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Chapter 58 Giant

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



No, I mean, what are you doing here…


『 I knew it, she did die after all. 』


Helvetia said as soon as she saw Rikka-chan.


What do you mean by “I knew it”? Well, I mean, maybe the color of her eyes has changed, but it’s Rikka-chan, right?


「 Toto-chan, after a long time thinking, I finally realized that I still like you, I love you! 」


Why the sudden confession here? It was that after all, she had been in love with me for a long time, I didn’t realize it at all, sorry!


「 Gu……Guooooooo! 」


Over there, the blown-away giant is getting up and screaming, raising his arms as if to express his anger.


I can’t keep up with the tsukomi, I need two more.


In the first place, Rikka-chan, how was it possible for her to punch the Giant with enough force to blow it away? Isn’t it strange that she is so powerful?


「 Rikka-chan, how did you get that much power? 」


When I asked, Rikka-chan looked very happy and crossed her fingers while listening to my voice, as if she didn’t want to miss a single word.


It’s good that you’re happy, but I’d like to ask you why you have such power, she replied after putting down her big rucksack.


「 Yeah, you know, after the day you kissed me, I became really strong…… 」


My face started to blush.


I thought only Helvetia and I knew the truth, but Rikka-chan was also conscious, I was the only one who didn’t realize it at the time, I can’t believe anything anymore.


「 I hadn’t realized my feelings yet that day, but as I think about it more, I really liked Toto-chan. 」


Rikka-chan is even more aggressive, my face is definitely red, and I want to hide my face and become tiny enough not to be seen. Stop it, my HP is zero.


『 Leave it for later. The enemy is about to attack 』


Helvetia sighs and looks at the Giant.


The Giant had just finished shouting and was now leaning forward, ready to run, with us in sight.


「 How dare he lay his hands on Toto-chan! 」


「 Wah 」


Rikka-chan suddenly clenched her fists tightly and started running, and I, who had a momentary lapse in understanding about what was happening, hurriedly ran after Rikka-chan.


It seemed that Rikka-chan was not used to fighting, and she was going in a straight line so much that she could not avoid Giant’s big cleave attack on her left hand side, and was blown to the side, rolling over and over on the ground with great momentum.


「 Are you all right? 」


「 Sorry, but I’m alright! 」


Judging from how quickly she jumped up, she didn’t seem to have suffered any serious damage, thank goodness. I’m glad to see that you didn’t get seriously hurt, but at that rate, I don’t know when that could happen, so I think it’s better if she stays here to support me.


The giant didn’t even look at Rikka-chan, who had flipped him off, and ran towards me. I wondered if he had received any orders when he first appeared. Nevertheless it was convenient in this situation.


「 Guooo! 」


I shout to Rikka-chan as I avoid a punch that would smash me from above.


「 Please, back me up! 」


「 Un, got it! 」


Rikka-chan, who was about to charge straight at him again, stopped when she heard my voice and started to get closer to the giant slower than before.


When the giant attacks me, I can punch or kick him back even if I can’t avoid it, so it’s easier than when he tries to grab me, but it’s more like he’s so quick and has such a wide attack range that it’s pretty hard to avoid his attacks.


Rikka-chan saw the fight and seemed to be having trouble figuring out when to support. She didn’t seem to have much experience in combat, so maybe this was her first fight.


「 Wait for me to engage it, and when it targets me, attack! 」


「 U, un, I will try 」


When I jump to avoid an attack that tries to pin me down from both sides with both fists, I immediately try to counter to make an opening.


「 Oops, that was dangerous! 」


「 Yaaaaaah! 」


He shifted his stance to guard with his arms and waited for the attack, but just as Giant was about to raise his hand, Rikka-chan’s flying kick struck it’s back.


「 Thanks for the back up! 」


The Giant was flung back by the flying kick, but by the time I landed, he had already regained his stance and was looking at Rikka-chan and putting strength into his fist.


It looks like he’s basically aiming for me, but of course he wouldn’t just ignore someone who’s attacking him.


The moment he starts to move to attack Rikka-chan and it becomes impossible to avoid him, I jump at the arm on the side where he’s putting all his strength, aiming at his right shoulder, I land a heel drop.


As soon as the giant’s arm drops with a cracking sound, I spin around in reaction to the kick and return to my original position.


「 You’re the best, Toto-chan. 」


「 Nn, leave it to me 」


In spite of his chest heaving, the Giant, in a rather calm movement, grabbed his right arm with his left hand and moved it with some strength. Soon after the sound of bones cracking could be heard, it started moving again. He shook his right arm wide to show that it was still in good condition.


「 Uweeeh 」


Almost no damage, huh? I thought it would be a lot easier if it couldn’t use one of its arms.


『 I’m sure you know this, but undead are pretty stubborn if you don’t crush their heads. 』


「 U, Un, but…… 」


It’s hard to aim, I thought. It looks like it’s as tall as three of me combined.


The heel drop didn’t do any damage at all, so I guess I’ll have to climb up and punch as hard as I can, I don’t know what to do.


Rikka-chan’s kick seems to be less powerful than mine, so it can’t be a decisive blow.


I’m not sure what to make of this, but I think it’s a good idea.


When he fixed his arm, that looked like a sign of intelligence, but he seemed to be doing it mostly on instinct, drooling as he glared at me for attacking him this time.


「 Guaaaah! 」


When I avoided the giant’s fist, Rikka-chan kicked from behind, and the target shifted to Rikka-chan again.


Rikka-chan would probably have a hard time avoiding the attack, and if possible, I need to crush him before he attacks.


At that moment, a light bulb popped above my head.


「 Rikka-chan, when it attacks, make it kneel down immediately. 」


「 Un, got it 」


Rikka-chan’s fist hit the back of the Giant’s knee, and I immediately raised my own fist and prepared. 


The Giant’s knee was bent, and he’s stance became unstable, and I ran over his body at that moment and hit his head with all my strength.


When I pulled out my fist that had pierced his brow, the Giant fell down and stopped moving.


「 With this, it should be done 」


『 Yeah, zombies and the living dead can’t move if their brains are severely damaged. I mean, you have to be careful with attacks aiming at your head too, all right? 』


「 Nn, I’ll be careful 」


「 Toto-chan, is it over? 」


Rikka-chan, who had approached me cautiously, saw the fallen giant and asked me about it. I nodded and left, returning to the spot where Rikka-chan had left her rucksack.


「 More importantly, Rikka-chan, why are your eyes so red? 」


When I tilted my head, Rikka-chan also tilted her head in response.


「 I don’t know. 」


「 Eh……is that so 」


『 Your kiss was originally the ability of mine. You shared your power with her and made her your wife. That is a simple answer. 』


「 Hey, Toto-chan, I can hear a voice other than Toto-chan’s…… 」


「 That’s not me. Can you hear Betty?」


「 Betty? 」


「 Yeah, well, it’s a long story, so let’s talk about it while moving. 」


However, the carriage and Idry-san are gone, and I don’t remember the way, so what should I do?


『 Could it be that Marius is the one who brought the giant guy? 』


「 Ah! You’re right, oh no, is something bad happening? 」


『 Maybe. We’d better hurry back to the capital. 』


「 Capital? Marius? Are we running? 」


「 Un, need to move fast 」


Rikka-chan put on her backpack as she looked at the wrecked carriage. I want to hear what Helvetia just said about her 『 Kin 』, and it’s best to hear it on the way back.