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Chapter 3 Status

TL: Yuki

Yosh……! I stood up filled with determination.
I can’t stay depressed forever. That would betray my promise to Leticia. I don’t know where this place currently is, that’s why I have to investigate before it gets dark.
Thinking so, I started investigating. Looking around, I could see that I’m in a clearing surrounded by trees including the giant tree where Leticia was sealed. At the center of the clearing is the spring. Given that this place is where Leticia was sealed, I couldn’t probably hope to find any villages being established close by.
That’s why I can’t just wait here expecting someone to pick me up, and I don’t think it’s safe either for me to walk around the area in the darkness.
It would be safer for me to establish a living foundation somewhere as I gradually explore the area around here.
「……and so」
I dipped my finger in the water and licked it, and found that there’s no problem with the water or is it giving off any strange scent or flavor. It’s actually delicious. I then scooped it with my hands and drinks, letting it soak into my body. With this, one of the most problematic issues which is drinking water is solved.
Now that I think about it, I could check my reflection in the water.
Seriously, I’m really cute. Well, Leticia was also very pretty, and if I compare the current me people from my previous life, I would be comparable to Idols or something that was shaped in the ideal image of a game character. Well, maybe it’s just my preference though……
「No, I must not!!!」
Thinking about those things made me imagine of evil thoughts that should not cross my mind. After all, Leticia wouldn’t have prepared this body for that sort of purpose.
「Next would be……Status」
Name:  –This Data Have Been Lost–
Race:  Lesser Vampire F
Condition: Normal
Lv: 1/10
HP: 12/12
MP: 13/14
STR:  3
END: 5
AGI: 4
MAG: 8
LUK: 3
–Title Skills–
【Demon Lord Lv–】
–Special Skills–
【Incomplete Reincarnation Lv–】【Blessings of the Vampire Princess Lv1】
–Resistance Skills–
【Sunlight Resistance Lv–】
–Magic Skills–
【Status Lv1】【Appraisal Lv1】【Storage LV1】
【Blood Weapon Lv1】【Kinship Lv1】
–Normal Skills–
【Sword Mastery Lv1】【Escape Lv1】
Information resembling ones found in a game was shown in my mind. Most of the information was the same as before……except【Title Skills】.
A new item was added there, the【Demon Lord Lv–】skill.
Also, I don’t really know about the commonsense of this world, but what I know is that Leticia’s corpse disappeared.
Our meeting didn’t even last an hour, that if someone told me that it was a dream, and then I would have believed that it was just an illusion. However, that skill was there which the proof of her existence and also proof that I killed her. 
I will never forget it. I swear to myself, and then I started checking the status items more carefully.
I first need to know if I can protect myself before I attempt to interact with others.
My current race is definitely a 【Lesser Vampire】while Leticia mentioned that her race was 【Vampire Princess】 and then there’s the F right after the race. If I think about it in game terms, then the F right after the race would be its power rating.
I don’t know what F in power levels imply, but thinking about A~Z, a 26 level rating……is probably not the case. At worst, it’s probably G so that would put me among the lowest ranks of monsters. Eh? Am I really that weak?
What even more worrisome is the LV which is 1/10. And if the left side is my current level, then the right side would be the maximum level a lesser vampire could raise. If my speculations are correct, then I would need to level up nine times to become stronger? The next parameter after that is strength which is rather low which makes me more of a magic type I guess, even though the stats don’t seem to be that high.
Well, despite the various issues and concerns, my main aim first as a demon king is to survive.
That is the most important skills of all, while other skills are ones I could somehow imagine by their name alone, but I want to know more accurate details about them. Leticia did imply that the Demon Lord skill alone would give powerful benefits on its own.
If possible, I want it to display more information than just the name. While thinking about that, the displayed information suddenly changed.
