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Chapter 6 Visitors and New Beginnings

It had been a hectic month because of all that have happened after the incident.


The hunters who checked the location that Luna mentioned found nothing unusual with the place or its surroundings other than the strange pillar and grave that Luna mentioned.


After the hunters returned, the village chief sent people to immediately report to the adventurer’s guild in the nearest town about what happened along with Luna’s explanation.


A week after that, adventurers specialized in tracking Miasma came and also checked the place along with looking after Luna to make sure that everything was alright. They continued monitoring the area and Luna for almost a month and finally returned after reporting their findings.


Luna didn’t know what the adventurers found out, but since it was something that the adults would discuss, she didn’t bother asking about it.


A month after everything has finally settled down, a new set of adventurers came to visit Luna.


「Is this the place? 」 ???

「It seems so」 ???


Two people were standing in front of Nicole’s house. The two people have the typical adventurer outfit but the quality of their gears would tell that they were not just your round about bunch.


Noticing the two people outside her house, Nicole came out to ask who they were.


「Ummm, excuse me but do you have any business with us? 」 Nicole

「Ah, sorry for bothering you on our sudden visit. I am Aldrea Chrishna, an A Rank adventurer from the town of Chrome」Aldrea

「I am also sorry for the sudden visit. I am Mark Flux, also an A Rank adventurer from chrome. 」 Mark


After hearing about their names, Nicole was completely surprised. After all A Rank adventurers are considered to be legendary existences. Even though there are still those that go beyond their Rank, reaching A Rank is an astonishing accomplishment that no normal human would be able to easily acquire.


「Umm, what might have brought the presence of such prestigious people upon our humble home? 」 Nicole


Nicole couldn’t help but be nervous after hearing about their names and Ranks. Though she have a bit of inkling as to why they have come, it’s still proper to ask them about it.


「About that, we merely came here to see the child. You don’t have to be nervous nor feel the need to be formal in our presence. We only to ask the full detail about what happened to her and to validate it, as asked by the guild master. 」 Adlrea

「That’s right, it is quite rare after all for a child to survive something like miasma corruption. We both have suffered from that after all and survived the same with the current guild master. It’s more curiosity to us than anything. 」Mark


Hearing their reason, Nicole finally couldn’t help but sigh in relief. She also knows about the guild master because of her line of work which also deals with adventurers who have settled in town, after all those adventurers would also tell stories about the guild master from time to time. Not to mention the rare ones that survives the corruption.


It is widely known that most of the corruption survivors would try to seek out others and help them adapt to their new life. After all, those who survive a corruption would mostly have their bodies drastically changed depending on the individual. Because of that, there were a lot of times where they run wild if not guided properly.


「Thank you for coming, why not get inside our house for now while I call her. 」 Nicole

「Thank you for the offer」 Aldrea

「Thanks」 Mark


The three people entered the house and the two was asked to sit down on a small lounge where Nicole would usually receive customers. She then went out again to look for Luna who was at that moment, playing with other children in the neighborhood.






It’s been a while and a lot of things happened, but now the peaceful days have returned. I am currently in the town square playing with other children and my new siblings at the village center.


「Found you!! Ahahaha」 Luna

「Luna-chan is so unfair, how did you even know I was here」 Boy 1

「Ahahaha, you are just so easy to predict」 Boy 2

「Pfft, says the person who got caught first」 Boy 1

「I, I was just discovered because I moved!!」 Boy 2

「Alright, alright enough blaming each other, now bot of you stay here while I find the others. 」 Luna

「「Hai!!」」 Boy 1 and Boy 2



We are currently playing hide, seek and tag. It’s a mixture of “Hide and Seek” and Tag where the one who is discovered must run away from the seeker. I thought the children about the game since they don’t seem know any other things to do. I also made sure that everyone finished helping their homes before coming over to play.


Nicole’s 3 children which I now consider as my siblings also joined other children playing like the previous two. Their names were Naria, Collen and Alco. Alco is the youngest of at the age of 5, followed by Collen at 7 and Naria which is 9. Naria and Collen always follow me around like a big sister while Alco most of the time sticks to her big sister making him also tag along with us.


