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Chapter 2 Demon Lord

TL: Yuki
That person……did she just call me here to end her life?
It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know the reasons behind all of this, and not to mention that she even prepared a lot of things in advanced. I’m not really a person who would capable enough to do this.
「……I don’t get it. Wishing for something like this, especially to a person that you’ve just called over…… even twisting the fate of that person to fulfill this wish……」
Because of this thought, I move closer to her and look her in the eyes.
「Wha, what is it?」
She quietly stared at me, and then tilts her head in as she asked. I was captivated by that lovely gesture, and my heart skipped a beat, and then I cupped her soft cheeks with both of my hands.
「As if a child could just easily kill someone, don’t just bluntly tell me to kill without telling me why!!」
As punishment, I stretched out her soft cheeks. Oooh, it’s so soft.
 「Iyaaa!!? Iii!? Hyahyahayahya!!? It huwts, it huwts, it huwts!! Wait! I shaid wait!!? It huwts, hey!!? Ihuwts, it huwts」
I want to continue some more, but I immediately let go when I saw her face almost on the verge of crying.
「Wha, wha wha, what do you think you are doing!!? My cheeks! I thought my cheeks would be pulled off!? Don’t tell me, you have that kind of hobby……wa, wait, I am not into that, so don’t include on that!? At, at least, make it normal first!? Not to mention, even though I look like this, I am reasonably old…――」
Oh, this person is really interesting.
「Well, it’s your fault for suddenly telling me to kill you without even telling me why. As if I would just accept it so suddenly without explanations!?」
「Uguh…… well, that is. I guess, even I would be troubled if I was told something like that all of a sudden. I know that it would be something hard to accept, but would you listen to my circumstances? 」
After nodding, her expression changed into a serious one.
I could understand after that interaction that the girl in front of me is not just someone who would try to mess up someone else’s life without a reason, and that she wasn’t just acting confidently without a certain level of determination.
「First of all, an introduction. I am known by the name, 【Leticia Wallentein】. And I am the current inheritor of the skill 【Demon Lord】」
Demon Lord……? That would be a template that you would expect in a world of sword and magic. Speaking of Demon Lords, they are beings that are known to be rulers of evil and bring chaos to the world. After all it’s a necessary spice added to shape up the world of most adventure games to bring more entertainment to its story.
However, entertainment aside, they would always be commonly portrayed as those who govern evil. And the significance of such a title cannot be taken away that easily.
「Then about the purpose of why I captured your soul and inserted it to a body I’ve created. That is for you to inherit this this skill 【Demon Lord】 and prevent it from randomly spawning on someone else in the world.」
「Well you see, about the skill【Demon Lord】…… it’s a skill that gives a lot of powerful benefits to its user. It’s important that I would know the one who would inherit the 【Demon Lord】 skill than letting some random monster possess it. Demons who have previously inherited this skill have been a center of worship of other demons and would have subordinates following under their banner. Under its rule, the strong would dominate the weak which could be said to be the simplest form of ruling over monsters and demons, however because of this supremacist views being developed, war becomes inevitable and it drives the world into this cycle.」
「On the otherhand, if a 【Demon Lord】 does not exist, the demons and monsters won’t be able to fight back and continue to perish. The worst case scenario would be for the entire demon race to be weakened on the continuous cycle of destruction and be eradicated all over the world. That would have to be avoided at all cost, that’s why I called for you……」
「That’s not what I’m asking……!」
I unconsciously screamed as I speak to Leticia while looking directly into her eyes.
「It’s not about why there needs to be a Demon Lord…… I won’t understand it even if you explain it to me, and I’m not concerned about that. What I want to know is why do you have to die? Are in a sealed state because of that sword? If that is so, then I will pull it out for you……」
「……That would be a useless attempt」
She looked straight at me and smiled as if she was a mother caring for her child. She’s telling me not to worry and to calm down, even saying it will be fine……but.
