I Became a Vampire Princess after Reincarnation!? Building The Strongest Yuri Harem Using the Cheat Skill 【Demon Lord】!

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tensei shitara kyūketsu hime!? keishō shita chītosukiru  Maou de saikyō hyaku  hāremu!



Author: りるか (Riruka)

When I woke up, I found myself turning into a delicate looking girl on a water surface.
I was reincarnated into this world as a beautiful vampire girl. No, I was supposed to be a man!?

Watching my abilities grow as I try to evolve into the strongest by raising levels like in a game.

Adding to that is the power of the cheat skill 【Demon Lord】that I’ve inherited that improves a lot of things, and also allows me to grow my subordinates according to what I’ve desired.

It’s a fantasy world that includes a system of cultivating of monsters.

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Chapter 1 When I woke up I was a Girl
Chapter 2 Demon Lord
Chapter 3 Status
Chapter 4 Blood Weapon
Chapter 5 Storage, Appraisal and Natural Providence
Chapter 6 First Battle
Chapter 7 Dark Wolf
Chapter 8 Alptrent
Chapter 9 Night of Two Moons
Chapter 10 Elder Wolf and the Abominable Child
Chapter 11 The Magic of Manipulating Blood
Chapter 12 Together with Chibi
Chapter 13 Quiet Talk 1: Another Reincarnated
Chapter 14 Little Princess
Chapter 15 New Power
Chapter 16 Engage Combat
Chapter 17 Untold Stories 2: Despair and Hope
Chapter 18 Options
Chapter 19 Two Otherworlders
Chapter 20 How the World works
Chapter 21 Local Town: Folserras
Chapter 22 Master of Twilight Moon Bar
Chapter 23 Disaster Designated Species
Chapter 24 To The Guild
Chapter 25 Guild Master
Chapter 26 El Luca Vermilion
Chapter 27 Quiet 3 What Lurks Underneath
Chapter 28 Preparation for a Bet
Chapter 29 Magic and Sorcery
Chapter 30 Various Happenings at Night
Chapter 31 Quiet IV Sweet Dreams
Chapter 32 Morning at Twilight Moon Bar
Chapter 33 Adlas’s Magic Armor Course
Chapter 34 Magic Equipment
Chapter 35 Preparations
Chapter 36 D-class Adventurers
Chapter 37 Ability
Chapter 38 Strategy Meeting
Chapter 39 Side Story Luka Group 1
Chapter 40 Side Story Luka Group 2
Chapter 41 Side Story Luka Group 3
Chapter 42 Invasion
Chapter 43 Black Knight
Chapter 44 Leticia