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Chapter 11 The Magic of Manipulating Blood



『However, if wanted to resist, then show me your determination while facing these claws and fangs』


The Elder Wolf was calmly looking at me but now with clear murderous intent.


 It’s like what happen with the goblin last time……but unlike the pure cruelty it displayed, this was done out of pure determination. After all, he still considered Chibi as his family.  If it Chibi wasn’t born a dark wolf, even if the fur slightly differed, this situation wouldn’t have happened.


However, such assumption have no meaning right now.


You can’t change the characteristics that you were born with normally. 


In this situation where no one would yield their views, there would only be one outcome.


 ”Accept the risk, and fight”


There are no convenient routes of escape anyway other than that.


『Hou……for a pitiable little girl, you sure have guts showing that brave face. That’s right, there will no compromise in this bout……however, we fight as a herd and won’t be letting you fight a one on one. Let’s go……! 』




The Elder Wolf howled. It was probably a signal for the vanguards to advance. The five wolves in surrounding weren’t aiming for me but for Chibi, and they attacked all at once. After all, their main purpose was to eliminate Chibi. If that was achieved first, the risk of continuing the fight will probably drop a lot.




 Now what to do!? That Elder Woolf is definitely the strongest monster I’ve encountered so far. That doesn’t mean that the wolves following him were half-baked either because of his presence. The number of opponents won’t be a match to the amount of Blood Arms I could make and handle.


Seriously, what should I do!? Should I create a large blade like the one I’ve used to sweep the Alps? Well, it won’t probably end up well with that, because these wolves are not mindlessly assaulting like those Alps.


Should I try to escape instead, and find a chance to attack……!? You idiot! That probably what the opponent expect, and I won’t even be able to escape the opponent because of the large difference between our agility. It would only be seen as a prank and I would be easily crushed instead. 




There should be something that I could do!?


Time flowed slowly as I think, and if I can’t find a solution soon, I would end up dead. This is like watching my demise slowly approaching me!! If I could only find a way to defeat all of them in one strike……!!


As I was thinking hard on what I should do, the blood sword in my hand pulsates as if to respond to my thoughts, and then it resonated with the blood flowing all over my body.


【Blood Armament】


Now that I think clearly about it, this should be a ridiculously powerful skill. At first, what I’ve only thought when using it was to make weapons out of it. But in fact, the shape doesn’t matter because it would take the shape of what I mostly desire.


After using other skills that of a what I recognize as a lower rank, I could understand why it leveled up so quickly. On the other hand, Blood Armament which I recognized as a higher ranking skill didn’t even level up once even after using it more than my other skills.


I was thinking as a magic based skill, it was powerful and the conditions to acquire it was ridiculous and could only be acquired by high ranking vampires. That’s why I thought that the conditions in which it would grow were very strict and hard to accomplish.


But then I realized something. Maybe……it was me who is actually limiting the ability itself and didn’t realize the full extent of what this skill could do. If that was the case, then it wasn’t a surprise why the skill wouldn’t improve or grow beyond its limits.


I guess I could only try it in this last minute…… no, it was precisely because it’s the last time I might be able to try this.


There are no other options after all.


If this fails, then this would also be the end of me.


Then in one step, I throw myself in the middle of the attacking wolves that were aiming at Chibi.


Claws that could easily tear flesh, and fangs that could easily rip me apart approaches us.




I won’t say that I wasn’t afraid, or I would be lying to myself.


But this conviction of mine is better than living while making an excuse while abandoning others in order to survive.


I bit my hand to wound it, and then splattered blood surrounding me. The ground around me was dyed in blood creating a perfect circle. Some blood that was splashed in the air also hit the approaching wolves that was within my range.


「Blood Armament……!!」


Just like what I’ve told myself over and over again, I must focus in the image, something that could cover me in order to save myself. This is as much I as I could think of right now and I don’t know if this would be enough. It was to give power to my unfounded assumptions.


It seems like a stupid idea.


Do I even need to cover myself in this case?


I’m still not sure if I would succeed.


 But 【Blood Armament】 is my power. I wished for it to answer my thoughts!!


