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Chapter 6 First Battle

 TL Yuki

Now, before starting my exploration of the forest, the first thing I need to do is……
「Blood Armament」
This time, I clearly pictured what I wanted before starting the chant activation. That doesn’t mean that it would turned into some kind of special move though. 
I have noticed this during storage and appraisal that having a firm image is more important than anything else when casting magic. It’s simple, but speaking out what you wanted to do is an easier to consciously trigger a spell. If I get used to it, I might be able to do it without even chanting, but for now I only do it by creating an image and chanting which reinforces the image.
This time, what came out was a small knife with a proper handle that didn’t seem to be penetrating my palm like before. I then threw it on a tree as a test, and it easily penetrated the trunk. I was afraid thinking that if I move it away from my body, it would not be able to maintain its shape, but it seems like there’s no problem regarding that.
It will still be a challenge trying to properly control it, but this gives me various ideas on how to use it. I then summoned a knife once more and carved a number on a nearby tree.
「Yosh……just like this……then」
If I continued exploring the area without any marks, I might end up not able to return to my base. If possible, I would have wanted to wrap strings with distinct colors which would be more appropriate to do in a forest, but because I don’t have that option, I can’t really complain, and marking is still better than not doing anything at all.
If possible, I would like to secure some food first. Then raise my level while ensuring a certain amount of safety. If I can somehow encounter weak monsters around here, then that would be my chance. I continued my exploration while marking trees as I think about that.
And before I know, my unexpected first encounter happened all of a sudden.
It was right after I marked the 10th tree.
「Gigyaa……!! Giii……Giii……」
At that time, I heard a voice of a creature which sounded like a strange cry of a monkey, and at the same time I heard the sound of bushes and branches rustling. I panicked for a bit and immediately hid myself on a tall bush.
What appeared next was a black puppy and a green humanoid monster that was probably chasing it.
It was around 1m in height, a rugged cloth covering its waist, a distorted long nose, and big eyes that were almost white, along with pointed ears and sharp looking fangs. It was the figure of a classic RPG monster, a【Goblin】. Although they give off a very comical impression in various creations, facing one in reality makes the image turn a 180 degree more frightening.
Those sharp fangs would definitely be able to easily tear off soft bare skin. Contrary to its small height, it actually had a firm body. If I compare our strength just by looks, then that would definitely be stronger than me.
That being said, I wanted to defeat it in order to raise my level. This act of trying to kill each other where this kind of existence exists is a normal act.
Probably reaching the limits of fatigue, the black puppy collapses. The goblin then stared at the puppy with an even more distorted expression, then grabs the puppy’s leg and broke it. The puppy squeals in a sad and painful tune, while the goblin seems to be enjoying that expression and continued hitting it’s legs.
Is it to prevent escape, or maybe for stress relief and entertainment.
This is the natural order of hunting, and sadly that puppy is destined to be preyed on, much worse is to be played by stronger monsters before it’s life ends and be eaten.
Seeing this scene, my heart beats painfully. 
This is the reality of this world. If you are incapacitated, be sure to expect something worse than straight up dying. And in order to live, you also have to be prepared to reap of the lives of others.
At first, I was elated of being in a game like world, but reality hits hard that I was forced to understand it. Dying somewhere on a place where no one knows is a very painful feeling that was engraved in my heart. And even with those feeling, I unconsciously hide myself trying to escape from the danger of being discovered while watching the situation, waiting for the time for it to end.
Realizing this fact, I was angry with myself.
I did understand that this action is not wrong. It wouldn’t be courageous at all to jump out to help without even understanding the limits of your own abilities. After all, even if I left that little puppy on its own without helping, no one would blame me for overlooking the situation.
What have I witnessed first upon arriving in this world?
It was a girl who was determined to stabilize the world even at the cost of her own life.
And that determination was passed upon me as a skill that I have inherited.
That encounter may be lucky or accidental.
However, it was a fact that I inherited her skill 【Demon Lord】 out of my own will.
To be honest, I don’t really know the weight and value of that skill to this world, and I wasn’t even told what I needed to do.
But one thing is for sure.
To that girl――――
I want to become someone who could boast to her that I was being myself doing things my way.
「Oi, over here……! I will be your opponent!!」  
Looking closely at the situation, I declared myself to be an opponent in a loud voice and I already prepared myself on what I’m about to do.
The goblin seems surprised for a moment, but then it shows a disgusting face after it understands the situation. It might have been a surprise, but an new prey just appeared unexpectedly after capturing the first one. Of course it would be elated.
I immediately tried to calmly analyze my opponent while suppressing my fear.
Race: Goblin F
Condition: Normal
LV: 4/12
HP: 18/18
MP: 3/3
STR:  8
VIT:  7
AGI: 2
MAG: 1
LUK: 3
Goblin Rank F
A humanoid monster that could be found all over the world
Individually, they have a low level of ability, but they have a certain level of intelligence and have the habit of living in groups
Some goblins even possess titles and evolve into strong individuals
Some the evolved goblins even reach a higher level of intelligence and language proficiency that they were recognized as demi-humans in some countries
The goblin’s status appeared on my mind similar my status screen. It’s agility and magic stats are lower than mine, but the HP, STR and VIT is considerably higher than mine.
Is the reason why Skill Levels and other information are not displayed because of the low level of my appraisal? Leticia seems to be able to see my skills and other information without problems though, so it must be quite high. In any case, the goblin only had 3 MP so I wouldn’t expect any surprise attack like magic.
Looking at the difference in our level and stats, you could say that my opponent has the advantage, but if I could properly set things up, I will have a high probability of winning.
My opponent seems to be looking down on me. I don’t know if all of the goblins have a habit like this, or just this particular one have a habit of looking down on its opponents and have a hobby of playing with its pray before killing it. Well looking at my current form, I would be easily mistaken as a child that lost her way inside the forest.
That is fine. It’s also not miscalculation that the current me is of a lower status.
The goblin started its assault immediately reaching my place in a short time. Though it was not that fast, it was still faster when compared to how it moved previously when chasing the puppy and was able to quickly shorten the distance between us. And although its attacks were not that fast, it was troublesome to follow with my short sword because the goblin’s figure was small.
The goblin finds me to be vulnerable and attacks my unprotected arm. The goblin’s fangs dig into my flesh reaching my bones and I couldn’t help but scream from the pain.
It was severely painful.
A person living a normal life won’t be able to experience pain like this, and if you think about a little girl receiving such an attack, it wouldn’t be a surprise is they lose their mind from the pain and fear, and would probably made them feel cornered.
However, no matter how severe the pain was, I already that it will come since from the start and I have prepared myself to receive it.
I’ll give you my arm this time, however in exchange will be your life.
Ignoring the severe pain assaulting me, I grabbed the goblis head with my right hand. The goblin might have thought that it was pointless resistance, and its face distorted more seeing that the prey it caught was struggling.
The image is important, an extremely hard object with sure firepower that could easily penetrate my enemies.
I created and launched and nail shaped blood weapon from the palm of my hand holding the goblin’s head.
Yes, it was the image of a pile bunker, and it easily pierced the goblin’s head destroying its brain. The goblin with its upper head basted off was still drooling as it falls off the ground.
[Goblin Defeated, gained 15 Experience Points]
[【Lesser Vampire】 Lv has increased from 1 to 3]
A mechanical message was heard announcing the end of the battle.