn’t matter since she looks more like a Loli than I do, right?

「Ah, Um… what’s with this situation?」


Cielo was seated in Aidle’s lap and in front of them was some kind of board gameー


「Eh? Is it no good?」

「Eh……N, no」

「Then, it’s fine because if it’s this way then we can play properly」



(Ah, she smells really good……)