*goppuri! The blood that scattered around me pulsated once in respond to my will, and then quickly took shape. What appeared were countless swords that were made of blood, and those materialized swords shoot out hitting the approaching wolves like rain.




The blades easily pierced the approaching wolves penetrating their bodies without any means of resisting it, and the only thing they could do was throw a cry of pain as they died.


[Magic Skill 【Blood Armament】 Lv has increased from 1 to 2]


[Defeated Silver Wolf 41 experience points gained]

[Defeated Silver Wolf 34 experience points gained]

[Defeated Silver Wolf 33 experience points gained]

[Defeated Silver Wolf 31 experience points gained]

[Defeated Silver Wolf 35 experience points gained]


[【Lesser Vampire】 Lv has increased from 7 to 9]


I could feel as if my MP was being sucked. Well, with the way I used that magic with a clear image and become as strong as possible, it was not a surprising result. My consciousness got shaken a bit from the sudden massive consumption of MP.


Wait! What I’ve defeated were only minions, and the Elder Wolf is still there. This doesn’t end if I don’t defeat that one……!


『What a splendid move…… However, this fight is my win』


The familiar voice resounded in my mind. Then it was followed by a burning painful sensation on my side. There I found the Elder Wolf biting me.


This old wolf, did he use the previous five as bait, or was he aiming to finish it himself? No, I think he would have desired only having those five finishing the task to be the best outcome. What exactly happened though was out of his calculation. Still, for the whole clan, sacrificing those five was already included in the calculation.


The sound of bones being slowly crunched could be heard. Some of my internal organs were also probably damaged and blood started to rise on my mouth.




It hurts. it was so painful that my brain almost shut down. However, I was given this great opportunity. I bind the Elder Wolf’s feet with blood that remain to restrain it to prevent it from leaving.


Also, in my almost fainting consciousness, I manipulated the blood that flowed out of my mouth to add more restrictions. I know that this degree of restraint would be easily broken by the Elder Wolf. However, that small moment was more than enough. I squeezed my body close to the Elder Wolf with all of my remaining strength.


『Little Girl……No way!?』


――Ah, certainly, there’s no way indeed.


About 2 liters,


The approximate amount of blood contained in a child’s body.


But that amount has even more significance to me.


That is because, that’s also the total amount of armaments that flow inside my body.


There is no need to hesitate.


Compared to the first fight, the difference in our strength is way too wide, and if I don’t bet for my life then the difference will never be filled.


Controlling the blood all over my body, I created a blood weapon to pierce the Elder Wolf that is stuck to me. The desperate Elder Wolf tried to resist by crushing my bones and internal organs. However, such tactics would be meaningless in this situation. It won’t even be considered as a battle anymore.


The only thought that both of us think about is to crush our opponent before it could crush ourselves. 




After struggling and enduring for a moment, the bite from my stomach was released and the restraints were crushed. Then it approached to bite aiming for my throat with its fangs swiftly.


That’s right, as expected, there’s no better place to stab it after all. Just as I have expected…… and also my Armament was also on time.


Right before it approached my throat, and Armament was created in front of it using up all my magic.




Right then, a compressed, strengthened to the limit, blood stake penetrated the Elder Wolf’s head.


[Defeated Elder Wolf 121 experience points gained]

[【Lesser Vampire】 Lv has increased from 9 to 10]

[【Lesser Vampire】 has now reached the level for evolution]


Amidst my fading consciousness, I could hear the message of the world declaring my victory.




Chibi was looking at me anxiously. Ah, what is it……? Was I really in a really bad state? Well, my whole body right now is in pain so I can’t really think well.


It then started licking the bite wounds that I’ve received that have become numbed. Ah, now that I think about it, I did promise to bring chibi to its family. And thinking about it carefully…… it could be said that I killed its family instead……


「Sorry……Chibi. Will you……still stay with me despite all this?」




Why are you replying to me like that as if it was the most obvious thing to do? After being wrapped with feelings of security, I let go of my consciousness.


[【Dark Wolf -Juvenile-】 was successfully converted as Kin]

[Level of Magic【Kinship】 has increased from 1 to 2]

[【Dark Wolf -Juvenile-】has now reached the level for evolution]