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Chapter 71 Day 1, I’ve Absolutely Decided not to Forgive







Right now, the beast-men’s march has come to a halt as we took a break on a riverside. Everyone got off the carriages and had lunch near the riverbank. But…… the air surrounding two people side by side near the bank was so heavy that even the surrounding people felt like they were going to choke.

I was envious of the two who were nervously trying to start a conversation with each other. After all, even if I tell them with all my heart『No, you idiot』…… they won’t probably listen before they settle this……


I was playing Othello with Cielo before, but Forna came when we arrived at a resting spot. Saying 「I wanted to talk to the Miko」 when she came, I didn’t mind it because I know that she won’t cause any harm.



Cielo also accepted her request……


「Forna-sama……Is it fine if I address you that way?」

「……Hai. Is it also fine if I call you Cielo-sama?」

「Ye, Yes」


The Mofumofu Princess of a ruined country who’s that was destroyed because of a Miko’s prophecy.  An glamorous young Miko that ran away, cursed and was still being chased by a hero that cursed her. The common thing about the two of them right now is that they are becoming too tense. Yosh! Let’s have them relax for a bit.



「Ah, Aidleー……」

「Eiya. Why is Aidle in fairy form? 」

After appearing between the two in fairy form, the tension between the two started to dissipate. After Forna opened her palm puts it forward, I landed on it and seated myself. It’s the first time for Cielo to see me like this. Oh right, Arena also came. She landed on Cielo’s palm when she opened it and set it forward the same way Forna did.



It’s time to stir up this atmosphere.


「You know, I can’t stand looking at beautiful girls showing a gloomy look while staring at each other. That’s why I want the both of you to smile. Isn’t that right, Arena? 」


「Ah, Umm, are you a Fairy-sama too?」

「I don’t want formalities!! The same with Forna too!! Let’s make it be more at ease!! 」

「Eh, Ehhh, but「Ok?」…… Hiyai(*TL: She fumbled)」


In the presence of Fairies, status, power, fame is worthless. Things that happened in the past should be left in the past and move on. Let’s make sure that everyone will be free to talk about what they to say to each other.


「And so, is there anything that you wanted to say, Forna, Cielo?」

「Ah, Un.……Umm, Cielo?」

「Ha, Hai!! 」

「About us, do you know that we don’t despise you?」



Cielo had a surprised look as she stared at Forna’s face. What she saw on her face was a beautiful smile. She was only able to do this because of the courage that was formed from inside her and me who is sitting on her hand.


「Indeed, it was because of the prophecy that our country Ladaria was destroyed by the Heroes. But it was also because of that prophecy that the damage we have inflicted was only minimal and was immediately suppressed. I was thinking that if it was not immediately prevented, more and more damage have occurred, not only to our people but even to other countries. And that would probably gain more hate for the humans all over the world. That’s why we are not blaming you for our demise. There is no need to do so.」


Probably not wanting to accept her straightforwardness, Cielo, in a panic, tried to find faults to blame her own for doing the prophecy and deny Forna’s acceptance.


「But… You know…… It was because of me that your bretheren have to be enslaved all over the world……」

「We know that it wasn’t your fault and that it the Heroes that are to be blamed, right? Also, even though we do hate the heroes, we also don’t hate them to the point of wanting to kill them, and also about that person escorting you. If possible, I also wanted to get along with her. I would be happy enough if we can accept each other, you know?」


Hearing their conversation, the Hero could do nothing but shiver. I guess, I could make her talk about it and listen to her side later.  What is it that made you greatly admire Cielo. Is it her strength? Iya, I am not included in that, right?



But still, no matter how Forna offered her hand for her to accept…… she rejected it.



「……I can’t accept it…because……it was because of me!! The attack of the Heroes was my fault!!! Because of my prophecy, a Demon Lord was born in Ladaria and I wasn’t able to prevent it!!!」



Eh, you made a prophecy and a Demon Lord was born? ……Ahh, now I got it. If activate the skill and see the future, then you will definitely be able to know about what will happen in the future. I wonder if a future where a Demon Lord would be born would be fixed in the timeline if you ever see one.


「The Heroes told me……『A Miko could make a random prophecy that the goddess shows to her which could give birth to a Demon Lord』. When I realized what that meant, I understood that a Miko’s position is not someone who predicts the birth of a demon lord…… But a trigger that would give birth to one instead… That’s why, I don’t have the qualifications to be friends with anyone……」



There is probably no one who knew about this. It is a top secret information that only Heroes, the Miko, and the people that on their level of authority would know. Cielo is such a nice girl. But she was only used in order to create a breakdown on the foundations of the world for their own benefits. Also the fact that God didn’t even care about it or prevent it was also a painful fact for her.


But well~……


「Is that really the true? Aren’t you just making this up so I won’t have the opportunity to forgive you? Because, i what you are telling me is really the truth, then can you show me some proof? 」

「Th, that is……」

「Besides, the Heroes I know of are different from the current ones. I have read a few History books about their brave tales, so it’s not like every one of them is like that, right? It seems like the current heroes didn’t live like the ones from before, but there some in history who did their best in helping all nations」


It sounded like a story from and old Japanese tales. In the past, there were also tales about some people who was summoned along with their tanks. If you have been summoned in the right era, then that era would greatly benefit from you too.


「Besides, Cielo did such things because Cielo believed that it was the right thing to do. I will never forgive those who forced you to do such things, even if they are Heroes. Therefore, there is no need for me to believe you who is only a victim of such things」


「I really wanted to. To be your friend」

「………I too…*gusu…wanted to……*gusu… is it really okay?」

「「「Of course!」」」


I returned to my human form and hugged everyone. Her sapphire colored eyes were so beautiful, and even the tears that fell from it were like jewels…… from now on, I want her to be good friends with Forna. And because of that, I also have to save La Veil Radd and make have an alliance. Another mission was added to my to-do list!!