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Chapter 71 Day 1, I’ve Absolutely Decided not to Forgive part 2





「Well, no matter what it is, all I have to do is blow them away. If all of those things are true, then I will even include God on my list of things I need to crush, and if it’s not, then I’ll just smash the Heroes」

「「It’s not that easy!?」」

「You have to give it up little girls. That’s just the usual reasoning that runs through my head」



I don’t care. Really, whoever they are, I don’t care. God? Heroes? hah!! I don’t care who they are, but I will definitely make them apologize. I already have a really good reason to do this. Ah, my instincts are overflowing again. For them to make such cute girls suffer and cry, I will be the justice of love that will bring punishment upon them.



「First, Cielo! Don’t worry about it anymore! You don’t have to talk about such painful things anymore!! Don’t hold back!! You don’t have to cry anymore because I’ll take all of your sadness and carry for you!!! Reply!! 」

「Hya, Hyai~」

「Yup, very cute! Next, Forna! When your country is ready, be sure to help with everything you’ve got!! 」

「Got it!! 」

「Yup beast-ears are the best!! And finally, Arena………It’s Party Time!! 」

「Let’s Part~y♪」


A loud party music began playing after the flick of a finger. The mood was set up.


「Everyone, raise yourselves!!!! For all the beast-eared people, listen to my new soooooーーーーーーーーng!! 」

「「「Uwoooooooooaaaah!!!!!!!! 」」」


Fairy Magic was activated to make it possible for all the beast-people hear my song. I then created a stage and changed all the children’s clothes into a beautiful Yukata with Fairy Magic~Nn~♪


「What, where did all that come from!? And why are we dancing!?!?」

「What, did everyone hear the whole story!?」

「You don’t know have to say anything anymore~~」


The dance party lasted until the break has ended.




Night time. I decided call out Cielo…… I’ll leave Forna and Arena for the time being. Eh? Did you already become attached to me enough that you felt sad because I’m leaving you behind? I will be with you again in a bit so please endure it for now.



I went to the carriage where Cielo was riding.


「Yes, I will be removing Cielo’s curse for now」

「Eh……Can…you really do that?」

「I can do it. I will definitely be able to do it because we are friends」

「That, that’s not really a clear answer on how you are able it though~…」

Let’s see, the image will, to take something like a black lump inside her, yes then make it disappear. Ok, now activate.



…………Oh, the image of the person who did this was shown quite clearly on my head.



「Etto, how is it. Eh, Aidle is so hot, are you okay!?」


Uwah, the face of a beautiful girl is right in front of me……close. Withstand it. For the cute girl that is worried in front of me, endure, endure, endure…… good, the heat has now subsided.


「It’s alright now. See it yourself. Can you check your status? 」

「Ha, hai…………… Eh, it really……disappeared」

「That’s done. Well then, see you again tomorrow.」


Uwah. I received a wonderful hug from behind. It was a crying girl. I was patting her head to soothe her. As she look up to me with her crying face, her tears were shining in the moonlight. If I was a man, I might have ended up devouring her right this moment.


「Thank you……Aidle-san」

「You’re welcome, Cielo… From now on too, please take care of me, okay?」









Mika who was watching us felt relieved. For Cielo to finally show a happy face. Thogh she knows that she is strong, she still felt quite helpless. Not wanting to disturb the atmosphere, she tried to leave them behind.


She was thinking of becoming something like a dark knight and tried to disappear in the shadows 「Caught you」「Hiya!?」



「I won’t let you escape, you know?」

「Uwa, wait, wait, waaaaaaiiiit!!!」


Sorry, you will never escape from a fairy’s grasp.



「It’s okay. A Hero who would properly answer good questions is a good Hero. Ufufufu♪」

「Scary, scary, if won’t answer, I will definitely be killed!! I will talk okay, so please don’t kill me!! 」

「I won’t kill you. At worst, I might only throw you inside an orc’s nest」

「Please spare me!?」


Mika-chan was then forced to talk about many things forcefully.