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Chapter 4 Blood Weapon

 TL: Yuki

Now then, I’ve finished investigating about the skills that were relatively versatile……
This time, it will be about the skills 【Blood Weapon】 and 【Kinship】, and these two skills are definitely going to be my key to survival.
It is still unknown what creatures live in this forest, and it would be impossible to survive if I can’t fight when under attack. The area I am in right now have the demon king’s magic saturated all over the place, which is also the reason why I couldn’t find any monsters wandering this place.
Please be a skill that is easy to use. I checked the details while wishing that.
Magic Skills【Blood Armament Lv1】
Magic Skill that uses the user’s blood as catalyst to generate weapons
Can only be learned by vampires who are related or blessed by the highest class of the vampire race
・Different kinds of weapons can be created using blood and magic power as catalyst.
The degree of freedom in changing the form, strength, sharpness, and other factors would depend on the skill’s level
・Although it could only use simple operations, the users will also be able to manipulate their own blood
The effectiveness of manipulation would depend on the skill’s level
This is……! Really strong……! I think? It did state that it could only be learned by very high ranking vampires, and considering the difficulty of learning conditions, it could be considered a powerful skill. It is a very practical skill o usage alone, as you can refine and create any weapons you would desire using blood and magic power, and there would be no difficulty in obtaining the materials or the need to maintain them. If you are working in the dark side of society, you could say that it would be a first-class assassination weapon, because it’s a weapon that is hidden and flowing inside your body.
Although it’s not really much of a broken skill, it is still a very useful one. Depending on the situation, there would be plenty of ways that I could think of using it. It’s good to say that I already have a good starting skill that is quite strong. For now, my immediate goal is to be able to use and understand how blood armaments work.
「Somehow, it felt like I was really helped a lot. Right Leticia……」
Nobody responded, after all I know that I’m alone right now.
……And then, the last of the Magic Skills, 【Kinship】. Another important skill that will also become an important factor, but will be following a different direction compared to Blood Armament. If I am correct in my assumptions about the effect of Demon Lord skill, then those that become my kin will greatly benefit from the Demon Lord Skill’s effects and would also help their growth.
Magic Skills【Kinship Lv1】
It is a skill that is often possessed by high ranking monsters of undead or vampire race. It allow monsters to have the ability to contract subordinates under them by naming and sharing magic power, and blood
・Creates a contract as a kin by giving a name and sharing blood and magic power
This action may not succeed without the consent of the other party
・Abilities may be adjusted of those related to you according to the abilities of the ruler
This effect depends on the skill’s level
・Some abilities of those being ruled will also be available to the ruler but with restrictions and reductions
This effect also depends on the skill’s level
Fumufumu…… there are various information that I find difficult to understand, but I did understand that I contract a subordinate by giving a name and shame my blood and magic power. Also if they don’t want to, they would be able to refuse.
My kin can use some of my power, while I could also use some of the abilities of my kin.
I am currently not related to anyone, but once I start gaining a kin, the more I get the stronger I become. Adding to that is the skill【Demon Lord】 which gives corrections to growth and evolution of me and those related to me.
Something like that is to be expected of a demon king, I guess.
Well, for now I don’t think anybody would just follow a weak being unless they actually have the strength to be accepted by others.
The remaining skills are 【Sword Mastery】 and 【Escape】 which corrects the handling and mastery of swords, and escape would be correcting the proper way to flee.
They might be modest skills compared to the notable ones like Demon King and Kinship, but swordsmanship would be very compatible with blood armaments. Right now, where the levels are still low, they would probably be not that notable, but will definitely become useful in the future. With this, I have pretty much finished learning about the overall structure and information of my skills.
Now that I have finished checking out the status screen, it’s time to practice……but, how am I going to use magic or skills? Strictly speaking, even status is included in what is described as magic skills, so maybe the operation is the same way, and something might probably activate if I think about it.
First, I will try using 【Blood Armament】 skill. I don’t know if this would make any sense, but I try to reach out as if asking for help.
 「Here, here I go……!」
At times like this, although it might be awkward to think like this, there is no man alive who won’t be excited about using magic for the first time. It’s a good thing that I was born in Japan where there are lots of entertainment which includes a lot of fantasy settings.
After thinking of an image, I strongly thought about activating 【Blood Armament】. Almost at the same time as that, I could feel a prick of pain at the palm of my hand.
I frown from suddenly being attacked by pain, and then I found something appearing at palm of my hand.
A dark red sword with a blade length of about 50cm was sticking out of mu palm. It resembled a double edge, slash type sword. There is nothing that resembled a handle or a hilt, or more like it was giving an image as if it was my arm that is the handle.
When I swing it to a nearby branch, I was able to cut it with almost no resistance. I don’t know how sharp of a sword this was, but when thinking about Japanese swords that specializes in slashing, I did know that you would need a certain level of skill to be able to flawlessly sever something like this.
And for and amateur like myself……not to mention that it was the power of a weak looking girl that used it, you could say that it was really sharp. Just having a reach extension of 50cm with a really sharp blade is quite an exceptional achievement. Furthermore, it was mentioned in status that the shape and size could be manipulated more freely depending on the skill level. For now, I should probably use certain images to project it more cleanly than be vague about how it is shaped.
「Anyway, this body……is a girl……isn’t it. I don’t have any memories about myself, however I am a bit concerned that I might not get used to this body…… Well, such things couldn’t be helped, but how do I return this back……Ooooh? 」
The dark red sword melted after sounding like a popping balloon and a sound similar to droplets of water fell on the ground. Just like it said, the skill created a sword using my blood as catalyst and my magic power. And after checking the palm of my hand, I didn’t find any scars left behind.
However, probably because of using magic for the first time, I felt a little fatigued compared to when I was using other skills. Is this the feeling of actually using MP? I checked my status to confirm.
Name: –This Data have been lost–
Race: Lesser Vampire F
Condition: Normal
LV: 1/10
HP: 12/12
MP: 10/14
Uwah, it was definitely reduced.
Considering that the amount was 13 before I used this, its consumption is around 3 MP? No, it’s probably not because MP is also spent when using Status. It’s a bit strange if you think about it, but Status is certainly a type of magic, and is not a default system that was implemented by the world. Doing the Math, it seems like using 【Blood Armament】 without thinking about any specification would only consume around 2 MP per use.
It is a really efficient when it comes to fuel usage, but my MP regeneration is a problem because it is currently too low.
However, I want to raise its level even a little just before my MP runs out.
In the first place, I still don’t have a clear grasp on how to recover MP. If HP is physical strength, then MP would be mental strength, and if you compare it to what was usually done in games, it would recover by resting or meditation, but that is currently uncertain. It might have consumed less if I immediately undid the sword.
In any case, I have to be careful on how to use it.
In the case of MP management, rushing on things would probably end badly, so it’s better to train in controlling it first.