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I was Reincarnated Chapter 57

Toto Chapter!!!

To those who didn’t see my announcement, I will post it over here too!!!

Toto will be ending soon, it’s only be a few chapters left before the arc ends. I plan to go on super focus mode in Goddess next and complete it this or next month after Toto to clear up my TL Queue.


Also, Cozette is still only 38 chapters atm, so I am planning to move to another series after I translate all it’s current chaps…


I have 2 options to choose from


Butterfly Sister – A Yuri Series about a Girl who got transported to another world with and was turned into her game avatar… She doesn’t use Magic, but she is a martial arts master and Uses the special ability of her Butterfly Armor to Create Barriers, platforms and materialize into object shapes to use as her weapon.




Shadow Ruler – A Yuri novel that involves a Child that because of certain circumstances was treated so poorly and was almost in a dying state if not for the her of her loyal familiars. After gaining her freedom through the help of someone, she now travels the world in search for her roots. A very “heartwarming story”.




Both series are great by my standards, with the same dark, happy go lucky parts with a strangely broken protagonist but with a ridiculously sugary story… the dark themes just make the sugary parts even more sweeter so I highly recommend it to those who can read raws. Also I like both series have protagonists that doesn’t hide their strength although the latter one was because of her circumstances and the first one is just proud of what she was capable of.


I will upload teaser chapters of both series probably next month when I finish Toto and Goddess I will only pick one at that time and will make a poll after releasing a few chapters as a test run to see if what everyone would like more.

That’s all for announcement!!!


That’s all for today, here’s the chapter!!!


Chapter 57