It was a week ago when the hectic things finally settled down and the children were finally freed that we all come together to play. Those who were older than 10 normally helped with housework for almost the whole day so they don’t normally have time to play like us anymore. I should have also belonged to that group by now but because of what happened to me, I wasn’t forced to do anything, or more like they were spoiling me a little too much and even my new siblings were doing the same.


We normally play until the afternoon but while we were in the middle of our games, I heard Nicole Mama calling out. By the way, the Nicole Mama was greatly insisted by Nicole Mama herself. I don’t know why, even though I wanted to call her Mom.


「Luna~! Luna!! 」 Nicole

「I’m over here Nicole-mama!! What’s the matter? 」 Luna

「We have guests wanting to meet you, can you come over for now? 」 Nicole

「Guests? 」Luna


Guests huh, I wonder who they were this time. There were many people who visited our house and were mostly adventurers. They did say that they came to monitor me and it’s great that they were a good bunch. I also listened to a lot of stories from them which made me decide my future plans. I also talked about it to Luna-mama and though hesitantly I was able to make her agree but that is only after my coming of age at 15.


「Everyone!!! I need to go for now, Nicole-mama is calling for me」 Luna

「「「「「Ehhhhhh!?」」」」」 Other Children


Well, their reaction couldn’t be helped. I became the default leader of the playtime after all since I’m currently the oldest. Well everyone already know the rules of the games so it should be fine without me.


「Anyway, I have to go so everyone should just continue and be sure not to fight each other!! 」 Luna

「「「「「Haaii~!!」」」」」 Children


After appointing the new leader for the time being, I with Nicole-mama returned home. When we entered the house, Allan-papa was seated on our reception room and in front of him were two people that I didn’t know. However there was something more peculiar about the two that I immediately noticed.


The girl had golden eyes and long white hair almost similar to mine while the guy had ashen gray hair and red eyes. Their outfit is enough for me to discern that they are both adventurers. I wonder what it is this time though since I usually receive notification from the village chief if somebody wants to meet me.


There were two wide benches resembling a sofa in the room which is for receiving guests. The two were seated across Allan-papa and having some small talk while waiting. Finally noticing our presence, the three of them looked over our direction.


「Welcome back, Nicole, Luna. Where are the other children?」 Allan

「They are still playing, they’ll probably come home later. 」 Nicole

「Is that so, well children should enjoy their play time while they can. Anyway this here is Nicole, my wife and this here is… 」 Allan


After introducing Nicole Mama again to the two, he then introduced me.


「Hello, I am Luna, adopted daughter of these two. Please to meet you. 」 Luna

「Mou, Luna, you didn’t have to mention the adopted anymore you know. 」 Nicole

「But…ok…」 Luna


It couldn’t be helped. I love them as my new Mama and Papa but I don’t want some strange misunderstanding to be hooked into them when I finally start my journey.


I completely accept them as my new parents but this is also a safety measures for them, though I’ve talked about it to them after hearing a lot of things from the adventurers that visit our village along with other retired ones living here. Well they are both a hard headed couple and definitely wouldn’t listen no matter how I explain it.


The two then faced me and introduced themselves.


「Though I have introduced myself to both your parents already, allow me introduce myself once more. I am Aldrea Chrishna, an A Rank adventurer from the town of Chrome」Aldrea

「The same goes for me, I am Mark Flux also an A Rank adventurer from the same place. Our guild master you see is kind of interested regarding your situation so she sent us to check you out. She did hear from some adventurers that came here that you were interested in becoming one yourself you see so we came to meet you. 」 Mark

「Is it about me being a corruption survivor? 」 Luna

「That’s part of it, but we would also want to investigate the changes it made to your body. And as you can probably notice, both of us were quite similar to you. Well if you don’t want to talk about it, we could just report it to the master that you don’t want to talk about it. It was after all only out of interest both for that person and us. 」 Aldrea


Hearing their reason, I looked at my parents to see their reaction and both of them only nodded which is a signal that it’s up to me to decide.