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New Series!!!

Well not really new I guess… but I decided to take over this one~~


as for those that have already noticed, I am adopting the series

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

which is a really cute Yuri story…

it is not isekai but a pure fantasy story…

well nowadays the boundary between isekai stories and fantasy stories have been kind of mixed up…

I will also be releasing chapters of the currently sleeping series from this month and though the rate of series releases from last month will be dropped in exchange and probably only one chapter of fairy because it’s the ending of the arc chapter so I might take a break on fairies this month after finishing the arc.

I will be releasing more and more chapter from now on though because I have now more time to do TL’s

I will also be returning to streaming at an earlier time probably around 8 or 10pm +8GMT

that’s all for announcements!!! now for the releases, let’s start the month with a mass release!!!