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Chapter 5 Storage, Appraisal and Natural Providence

TL: Yuki
Now then, the next thing I would like to test is【Storage】.
My range of actions would depend on the capacity of this magic. A small black hole appeared in front of me. My hand easily went inside when I put it in, and of course there’s nothing inside it. The stone disappeared when I throw it inside, and then it appears on my hand when I think about retrieving it. 
When I returned the stone inside once more, this time I thought about the contents, and then such character appeared inside my mind.
Storage List
・Stone 1
Apparently, it could also show its contents in a list format. Also, the position of the outlet can be freely changed as long as it’s not separated from my body.
I can’t really imagine how it works, but there’s no doubt that it would be extremely useful.
I then sat down at the shore of the spring and let the outlet dip into the water. I could then hear a loud rattling noise as it swallows a considerable amount of water.
[The Level of Magic Skill【Storage】 has increased from 1 to 2.]
A message popped up inside my head after I let it swallow liters of water. Oh, this was an unexpected harvest. Maybe I would be able to level it up by just taking things in and out of the storage. I’m not really in a rush to do so, but when I have the time, it would probably be a good idea to raise it as much as possible.
While thinking about that, I noticed that it seems to have reached its limits and there’s no more water that was entering the storage. When I checked the list earlier, I remember that only stone was listed and the number of stone that was stored which is 1. With this though, I might be able to know the approximate volume limit if it did display it in liters.
However, what was displayed on the list was something beyond my imagination.
Storage List
・Stone x1
・Magic Water+++ 19.9L
Magic Water? What is that? What I placed in this storage was the water from this spring…… is this spring filled with nothing but Magic Water?
Wondering if that was the case, I used 【Appraisal】 on the spring. The data window appeared on my mind that was a bit similar to storage.
【Magic Water+++】Price: C Rarity: B+
It is water that was contaminated by powerful magic.
In some cases, it is created naturally due to leakage of magic power from powerful magical beings.
It is also possible to intentionally dissolve magic power in the water in order to create it.
It is commonly used as catalyst in rituals and spells, it also has the effect of recovering magic power of those who ingested it, and could also be used in a wide range of applications.
Therefore, the trading price would always be high, and is always in high demand despite the price.
・Significantly recovers the MP upon consumption
[The Level of Magic Skill 【Appraisal】 has increased from 1 to 2.]
I see, because it was exposed to Leticia’s Magic Power for years, everything in this spring was replaced with Magic Water!
Moreover, its effect is like a natural MP Potion! For me who will probably depend on Magic when fighting, this would be a godsend.
To check its effects, I opened status screen once more and create an opening of storage outlet in front of my mouth. I also discovered that 【Appraisal】, 【Storage】 and 【Status】consume 1 MP at every use.
It is easy to forget this fact because of the resemblance to games. However, these skills are not part of the system of this world and are only a type of magic.
It’s a bit inconvenient, but it couldn’t be helped considering the benefits and effects that they could provide. And then regarding this Magic Water, I drink only a bit of it as a trial to test how much MP it could recover.
Yoshi, let’s see how much help it would from the start!
……I want to immediately leap out of excitement, just like what I’ve felt a moment ago.
Soon after the test, I repeatedly appraised everything in my surroundings regardless of how much Magic Power it would consume which includes the giant tree, the rusted swords, eve the vegetation surrounding this place where Leticia was sealed in favor of the vast amount of Magic Water supply that I could consume. When my MP is depleted, I would drink some water to fully recover and continue the cycle once more which includes storing and taking it out. And I continued the cycle non-stop.
As a result, it became like this……
「Oh no……I need to pee」
Iyaa, what should I do!!? It to be expected after all! Although it was expected, the moment it actually happened to me, I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. If you constantly drink water, it is to be expected that the water would come out from down below, it was a natural phenomenon, damn I was careless.
There’s no other choice but to end do this the sooner the better! Well, even if it resembled one, this is not a game, and trying to gulp down as much Magic Water as you could would eventually result in a problematic way……
「Ahhh. Jeez, it couldn’t be helped!!」
Of course, I can’t just leak as is, so I move part of my one piece up and reached for my underwear. As I do so, I could see sleek pale white bare skin covered by black underwear and small amount of cloth. The important parts seem to have been guarded well, but the low leg pants seem to be lacking in a vertical direction. 
Oi, is this Leticia’s kinks!?
Guilty, it was guilty I say. I feel like I’m losing something important every time I try to understand the situation. But this time, I know that I can’t turn back anymore. That’s why there is no other way but to continue.
「Eeeeiiii, just go on with it already!」
Words that would probably make me feel dead came out of my mouth out of sheer will.
And then after finishing the task, I think I cried a little bit.
Now then, there were some terrible things that should be forgotten, but I have acquired a lot of information.
First is that I was able to raise storage to level 3, along with the two commonly used ones. I have also discovered that level won’t increase just by the amount stored or the items number of items you identified, rather it varies depending on how you used it.
Even after several dozens of times that I filled the storage until it was full and emptied it, the level didn’t increase at all. The same thing happened with appraisal where the level didn’t increase after continuously appraising similar targets many times.
On the other hand, when I appraised the area and objects around the place where Leticia was sealed, and stored the things that I’ve found in that place like the sword that was used to seal her, the skills leveled up. Another thing to take note of is the concept of 【Price】 and 【rarity】 which is described by appraisal was not necessarily accurate because prices and value could fluctuate. But just knowing the standard would allow me to speculate the exact price.
By the way, the most notable thing that was appraised by the skill was simply remarkable.
【Nameless Tree of Magic】Rarity: EX Price: S
Somewhere in this world, it was known that a Legendary Magical Tree where the Demon King was sealed existed and was in a forest filled with dangerous creatures.
It is thought that because it is under the influence of the leaking magic power of the Demon King from the seal, the tree grew and evolved.
Although some people speculates that such a tree may not have existed in theory, but it is also not confirmed if it really did exist.
【Magic Tree Leaf】Price: C Rarity: B
It is leaf of a tree that contains magic power. 
If it is applied to wounds, it would give a decent amount of healing effect.
There are rumors that the Demon King was sealed under this tree, but it was only speculations.
・Heals wounds on areas of the body where this leaf was applied
For some reason, Leticia’s Giant tree was being treated as a mythical tree. Now this gives me a question. From who or what point of view is appraisal seen. If it’s from my point of view, then the contents of the description are a little strange. However, I currently have no ways of verifying this so I leave it alone for the time being.
By the way, I also tried appraising the sword that sealed Leticia, but…… the result is 【???】 and there is no rarity or price, and even its description only has Rusty Sword in it.  The reason for this result is probably because of the level of my appraisal. I stored it for the time being and will be appraising it again when my Appraisal level increase.
Currently, the condition inside my storage is like this.
Storage List
・Magic Water+++ 20L
・Magic Tree Leaves x50 pieces
・Rusted Sword x1
The maximum value of Storage went up when it leveled up, and it was possible for me to store up to 50 Liters of Magic Water.
However, if I filled it to its maximum capacity with only that, then I won’t have any space to store food if I ever found any, which will make it hard to carry things back to my base. I will be able to replenish it anytime without problems if necessary so I will be monitoring the situation for the time being.
It was quite fortunate that I was able to find ways to recover both MP and HP. Now, all I need to do is to gradually explore this forest.