「Though I may look young like this, I am actually over a thousand years old…… I have also been sealed here for a very long time. In my current state, my power is already starting to diminish, and the light of my life is already on the verge of disappearing. Using what remained of my vitality, I created that vessel where I inserted your soul. I wasn’t even expecting for it to succeed despite the imperfections, this could probably even be called a miracle? 」
「I have been known as the strongest existence called 【Vampire Princess Demon Lord Leticia】 but now I already fading, and the best thing I could do before that happened is to prepare that weakened body to inherit this will while forcibly entangling your soul on the process」
A loud rustling sound could be heard as the wind strongly blows the leaves of the giant tree where Leticia was sealed.
Even with her display of majesty, I could feel that the girl’s shadow is starting to become faint.
It as if it’s telling me the end is inevitable and is visibly approaching.
「Time is it」
「I don’t know what kind of world or environment you have lived in, and how you have lived your life until now. And I’m sorry, I would have wanted to tell you more about my world, the current world you will be leaving in, because there are a lot of things that you would probably want to know about, but I don’t have the time to do so anymore……」
She was talking to me in a really gentle voice.
Every word that comes out of her felt like it’s telling me that everything will be over soon.
「Is there nothing else I could do. If I look for it, I might find it, and if there’s a demon lord then this is a world of swords and magic, so there might be something like a medicine that could make you live forever, anything is fine even if it seems imposible!? That’s why, please don’t give up just yet……」
「Fumu……You are quite a gentle one. Would you mind coming closer for a bit?」
With that said, I approached Leticia while a bit annoyed with her giggling. Then when I was close enough, she pats my head.
「To be honest, when I finally found a response, I was expecting that soul to be resentful of being forced into doing this. I have also expected that the person would immediately kill me and the one who would inherit 【Demon Lord】 would immediately be born」
「However, it seems like my calculation went off. After all, a gentle person like you was the one who responded to my call」
「……what do you mean gentle, stop trying to imply things out of your convenience, I’m just…… Leticia, I’m just a weak human who can’t respond back to your determination……」
「……That may be so. However, this might also be fine as is. If it’s someone like you who tremble at the thought of hurting someone, despite being confused or understand that things are impossible to do, yet still strives to get the best results without giving up, while that might be timid and naïve way of thinking, it might actually bring a big change to the overall outcome in comparison to what I am expecting. That’s why keep that nature of yours, even if it’s naïve. But right now, I want you to face me head on without running away. That will also become your strength. Make sure to keep that in mind, and follow through it no matter what others would say.」
「That’s just being selfish……」
「The elderly have always been selfish」
「Are you really trying say that while looking like that?」
「What do you mean!? For your information, this is not my original form so I am a bit smaller now!! If it was the original me before I was sealed, then your eyes would be stuck staring at my bon kyu bon perfect body!!」
「Anyway, what I understand the most is that you are speaking like an old person」
We continued repeating such stupid exchanges. There should have been other topics that we could have talked about like about the world or about the demon lord. But well, this way of speaking made me as if I was being spoiled by her kindness so I continued.
「Hey…… is there really no other choice?」
「Yeah, it’s already a determined result. And even if I was able to survive, it won’t stop the erosion of my soul. I’m sorry…… for troubling you to inherit this harsh fate」
「……Is that so」
And so, with her instructions, I grasped the sword stabbed in her chest. Just pushing this a little bit would definitely end her life.
「Sorry for the trouble…… No, that’s not it, I should be grateful instead. I offer you my thanks」
「Ah, then this is it. I don’t really know about demon lords or the fate that the weight of fate that they are going to carry, but even for a short time that we have interacted, I am glad that the first person I’ve encountered in this new world is you, Leticia」
「The same here, I am happy that a person like you responded to my call」
Using all my strength, I push the sword that I held. Although my body is that of a child, it was more than enough to pierce Leticia’s fragile body.
After nudging from the stab, Leticia’s body slowly faded and turned into bubbles of light before completely disappearing.
I don’t really know if it was because she was a demon, or how the rules of this world works, but will monsters not leave any corpses when they die……
I then received a message as if an inorganic voice were announcing from somewhere. This is also probably a benefit from status magic.
Well, it doesn’t really matter. Right now, what I wanted was…… to think more about that girl called Leticia.