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Site Announcement!!!

Major Announcement!!!


due to declining ad revenues and audience visits, I have decided to move all the current titles on the site over to a new group I am working with

Doing this will help with my current lack of audience and would also increase my revenue, it would also have the readers get a better reading experience because that place has a more polished reading space.


There would be no major changed on release schedules, but this time it would be easier for me to focus since I will only have to think about translating.

I will keep my site up for the time being and will still mirror the releases over here on the server, a few days after I released stuff over there and would still have this server up.

For patrons, there would be no changes regarding patreon end and would still be the same way as usual, as I want the patrons to enjoy their benefits without limits. That is all!!


I will be moving to the froup called Fan’s Translations

Link Here:

and here’s the discord:

Do come over if you feel like it, I will still be posting releases over at my server so keep an eye out

That’s all!!!