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Chapter 72 Day 1, The Second Time was Really Painful


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「It’s not like I’m going to eat you or anything, such a rude child」

「I’m, I’m sorry… Wait, I’m the older one here, right……」


「N, No, it’s nothing!!」


The Hero, Sakurada Mika, was now sitting in front of me. Looking at her face closely, I could say that she might have been quite popular in her class. Is this a flag for me? I’ll take it, Mika-chan.


 Since I have already told her about what I would like to know, the content of her story will determine how we will act in the future. Everything will be according my mood though.


「So, there’s a couple of things I would like to ask, but…… are you really OK with this?」

「Well, I’m don’t know if what I know will be helpful though. There’s a limit to what I can answer, still I hope I can be helpful……」

「Really, you don’t have to be so formal with me, you know. I would be glad if you do so since I’m not really that great of a person. Also, is it fine if I call you Mika-chan?」

「I, I understand. Fairy-san sure is really strong」

「I said no formalities. Oh well, first question is――」


There were many things that I asked which she could answer. First was the total number of Heroes, which is 34 people. It seems like the whole classroom was transferred during their summoning. It means that, counting out the two that I crushed in Galania beside her, there are still 31 more Heroes to fight.


「Ah, you see, I’m not alone. There were five others who separated from everyone else」

「Okay, that drops it to 26. By the way, there seems to be a Ranking System among them, but what Rank is Mika-chan?」

「……Sadly, I’m at the bottom of the ranks」


 I was also thinking that it might have been so. Should I apologize for asking?


 Next question, what is everyone doing right now. What she answered was that there were 16 heroes dispatched to different nations including Galania and there were 2 people assigned for each country, with the same purpose as we found out before. And because of that, there are 10 heroes remaining in Hallia. It will be a bit difficult to save that country for now.


「However, what’s dangerous in Hallia is Asahina, who is the leader of the heroes, I think? There was a demon that the top 5 heroes couldn’t defeat, but Asahina was able to stop it on his own.」

「Have you witnessed that event too?」

「Eh? Well, you see, I belong to the reserve guards so I didn’t get involved with the fight…… I only heard of it after the fight was over and the demon king was finally defeated. Also since everyone else who joined the fight said the same, I believe it to be true」


 Hmmmm…… Well, let’s put that aside for now. We will not get more details unless it’s someone who actually witnessed the fight after all.


「Do you know if there’s anyone who would be able to know about what exactly happened?」

「Probably everyone who is in Hallia, since all those who know have a higher rank than the rest」


 Now that’s really suspicious. For the time being, I will be cautious of their actions. Yes, yes, now onto the next topic. I wanted to know about Holy Sword’s characteristics, but she didn’t really have a clear answer to give.


「It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. It’s more like I don’t really know about it. Asahina-kun did warn us not to speak with anyone about the characteristics of our weapons…… The only ones I know at the moment are mine and Goutani, the one that gave a 『Curse』 to Cielo-chan……」


 It’s certainly true that in case someone betrays their group, knowing their power would place them in a disadvantage……or rather, Goutani? Is that the person who wanted to take over La Veil Radd.


「Asahina-kun wasn’t really interested in taking over La Veil Radd. That’s why he dispatched me and Goutani to that place. Because of the special circumstances that links the Heroes and La Veil Radd, at that time they were friendly and easily accepted us. It was because what they wanted the most at that time was peace. I also wanted to protect that peace with everything I’ve got and support them…… But if we asked them back for a favor, it was hard for them to respond……」


They are conservative but stable, but I don’t understand their view. Religion should have been for those who need salvation because there is an actual god in this world, and since they are supposedly messengers of God, they should have welcomed them with open arms.


「And so, what is with that Goutani?」

「Umm, you see……The first time he saw Cielo, that Goutani……it seems like he fell in love with her at first sight」

「……So it’s not really about taking over?」

「I did stop him from doing that you know!? But… I didn’t know that what he wanted was to marry her. He also said that he will do something so Cielo will be free so I said 「I’m going to help you with this matter」. That’s the reason why I assisted in the rebellion and in her escape but…… I might have overdone it」


 As a result, a rebellion occurred and the takeover was successful. After taking over the country, he approached Cielo again but Cielo refused him. Because of that, he became furious and placed a Curse on Cielo using the power of his Holy Sword.


「That’s what he told me that time. He also said to follow her in her escape. And when we get in a pinch, or surrounded by demons he will help us, like a wicked set-up…… I felt disgusted by that. That’s why I vowed that no matter how hard the situation will be, I will help her escape with all my might. I don’t think the other side will be able to immediately come for us because I did a forced march leading a huge pack of demons before we ran away. But along the way the demons chasing us increased in number the further we got…」

「Oh I see……By the way, do you know about the prophecy?」

「I don’t really know the details about it. But when we were in Hallia, Asahina-kun mentioned about it before. The way he told us about it was also strange. It felt like it would definitely happen」


 ……So, since the start of all these, the Heroes were already moving suspiciously. Well, I can’t find any credibility about what she is saying at the moment. And because of that, my plans won’t change much.


