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Chapter 10 Elder Wolf and the Abominable Child





 The next morning, I was stretching my stiff body after sleeping with Chibi.


I was so tired and sleepy, that I didn’t even remember if I had a dream. However, this place won’t forever be safe so I have to find a village or town soon. …Well, there’s still the problem of whether the humans would accept me, a vampire.


But there are also countries where evolved goblins have been accepted as demi-humans, so maybe one or two of these pretty vampires could also be accepted… yeah, I know, I’m just trying to fool myself.


Well, for now, there’s no other choice but to explore this forest. I took out an Alps Fruit and eat it with Chibi for breakfast. The goal for today is to reach level 10 and evolve. Second is to try looking for monsters that would be suitable to be my Kin.


When it comes to food, we still have many Alps, and we could just easily harvest more if we ran out.


「Yosh, I wonder where I should go first. Let’s go Chibi!」



As usual, whenever I call out to the puppy, it wags its tail around a little too much. It felt like it was used to humans, but were there any humans around here in the first place? It seems like it understands my words.


I’ll just think about later, for now, I need to focus on what to do.


We continued following the same route yesterday. It’s also fine to continue as is with Chibi as the guide, but we decided to detour and not go straight to the location of the Alptrent. That was what I was thinking, and then.




Chibi suddenly stopped and was shivering anxiously with its ears drooped down and its tail tucked in. Nn, what happened? Were you having a stomachache…? Nah, after all we just had our breakfast…so what might be the cause…


*Gasagasagasa! The surrounding bushes were rustling loudly. What is this presence, who or what…!? Not to mention that there’s more than one!? No way, I’m completely surrounded…? I immediately created blood weapons on both hands. Almost at the same time a loud「Awoooo!!」 was heard, and a total of five wolves came out of the bushes.


I was thinking that it might have been friends of the wolf we encountered yesterday, but one of them had a more beautiful silver coat than the rest.


Although they didn’t immediately jump, they were displaying a threatening pose and were growling in a low voice.


This, was I mistaken as Chibi’s kidnapper by it’s family members…!?


「Hey, wait! I won’t be doing anything to this little one!?」


『Hou, now that I have confirmed it, it’s just a mutant undead』


An echoing voice could be heard inside my head, and then followed by a nasty chill running through my back. I immediately search the vicinity for the owner of the voice. Then I’ve noticed that other than the wolves at the front, there was an even bigger one that came out with fur color that is much closer to silver.


The identity of the voice doesn’t matter at this point because it doesn’t change the fact that I’m surrounded. That big wolf definitely has a higher rank than me. I immediately checked its status to see if I would be able to break through. 




Race: Elder Wolf E-

Condition: Aging

LV: 24/30

HP: 72/72

MP: 59/60

STR: 22

VIT: 12

AGI: 62

MAG: 36

LUK: 32


-Magic Skills-

【Telepathy Lv4】【Moon Magic Lv3】

-Normal Skills-

【Wolf Claw Lv2】【Wolf Fang Lv1】【Evasion Lv3】


【Elder Wolf】Rank: E-


One of the several evolution routes of the wolf type monsters. Known to have higher intelligence and said to be able to use Moon Magic. They are mostly known for their lenient personality and not accepting useless fights. For this reason, they usually live in a symbiotic relationship with humans and some individuals are even worshiped as land gods. 



[Level of skill【Appraisal】 has increased from 3 to 4]


Although a minus, it’s still a Rank E, and various information about it that are quite interesting. It has stronger endurance and higher agility almost four times compared to mine. It was under the condition called Aging, but honestly, I don’t think I could win a straight fight.


The explanation says that it has a lenient personality and the voice from earlier was probably from its telepathy skill. It will probably not attack without any reason or without asking questions. 


 ――More like I prefer not to fight it if possible!


I don’t know how telepathy works in detail, but I tried answering back as I recall the voice echoing inside my mind from before.


『…Fumu, were you driven away from your group? Or was there no place for you to return to? Well, that wouldn’t matter. After prying my status, I’m sure you understand the difference between us. If you want to avoid fighting… would you mind leaving that Dark Wolf behind, I won’t mind sparing your life』


As expected, was it Chibi’s family? But why is Chibi trembling and hiding behind me?


 ――Are guys a family of this little one? It doesn’t look like it’s willing to go on your side though.


『Ah, that certainly is a child from our clan. However, it couldn’t be helped. It is our responsibility for failing to get rid of that 【Abominable Child】 and if that continued to exists, then disaster would befall our clan. …What is it? Did you bring that along with you without know what that is?』




Did you just call it an Abominable Child just now? Was I mishearing that?


Certainly, meeting Chibi was an extraordinary event. Why and and how would a monster child get lost and fall victim to a goblin in a situation where it should not be left alone? And the reason why it would know to hunt Alp fruits to feed on its own without receiving any help. 


 ――Wait! To call it an abomination, and even getting rid of it, don’t have sympathy for a child born in your clan!?


I completely forgot about my standing situation and shouted in response inside my mind. However, the reaction of the elder was only looking at me as if I said something strange.


『What do you mean by child? Of course we protect our children? We live as a clan in order to survive and nurture our precious children to continue our survival. What’s wrong of getting rid of something that would bring harm to our clan? 』


 ――But, that is…!


Before I continued, I remembered something that came into my mind. That is a Dark Wolf Cub… A savage monster that could easily destroy a village ones it matures. That and the next lines would be the main agenda…


It is strongly recommended for it to be subjugated upon discovery. 


『I don’t know where or how you lived, nor am I interested in it.  Let me tell you one thing that matters most. That【Abominable Child】 is a monster that would be desperately hunted by humans even at a young age. If human【Guilds】 found out that we are keeping one, we would be hunted down until every last of our clan is eradicated. In fact, even my brother in my younger years were also eradicated by a single mature dark wolf.』


『If I don’t call that an abomination, that what else would you name it?』


――that is…


『Never mind, I don’t want your opinion, and I’m not upset about I’m about to do for I will do what I must』


『And if you resist in order to protect that, then I’ll make sure that I dispose of you too using these claws and fangs』