Title Skill【Demon Lord Lv–】
A Skill that was directly inherited after accomplishing the necessary procedures and killing the previous host-
Those that possess this skill maybe considered as an object of worship by other demons-
・Skill owners are given great status correction and more powerful evolutions can be derived
・Correction to the evolution and growth of those related to the owner of the skill is also given
In addition, this skill can be set in a state where only 【Appraisal Lv10】would be able to see it at the owner’s discretion. 
Current Status: Hidden
[Magic Skill 【Status】Lv has increase from 1 to 2. ]
Uwah!? Such details were also displayed. It somehow resembles the common help function in games. The explanation also mentioned about 【Evolution】. Apparently demon in this world tends to evolve. By Demon King and their Kin…… does that include subordinates? It seems like it gives a lot of positive effects to growth and evolution. In simple explanation, it’s a very simple yet very powerful skill.
The level of status also went up. As expected of skills, if you continue using it, then their effectiveness will definitely improve accordingly.
If so, I need to make sure that I grow it to its maximum limits. Also, the limit of my growth which a concern of mine from before will most likely be mended thanks to the concept of evolution and the effects of the Demon Lord Skill. Next is……
Special Skill【Blessings of the Vampire Princess Lv1】
Blessing of the Vampire Princess Leticia that is given to her kin-
・Gain resistance to the natural weakness of vampires
Effects may vary depending on skill level
・Improves abilities during night time and in places where sunlight doesn’t reach
Effects may vary depending on skill level
By its name alone, I already have a suspicion, but as I have expected, it was a skill that was derived from Leticia’s skills. Speaking of effects, I don’t feel any discomfort at all even under the sun and along with the surroundings not being dark. At first I was wondering why it was fine for vampires to be under the sun. But it’s definitely because of this 【Sunlight Resistance】 which is a resistance skill.
In addition to that, it seems like I will be further strengthened at night. I don’t know how strong the effects would be, but I might end up staying late at night more often. I offered a prayer of thanks to Leticia and continued checking.
Magic Skill 【Status Lv2】
Magic Skill to read information of your own soul
・Displays the numerical equivalent value of abilities
・More detailed information can be optionally viewed like information about skills
Magic Skill【Appraisal Lv1】
Magic Skill the reads information of the soul of entities other than yourself
・Displays the digital values of abilities of others
The target would be under a sense of mild discomfort upon activation.
The discomfort can be reduced as the level of the skill increases.
・Various information regarding the target would also be displayed. The contents of information displayed would vary depending on the skill level
The description and effects of this skill almost coincides with what I was expecting. Leticia also used Appraisal, but I don’t know the level of her skill and I wasn’t able to see her skills at all. I did feel a sense of discomfort at that time that I couldn’t explain. Just as she once told me, I should avoid using this unless it is necessary.
And this one is a skill that I could also easily imagine.
Magic Skill【Storage LV1】
Magic Skill that combines space and time magic to create a subspace where items could be stored
・Items that can be stored inside the subspace can be easily inserted and removed at will
The maximum capacity that could be stored depends on the skill level
・Passage of time is slowed down while inside the storage
Rate of slow down depends on skill level
Lv1 slows down time by 1/3 of real world time
Ah, having this skill is definitely convenient. I don’t know how much capacity it could hold, but freeing both hands would be very helpful compared to carrying bulky luggage. The amount of 1/3 of time being slowed seems a subtle, but it will still improve as the level increases, which also improves practicality. And surprisingly enough, water is considered to be a perishable item, so it would really help if it could last 3 times longer within the storage.
To test it’=s maximum capacity, I’ll try it with storing spring water inside later. With this, I won’t be having any problems regarding drinking water for a while.
Another thing to be worried about is that, in the description of Storage unlike appraisal and status, it included magical attributes of space and time magic. If that is the case, then there is definitely a concept of attribute magic in this world. In regards to status and other general purpose magic, are they considered as non-attribute magic? I couldn’t help but think about this point, and if use magic, I might also learn about it anyway.