「I understand. That’s all about Heroes and whatnot for now. Next, I would like to ask you to tell me more about yourself」

「Wa, you want to know about me?」


 More like this topic is more important to me than those mind confusing ones.


「You did say that you followed Cielo under Goutani’s order, but you hated that and you sympathized with Cielo’s circumstances, right?」

「That’s right… Even if I’m told to believe everything and not deny anything, I just can’t stand it. Even if we came from the same class, what he did was just terrible…… and even if Cielo-chan did change her feelings, it won’t be because she wanted to but because she was forced to be his woman!!?…… That’s why I don’t want to return to that place anymore. I would like to stay with her if possible……」


 Cutting her words off, she looked down with a sad face.


「I……became a heretic. If anyone becomes close to me and accepts my ideals, then they will also receive the same title……that’s why」



 『A title given to those who have betrayed a majority. The person accepting and affirming this will also be given the same title』


What’s this? A Bad Status…? What is that God thinking, to attach something like this to someone?


「I wonder if I can erase this?」

「Eh, you want to do that?」

「I did manage to erase that cursed skill. Let’s try it」

「Y, Yes!!」


First thing to do is return to fairy form. Mika-chan was not surprised since she did witness me transforming this morning.


 Time to use some serious fairy magic~. The Image is to erase the Title. You didn’t do anything wrong…… it’s that person who should have been the heretic… that’s what I thought………yosh, begin




 Ahhh, My head……it feels like it’s going to break!!??


「Umm, Are you OK!? Hey!!」



Sorry, I can’t afford to answer that you right now. I don’t know the cause, but I can feel a strong resistance. The headache is really harsh too so I can barely manage it. Ahhh~Overcome it, my instinct!! Once I’ve started on something, I’ll make sure to get through it to the end, Soryaaaaa!!!


 A few minutes later, I somehow managed to get over it. I did hear a few strange noises in my head as I continued, but I will deal with it later, yup, everything’s fine.


Ahh, that was really painful. But I won. I still have a headache though. It’s my first time experiencing something this painful……


「……I won, I did it」

「Eh, eh, are you really alright, hey!?」


 Mika, who was crying, cleaned my nose and eyes as she held me close to her. Eh? Did blood really flow out of me? I might have worried her a lot. I don’t want a woman to worry about me that much. OK, time to get up.


「I’m fine already. For now, check your status. Also, please tell the people that I will be staying over in that tent and be sure to not disturb me, ok? Well then, see you later!!」



I flew away and headed straight for the tent where Arena was. They were playing chess but it about to end because La Veil was already being checked while having tearful eyes.


「Arena~I have a really super painful headache~」

「Uwa~Aidleーwhere does it hurt? There, there, was flying painful too~?」

「……Eh, it’s already healed?」

「……Nn? Master, have you finally exceeded the limits in using your fairy magic?」


 La Veil who was still concentrating on the match noticed something and said that. Eh, was she able to understand the situation? Well, I will still continue using it though.


「Iya, maybe I did a bit more than what I could at that moment? I did hear a strange『Tune』as I went on though, but I didn’t feel anything strange at all」

「Eh? No no no. Why don’t you check your status if something changed…… what?」


Aidle (3) Lv.859

Unique Race:Dimension Fairy(Awakening+)


HP 11,011/11,011

MP 2,506,082/2,506,082

ATK    8054

DEF    7022

MATK   84,575,884

MDEF   74,040,540

INT   7100

SPD   280,025


【Inherent Skills】Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Space Magic, Manifestation Dependency, Conceptual Tolerance


Skills:Singing(A+), Sword Arts(A+), Humanization(S+), Four Attribute Magic(SS+), Adjustment(A+), Concealment(S+), Demonic Contract(―)


Titles:Dragon Killer, Master of Ancient Dragon, Rebel


「……something was added」


First, a + was added to Awakening, and I got a new Inherent Skill called『Conceptual Tolerance』. The title『Rebel』was also added. Ehhhh……


・Conceptual Tolerance

『Resistance to mental, status abnormalities, and negative enchantments』



『A title given to those who broke established rules of the world』


『Conceptual Tolerance』 is great, 『Rebel』on the other hand…… might also be ok. It didn’t mean that I did anything wrong. It’s also not something that would instantly turn me into the enemy of the heroes.


「Master, are you okay?」

「No problems. Well then, time to go to bed~」



「So, how did it go playing chess against La Veil?」

「Don’t ask Master……」

「10 consecutive wins!!」

「Don’t talk about it, Arena~~~」