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Chapter 1 When I woke up I was a Girl


While in a light sleep, I woke up to the feeling as if I’m being called by someone.


When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was a cute girl reflected on a crystal clear water surface.


It was the image of a girl around the age of a teenager. She has gold hair that drips down to her knees like dripping honey, with her body covered in an all-black outfit that emphasized her youthfulness and loveliness as a cute girl. Her crimson eyes exude a slight bewitching feeling which gives her overall balance to her looks.

No, wait a minute.


That reflection on the water though, is this supposed to be a bad joke, because if not then that girl is supposed to be 【me】. However, I don’t recognize that girl at all, more like I could still vaguely that I was a man……




The moment I try thinking about it, sharp pain runs through my head. But it’s not the pain assaulting that is the main problem in this situation.


No matter how much I recall, I can’t remember who I am, or any memories about myself. I could vividly remember knowledge and common sense when I was living in a country called japan, but if it’s about my name, what kind of person I am, or how I lived… it’s all a blank slate. It was like the memory itself was cut off and now missing.


Is this the so called【Amnesia】that usually appears in manga and novel? That’s what I was thinking.


「Hmmm, it looks like it was successful」


A sudden voiced echoed from behind me. It was of an old accent, but the voice itself seems to be from a relatively young person, and a girl’s voice. It was a bit suspicious, but I still look back to check the source of the voice.


There I found a girl with an expression of relief on her face.


Long silky black hair like a crow’s feather, white porcelain skin that was almost transparent and crimson eyes that resembled the ones I have that was reflected on the water surface. Her black dress was tattered as if it was neglected for many years, and her bare skin was exposed all over the place.


If it was the previous me, I would have turned away like a gentleman, or be captivated by her exposed skin.。


But, I wasn’t able to turn away.


That was because she was deeply pierced by a rusted looking sword on her left chest, and was stuck to the side of a giant tree which was as tall and wide as a building.


Although she was looking at me casually, with those wounds, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she were to die at any moment because of how fatal it looks.


「Hmmm? What’s wrong? Wait, ah……are you worried about me? You don’t have to worry, because it’s not really a great damage despite how it looks. It’s a sealing method that kind of looks awkward, but it doesn’t really do anything else. Besides that, thank you for responding to my invitation. I really appreciate it. And so, may I know thy name? 」


The girl answers the questions that I was thinking about, then suddenly her expression changed into a laugh. I first thought that she had a mysterious look, but that all suddenly changed.


「Wa, wait a minute, what the hell are you!? And what was that about responding to invitation…… Do you know who I am? If so, please tell me who I am?」


「……hmmm, it seems like some damage was done because of the forced reincarnation of the soul. It seems like your knowledge was properly transferred, however your memories seems to have ended up missing」


The girl listened to my inquiry and was murmuring things that I couldn’t understand.


「I’m sorry, suddenly being told something like that, I’m sure you will be confused. Then let’s take this step by step…… That’s right, first of all try thinking about 【status】」


Status? The one where abilities and information are digitalized like the ones found in games?


At first I doubted the girl’s words, but then at the same time, a blurry panel appeared in my mind with information written inside it.

This, it’s just like a status screen found in games that I’ve thought of from before.



Name             : –This Information Have Been Lost–

Race              : Lesser Vampire F

Condition        : Normal


LV   : 1/10
HP   : 12/12
MP   : 13/14


STR : 3

END : 5

AGI  : 4

MAG : 8

LUK : 3


–Special Skills–

【Incomplete Reincarnation Lv–】

【Blessing of the Vampire Princess Lv1】



–Resistance Skills–

【Sunlight Resistance Lv–】


–Magic Skills–

【Status Lv1】

【Appraisal Lv1】

【Storage LV1】

【Blood Armament Lv1】

【Kinship Lv1】



–Normal Skills–

【Swordsmanship Lv1】

【Escape Lv1】



Eh? What’s this? Is this my status? My race is Lesser Vampire……what does lesser mean? Am I a smallfry? No, surely I could be considered small, but……more than that, what with all these special skills? There’s also several information that I am concerned about.


【Incomplete Reincarnation Lv–】, this condition is acquired if reincarnations procedures have managed to succeed, however sever errors have occurred resulting in imperfections.


「Hmmm, let’s see……excuse me for a second」


The girl squints as she looks at me, while I’m still confused about my situation. At the same time that she stared at me, I felt an unpleasant glance run through me.


「Oh right, that’s the feeling of someone trying to use 【Appraisal】 on you. Be sure to remember it, and also if you have a high level of appraisal, the people you use appraisal on won’t usually feel that discomfort……and then, there are also skills that could detect or block appraisal so be careful when using it. That’s why if possible, don’t use it on just about anyone unless it is necessary or you have their consent. 」


「Appraisal? And also status…… just what……」


「Wait, hold on for a bit…… I told you that I will explain it step by step. First of all is status, it is classified as magic that calculates and visualizes the data of your soul in an easy to understand way. I don’t really know how they do it in ancient times, but it was introduced by【Reincarnations】from the same world as you, and using the magic system of this world…… it’s a way of quantifying power using the laws of our own world, and I’ve heard that it was a magic that was established by comparing it with visual concepts. The advantage is that it could be used by just about anyone even those with poor magical background. It is something that has become popularly used in this world. 」


People who reincarnated from the same world as me? And about magic…… to summarize, this world is a world of swords and magic? Even though I still have a lot of questions about myself, adding all of that information is just too much for me to keep up with it.


「Muu, sorry…… I said all of that at once, that is definitely going to confuse you some more…… for the time being, let me answer questions that you would probably wish to know first. About the world you came from……because you are here, you have already perished over there. Otherwise your soul would have not crossed over to this world…… you were already on your way to be reborn in this world……」


But that didn’t happen. Even if I ignore the big question regarding reincarnation and world transfer, because I am supposed to have been reincarnated here already, I should have been born as a baby instead. But that was not the case…… although it’s considered a child, I was reborn in this body which considerably of a mature age. And probably the cause of that was……


「あYes, it was me. I captured your soul which was supposedly set to reincarnate and stuffed it inside that child」


The girl stared at me with a serious face. However, doing that probably had many disadvantages…… though it somehow sounded like a confession of a crime, or a close equivalent of one. That raised more questions for me instead of being angry at her though.


It turns out that she understands the sins that she would bear because of it, yet she still continued and called me over.


Well, if she told me that I was a hero or someone big in my past life, then I could imagine why she would do so even if by force. However, I don’t recall being one and even with my missing memories, I know that was not that big of a person either. This information is backed by the knowledge I currently even if I did have missing memories.


If that was the case, then why…… why must it be me…… no, it’s probably because there was no one else.


「Ah, it was my bad, it really didn’t have to be you, however no one else responded other than you. Though I’m not really saying that anybody was alright either…… it wasn’t even a choice anymore」


「And so, why call me over…… what’s the reason」


「That is…… I want you to kill me」