I Became a Vampire Princess after Reincarnation!? Building The Strongest Yuri Harem Using the Cheat Skill 【Demon Lord】!

tensei shitara kyūketsu hime!? keishō shita chītosukiru  Maou de saikyō hyaku  hāremu!



Author: りるか (Riruka)

When I woke up, I found myself turning into a delicate looking girl on a water surface.
I was reincarnated into this world as a beautiful vampire girl. No, I was supposed to be a man!?

Watching my abilities grow as I try to evolve into the strongest by raising levels like in a game.

Adding to that is the power of the cheat skill 【Demon Lord】that I’ve inherited that improves a lot of things, and also allows me to grow my subordinates according to what I’ve desired.

It’s a fantasy world that includes a system of cultivating of monsters.