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Chapter 9 Night of Two Moons



We have been hunting the Alps together since then, using a variety of skills. But the Dark Wolf seems to be only playing around.




I push the blood armament to the last target then took a break.




【Defeated Alp –Demonized- 3 experience points gained】






In this battle, I was able to gain a lot of experience, and my level went up to 7 at the end. The level of 【Sword Mastery】 went up to 3 and 【Throwing】, which can also be said to be the most used, went up to 4. In addition, I have also acquired the skill 【Physical Resistance LV1】 after being hit several times by the Alps. Because it’s only level 1, I won’t be able to verify its effects but it will definitely be useful when the skill level increases.






However, is it possible to train skills in an aggressive manner? If I could, I’d like to give it a go, but it would be a problem if I end up in an emergency situation and won’t be able to react immediately. For now I need to find out the limit of what I can do and gradually increase it.






That said, only 【Blood Armament】 did not change from Lv 1. Judging from the difficulty in acquiring the skill, I was not surprised that it didn’t level up in the same way as sword mastery, so it may be take a longer time and familiarity for the skill to level up or maybe a drastic situation would be required for its growth.






Next is to check the changes in my status.






Name:–this data is lost–


Race: Lesser Vampire F


Status: normal


LV:  7/10


HP: 12/30


MP:  9/48


STR:       12

VIT:               19

AGI:       15

MAG:      21

LUK:       10


— Title skills–

【Demon Lord Lv–】


— Special skills–

【Incomplete Reincarnation Lv】 【Lv1】】




— Resistant skills–

【Sunlight Resistance Lv–】 【Physical Resistance Lv1】】


— Magic skills–

【Status Lv2】 【Appraisal Lv3】 【Storage LV3】

【Blood Armament Lv1】 【Kinship Lv1】



— Normal skills–

【Sword Mastery Lv3】 【Escape Lv1】 【Throwing Lv4】



Oh! The overall growth has been decently increased. Some even reached over 20 and I will be reaching my level limit soon. I don’t know what it would be like to evolve, but I know that it’s going not going to be weak.






Well, I’ll leave that for later and now focus on gathering the Alps fruit. It would be a loss if I don’t eat it after going through all that trouble in defeating them. Looking at its source, I could see that the Alptreant is already magically creating the next batch of Alps. This will be a good place to gain experience while harvesting food at the same time.






I then took a bite out of one. It was moderately sweet and has a refreshing flavor. It looks more like an apple but the contents tasted more like a peach. It leaves a delicate aftertaste as I swallow it, and I couldn’t help but close my eyes to savor this taste.






I quickly gathered the remaining fruits and throw it inside my storage. Just right after that… I heard a rustling sound from behind me.






There I found a wolf with pale gray fur looking over us. Could they the Dark Wolf’s parents? When I look at the Dark Wolf, I found it hiding behind me. This reaction doesn’t seem to show that it’s the parent… maybe they were attracted to the smell of blood as a result of the aftermath of battle. Wolves are said to usually hunt in groups, and facing a group right now would be a bit troublesome…… I would have wanted to face them at least after treating myself.






However, far from what I have expected, the wolf turned back and left hiding in the bushes. Did they escape……? No, it could also be a trap, but…






It would be dangerous to stay here since I have been found.




The Alps have been recovered and stored, so today’s exploration is done and it’s time to return after storing everything.






On the way back, I make sure to be wary of any wolf attacks that may occur. However, the result was far from expected, and I didn’t even encounter a single wolf nor hear their cries until I reached the spring. Because of being cautious, I did some emergency recovery for my MP and HP, and it won’t be that much of a waste anyway.






By the time I finished eating the Alp Fruit as I sit beside the spring with the Dark Wolf, the area was starting to become dark. The sky was in a shade of orange gradually becoming darker covering the area in a blanket of darkness. After a while, the unfamiliar blue and red moon could be seen in the sky.






「Ah, I’m really in a different world.……」




What to do now… I can’t really explain about the experience I’m having now.




Probably because of my vampire abilities, even though the area have become darker, the view of my surroundings are clear and I could recognize everything just as if it was bright. More like, I’m even feeling better. But mental fatigue is another matter though. Drowsiness started to assault me probably from the sense of security and having my stomach filled.






「Come over here, Chibi」






「Fuuu, so warm… Okay, from today, you’ll be my blanket!I don’t if I could, but I’ll be sure to bring you to your home. But…if we’re not able to find your parents, then…」




Would you become my family? Those words were swallowed back before they could come out.




There’s the skill, Kinship that I still haven’t used after all. The creatures that I’ve encountered so far were the goblin, then the Alps and Alpetreant whose main body I didn’t fight. That said, there were no partners encountered that I could use the skill, but… maybe, somewhere inside, I’m still reluctant to take someone who have a place to belong to other than myself.




I don’t know if that’s the right path in being a demon king. But in the future, I will have to gather my Kin as I take my steps in becoming a Demon King.








The Dark Wolf licks my cheek to respond to my determination. Ahahaha, you sure are a cute child. It’s nice, but you are still a child… you don’t have to follow me in this dangerous path, you know? As I was thinking that, I hugged the Dark Wolf and fell asleep.








「Chieftain!! Where is the Chieftain??」



I was having a bad feeling as I gaze at the night sky while enjoying the breeze, then I heard the noise.


The voice was terribly upset, but if I remember correctly, he should be one of the prominent young ones in the clan and although it was good story how he was so gullible when he was young, he have properly learned courtesy now. I wonder what could have made him upset like this.




「You don’t have to be so loud! It’s nosy! What is it?」




I go down from the small hill and stood in front of him. Under this delicate situation, if a young and trustworthy member is upset, it would affect the whole clan.




It may be a tough decision, but as I would probably not live that long, I will have to leave it to the young ones to decide for their future.




「I, I’m sorry……! You see, that 【Detestable】seems to have survived and is still alive……」




Suddenly talking about that one, I stared at the young one and he nodded to confirm.




For that abomination to have survived, it would be a danger to our clan, but since it was confirmed, there are those who should have been able to deal with it. No, I must not do that yet, there’s just no way that it could have survived…




「Were the ones who have found it people from the guild?」




If that was the case, then this situation would become more catastrophic. It would be impossible to clear it off with the guild opposition. And we will we forced to leave our territory.




However, what the young one’s report go far beyond what I was expecting…










「No, I was not able to see it clearly, but the one accompanying that was a girl that uses blood as a weapon」




I want to immediately retort, but I must stay calm. I won’t be seen as a proper patriarch if I get easily disturbed.




「No way, was it Leticia-sama…? 」




「No…… She was fighting some Alps which took her time to get rid of…… So I evaluated that she should still be a weak one」






Well, it might have been an undead that has undergone a peculiar evolution, but if that was the case, it would be unnatural for that one to have trouble against Alps. It’s also very unnatural for that sealed one to be weakened that much even after being sealed for a very log time.




In any case, I have no choice but to confirm it.




「Prepare all the elites in the clan, I’ll be the one to take the lead in investigating tomorrow morning」